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Hi! I'm luliyoyo/lukane/luukane. Thank you for passing by! Take a tour and look around all you want. I really appreciate that you are looking at what I do!

Bullet; Pink DA related Bullet; Pink
Bullet; Pink Please don't thank me for llamas or favourites! I appreciate it, but I always fave and give llamas, so there would be too much comments here about that.

Bullet; Pink  Thanking for watches is not needed but I won't mind if you do.
Bullet; Pink  Also I won't be thanking anymore for faves and llamas (since I think it's spammy). Just know that I'm thankful for it and that you're awesome, and in the case of llamas I always give one back.
Bullet; Pink I don't do watch for watch, sorry. Even less if you don't have any art made by yourself. I do take a look at everyone who interacts with me/leaves a llama/watches/favourites, and I'll give you watches and/or faves if I like what you do. This way you'll know I'm being sincere with my compliments and that with faves/watches I'm telling you I like what you do :)

:bulletgreen: About commissions :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: I'm always open, unless I state otherwise. Proper journal will be updated and when I do so I'll probably move all this info there.
:bulletgreen: I take both USD and points. (points: 100:points: = 1USD)
:bulletgreen: I will draw most anything. Think of something. Yeah, that, too. Name it and we'll discuss it - maybe I don't want to draw it ATM but I'm open to discuss anything.
:bulletgreen: Please don't ask for free samples, I don't do those. If I do decide to participate in a contest (for which I'd do art without knowing if there'd be a retribution), I'll decide so myself.
:bulletgreen: If possible, don't ask to buy all the copy rights, or if you really want/need to, please inform yourself about what it is. If you're making, say, a free and nonprofit RPGmaker game for which you have a low budget, buying copyrights won't be cheap nor convenient for you.
:bulletgreen: It is also possible to transfer SOME rights. This would be cheaper and more comfortable for everyone involved.
:bulletgreen: All said here can be applied to other artists, too :) Treat them with respect!

:bulletblue: About requests/trades/etc :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Requests are always welcome, but I can't guarantee I'll fulfill them.
:bulletblue: Art trades are always closed, since I usually don't get the time or drive to finish them.
:bulletblue: I love talking about anything, so note me if you want! I procrastinate a lot, tho, so if I don't answer to you in time, I'm really really sorry >_<
:bulletblue: I love receiving advice and giving it when I can. Don't take it personal, or tell me kindly that you don't want it and I won't do it again.
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Hi everyone!
I'm closing my commissions for now, since next week I'll go on a trip for about a month. I'm doing some commissions and jobs and I want to finish them before I leave. I still need to save some money for then, so, I'll still be taking quick watercolor commissions. There are people to whom I've talked about doing pixels, so if it's that what you want, note me, since I love them and they're rather quick to be done. Even so everything will be open 'til Saturday, and then I'll be off.
You won't see much of me here next month, buuut I'll take my (newly earned) sketchbook and I'll draw when away. Don't know if I'll have, much time, though.
What about this trip? I sign in a choir and we're leaving for some weeks to sing the Misa Criolla, Navidad Nuestra and other latin american works. I also play the piano in Libertango :0 After that I'll spend some time with my overseas distant family, who are so kind to receive me in their house.
All in all, I'm ending the year in the most awesome way possible. New jobs, new horizons, new people, new strenghts. Will I be finally overcoming my fears?
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EDIT: I'm only taking watercolor and pixel commissions for now. Saturday this closes 'til next year! However you can note me about anything :3


Well I need some cash, so I decided to make some quick and cheap commissions!

This time I offer two kind of commissions. The offer will end when I reach the total ammount I need, or when I see it fit.

Initially, I'm only taking 5 slots, so hurry up!

10USD each

Faerie by luliyoyo Rapunzel by luliyoyo Deal with it by luliyoyo Balloons by luliyoyo
pi! by luliyoyo sensei sensei by luliyoyo Boo by luliyoyo

Digital headshots:


Cell shading: 15USD
Soft shading, lines or no lines: 25USD
Cell shading: Commission sample by luliyoyo
Soft shading: Mijeeliukka by luliyoyo Commission sample (2) by luliyoyo

Bullet; Pink Send me a note to ask for commissions. Wait until I answer to know that I will do it!
Bullet; Pink I only accept payment through paypal. You have to pay the fees.
Bullet; Pink Since these commissions are quick and so cheap, I ask to be paid upfront. The watercolors are so quickly done that waiting until you see the sketch to have the payment would be a waste of time for both you and me.
Bullet; Pink If you request to see a sketch (if the drawing has distinct details you want, for example), you can pay me half upfront and half when I finish it.
Bullet; Pink I can ship the watercolor drawings, but it will cost from 16USD upwards. Message me to discuss this.
Bullet; Pink I reserve the right to deny any commission if I'm uncomfortable with it for any reason.
Bullet; Pink That said, I will do most anything, even NSFW, though it can add up to the price. Just ask away!
Bullet; Pink If the drawing is too complicated or detailed, price can go up.
Bullet; Pink The commission will be done within 3 days at most.


