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My most recent personal piece of this deer design that kas-ee deisgned years back! finally got around to drawing him! honestly im incredibly proud of where my art journey has taken me this year, and I'm so glad that everyone watching has been here with me. heres to 2021!

Edit: thank you everyone for all the faves and views? Im honestly in shock! In 7 hours this has been seen and faved more than any other piece ive made in 7 years!
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This looks stunning :)

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thank you so much!! <3

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You're very welcome :3 It really has a certain beauty to it ^^

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HHH MAN this is SO GOOD and i still remember this dude! glad hes givin you inspo even after all this time! your improvement over even just this year is blowing me away i really love this piece a lot and cant wait to see what you give us in 2021 < 3

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aaaah thank you so much!!! honestly your improvement has been so huge as well!! I don't keep up with peoples art very well but I do take a peek every now and then and I'm always blown away!!

I've always loved him so much I've just never had a use for him, but I have a deer rp site now!!