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I've been really itching to improve my backgrounds and scenery lately, and one huge shortcoming of that has been that I've never really practiced all the seperate elements that go into one! SO I set out yesterday to at least START practicing those things. I'm incredibly happy with the bark study, as it was the material I was most apprehensive about since I've ALWAYS struggled with trees in every which way.

What are you art goals for 2021?
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These look awesome! I love the bark one. It looks like it could be the backdrop to a badass logo or 'crest'/sigil or something. Great job.

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thank you so much! the bark is my favourite as well for sure!

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Looks pretty good! I'm only having trouble reading the second material, is it stone?

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Thank you!

It is stone! Had quite the struggle woth that one :P

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Lull, these look phenomenal. I'm particularly taken by the water study, too. I always found liquids to be so damn hard to do anything with, and you made it look so effortless! Anything with motion I think is difficult, but you absolutely aced it! Your other studies are excellent as well and that bark is so stunning, and elegant. I would wear that bark as a Met Gala dress.

As for my own goals in 2021? Try to actually finish more artwork. I think just in the act of completing the projects I set out on, I'll start to get more comfortable. Especially now that I have new equipment, hopefully things will be less daunting.

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dying at "I would wear that bark as a Met Gala Dress" :laughing:

But seriously thank you scapeh!!

100% ! the more you finish things the better it gets!

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