Additionally, you can help me out by buying the PSD from Commission sample (2) or Mijeeliukka, or downloading the big files from any of my watercolors for only 100:points:!</s>
There's nothing to see here.
Well in fact there is, it's just that I wanted to post a journal once in a while that isn't about me whining about something.

I'm looking for work, hope that someone answers me ;A; soo, if you were asking, I'm always open for commissions <3

Also I'm studying more... yea I still suck

Hope you all are well :love:

If you work with commissions, consider using Payoneer. It is a serious company and besides owning an account with low maintenance, you can use it to activate your PayPal account.
Use this link and earn 25USD (and also help me earn that, haha! :love: )…
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Just deleted everything just in case. Know that I got scammed.

If anyone knows what can I do about this, or if you want to help me recover something of what I have lost asking for commissions, you are most welcome.

// español

No tengo muchas ganas de escribir ahora, probablemente despues lo haga mejor. la version corta es que estaba trabajando con alguien, muy emocionada con el trabajo, y ahora no quiere pagarme absolutamente nada. 4 meses de trabajo por el caño. ahora el se aprovecha de mi moviendo los terminos a su antojo, ya que eran bastante amplios los terminos del contrato. me ofrece, como mucho, seguir trabajando con el con su paga de mierda y sus terminos de mierda y su tiempo de mierda, o no recibir ninguna paga y "aprender de la experiencia". segun el, no me tiene que pagar porque no va a usar nada de lo que hice.
estoy esperando a ver si lo puedo solucionar de alguna manera, y si no hare publico el asunto con su nombre y todo. pero tengo miedo, no quiero que me caiga con nada legal, por el contrato que firmamos (que, despues de todo, el fallo en algunos terminos tambien).
no se que hacer... realmente necesitaba ese dinero.

si alguien sabe que puedo hacer sobre eso, o si me quieren ayudar a recuperar algo de todo lo que perdi con esto pidiendome comisiones, seran bienvenidos. estoy tomando por puntos tambien.
Hey there everyone!
Sorry I was out so much time. Work stuff and also personal art stuff - which I think I should post? Some of it is in my tumblr, but the majority I haven't posted anywhere.
I'm trying to get into two art exhibitions, so I worked a lot for that. Update on that later! I'm gonna post something now.
Hi there,
just making this journal for you to remember that it's not nice to watch someone to get points, and unwatch them instantly afterwards you get them. I'm aware DAhub 'pays' points to people for watching other people, but it is a place to connect real people, not to earn points only. I don't want watchers because of a number, I would like to have watchers so my art and stuff can be seen by others :)

Also, replying to all your faves and watches made DA think that I'm a spammer, so now that I cannot comment, please know that I'm really grateful to you, guys! I'll leave you all a llama :love:
So I finally decided to make a journal for my commissions! :3


SPECIAL! Ponies!
Pinkie Pie Sketch by luliyoyo Mijeeliukka by luliyoyo
Sketchy, colored - 10 USD
Non sketchy, colored - 15 USD

Lineart and shading.
LOL - Fizz by luliyoyo Terry Bogard by luliyoyo Prequel: Katia Managan by luliyoyo Migraine by luliyoyo
Bust up - starting from 35USD.
Fullbody - starting from 45USD.

Non lineart, simpler shading, simpler drawing.
Looking for my music by luliyoyo Hatsune Miku by luliyoyo
Can include more complicated background
Fullbody - starting from 30USD
Complex BG - Add ~10

Semi chibi. Full lineart and color.
Cat girl adoptable by luliyoyo
Fullbody - starting from 20USD (ask for character sheets like the one in the sample)

Chibi. Full lineart and color.
Madotsuki Button by luliyoyo Alice Button by luliyoyo Elcamyr by luliyoyo
Fullbody - Starting from 12 USD

Pixel art (no bases)
Little witch by luliyoyo Me - quick test by luliyoyo Madotsuki by luliyoyo Female spritesheet by luliyoyo
Icons - 7USD
Fullbody - 10USD (ask about simple animations)
Character sheets - starting from 30USD (remember, noncomercial)


Ordering rules

*To commission me, you have to note me with "Commission" in the title. There you have to detail which kind of commission you want, of what character it would be, and all the added things you'd like to it. You can ask me all the questions you want. After that, I'll answer you with an exact quote.
*Prices vary depending on complexity and added characters.
*I can decline a commission (for whatever reason: complexity, time, feeling uncomfortable, etc).
*After I accept the commission, you have to deposit the first half of it before starting work. After I receive it, I'll start working.
*If you have a determined time you want the drawing for, please tell me so. If not, expect it for one-two weeks after the starting payment.
*Payment is via PayPal or Payoneer (I prefer PayPal but both are OK). I sometimes accept points (via the DA app), but ask me about that.
*Payment fees will be paid by the commissioner.

