What would you like to see for the next commission special?
76 votes
Character From Behind (rather than a facing forward view, a backview of your character)
Character Pin-ups
Gothic Lolita Fashion Shots
Your Character drawn as a doll (rag or jointed, your choice)
Matching DA icons (like the ones Paula "grimmorph" and I have now)
Other (please suggest something!)
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Pin-ups sound cool, cause you could do something naked (yes, boobies) or do a really old-looking pin-up, like 1950's pin-ups or something. Hooray vintage pin-ups!
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i think these are all fabulous ideas! But i particularly like the idea of seeing our anthros as dolls! that is just darling! :love:
wonderful ideas here!
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I would commission you for a backview omgosh, or well, I want a heads one really really really badly but I'll have to save a little bit more. The doll idea is good too. Maybe you could do something like snapshots? Like a photograph or two with silly poses, oh! Or those ones you'd get in a fun machine! like 4 in a row of silly faces or something :D I'd want one of those too aha. XD
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I love the idea of pinups, it'd just be so perfect in your style. the Gothic Lolita fashion shots would be really nice too though. :heart:
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that EGL shit in your style would be so sexy i can't stand it.
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Gothic Lolita Fashion Shots or keychains?.. Tough call!

Hugs! You characters giving other people's characters a hug. I could see people buying those for a sad friend to cheer them up. Or for themselves :heart:
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ZOMG you could actually make keychains with that shrinkydink stuff I have. AMAZING. *now plans to get you to make me a keychain anyway.............. >_> somehow*
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character pin-ups would be awesome, and also the backview of characters would me beautiful as well. <333
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I like the gothic lolita and pin-ups ones- they sound the most unique and there's a lot you could do with those no matter what the character. :)
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I like dolls. ^^; That sounds like fun, and it's different than the standard Goth-Loli I see running around everywhere.
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Gothic Lolita fashion shot = ?

I'm familiar with Lolita and I have at least two ideas of Gothic, but I can't put it together very well.
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Gothic Lolita is a style of dress and a subculture which came out of Japan. It is basically dressing up like a young Victorian Goth, with lots of frilly dresses and crosses and so on.
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- Masquerade Fashion slots

- Tea party

Just two ideas.... x.x It's hard to think up topics.
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I always thought the keychain idea was cute. :D I also like the behind view idea and the gothic lolita idea.
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I'm thinking that characters drawn as stained glass scenes or scrollwork would be interesting, as though someone is exploring some old temple or library and they see these mythical scenes of legend.
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Gothic Lolita Fashion Shots or Keychains...I can't decide! But since I'm now getting paychecks from work, I think I may get a commission regardless of what format it may be :)
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Character Pin-ups
Gothic Lolita Fashion Shots
Your Character drawn as a doll (rag or jointed, your choice)

Those are wonderful choices..man...I suck I could never think up anything like that.
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Valentine's Day would be nifty and sweet <3
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I can't decide. ;;

What exactly do you mean by keychains? :o *NOTSMART*
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Keychains sound neat, or maybe something for Valentine's day? They're all pretty neat, and I think you'd make good money off all of them. =o
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Damn, keychains would be cool. So would the behind view.

Then again, I like what nekophoenix suggested.
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Hey.. i voted keychain! damnit..mabey i accidently clicked something else :(

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