Drawing rules

*I will draw: characters, OCs, animals, ponies, anthros. You can ask me about NSFW too, though it's not what I prefer.
*I will not draw (for now): backgrounds, complex scenes.
*All the commissions are for personal use. No commercial use is allowed.
*No edits or recolors of my drawings.
*More samples of my drawings on my tumblr.
*You can ask about my animations too!

Feel free to ask me any questions you have!
So I decided to make an alt account for my plushies. Mostly to sell them :v so, if you're interested, note me here or there
----> :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies:

I have started doing Pony plushies on commission! Maybe you'll be interested on that?


Also, the reason why I have this new account is because I have a new goal (well, from the end of last year, but is my year's goal). I want to travel and to show my drawings and music abroad. I'm not telling where because I don't want to spoil it :p but the thing is that I have to save up for that, and I think that selling plushies and art is the best way to do it. If you want to help me with that (and receive some art, obviously!), note me!
Soon I'll update this with drawing sales and stuff.

:iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies: :iconlumakesplushies:

Love y'all :3
Hey gente,
ser admin de un grupo acaso da derecho para tratar para el **** al resto de la gente? O sea, como si fueras una celebridad... ¬¬

Esto es una nota rápida sólo porque estoy enojada, y porque a mí me gusta ser amable con todo el mundo, así que me cuesta entender cómo hay gente que trate mal por default, por creerse más que los demás. Y encima de eso me parece ridículo que se crean mejores/famosos por tener 200 watchers en deviantart... come on...


I don't want to translate it fully. I'm just gonna say that I find it really ridiculous and it upsets me that people with more watchers than others tend to believe they are better than the rest of the world and that they are entitled to treat anyone else as ****. I can't understand why peoply is mean by default.
And yes I'm mad at the moment ¬¬
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Hi there! Hmm.. A while ago was my last entry... Well, today I wanted to show you the drawings I have been working on in the past week (to tell the truth, I worked into them for like two days, because I don't know how to manage my time and I end up always doing everything at the last possible minute... yeah, not good). Anyway I like how they came out, so I wanted to put them all in a post. I used them to make buttons to sell in a local con.

Alice Button by luliyoyo Madotsuki Button by luliyoyo Menma Button by luliyoyo Miku Button by luliyoyo Tonari no Totoro Button by luliyoyo

I finally got to make them! Last year IvihBel and I wanted to make some buttons, but the costs ended up being too high for us. Now I got us a better deal so we finally made them. I used last year buttons' drawings too, but they look really bad now to me... and also I made them without thinking of the circle they'd be in, so I had a lot of issues with that.

I also made plushies for the con, and it looks like I'll return to make plushes regularly (a friend of mine has a stand at cons and invited me to sell with her).
And last Sunday, when the convention was made, was AWFUL. It was so hot in the room that the three of us in the stand nearly passed out, and we felt sick all day. But I think it was worth it, at the end of the day >_<

Skills gotten with all of this:
*Button/pin making.
*Sewing with a sewing machine.
*I can now survive hell itself without a drop of sweat.

Skills upgraded:
*Illustrator designing.
*Quick drawing.
*Less sleep needed.

Lessons learned:
*Listen to my fiancé when he says I have to think things through.
*Try to better manage my time in order to do everything I want.
*Actually, decide what I want to do and how I'll do it before doing it.
*Plan ahead.

Now I'll get back to work for the games. I haven't stopped in all this time, but I have to catch up. And I have to study and rehearse for finals.
So, 'til next time!
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OK this is outdated now. I'm still open to commissions, but the price will be the same as always. Contact me if you'd like to know anything :)

Hi everyone! I need your help!

I'm doing quick commissions in order to pay for Christmas shopping. I won't take much time doing them (meaning that one day after you order, you'll have it), and they'll be cheap and nice! I need to raise about 100 USD in less than two weeks... yes, I know that's a lot, but with your help I can do it!

(working freelance is taking its toll, people that commissioned me don't want their artworks online until their games are finished, so I can't upload too much... but oh well, I can do this, and yesterday only I uploaded four of these examples.)

Examples of pixel art:

Madotsuki by luliyoyo Little witch by luliyoyo Me - quick test by luliyoyo Elcamyr by luliyoyo
:iconluliyoyo: :iconteknomax: (both TeknoMaX 's icon and mine!)

All the styles shown in the samples above are 4USD (for a limited time!) and they include a simple animation.


And this is a sample of a complex animation (if you want one of those, note me and we'll talk about prices and time, since they take longer).

Examples of chibis:

A lot of drawings by luliyoyo

Any of those styles, digitally colored, are 7USD.

I'm open to anything you want to ask me for (sprites, tilesets, backgrounds, animations, character sheets, etc). Just note me and we'll talk!
I accept only PayPal (no points, sorry). If you are argentinean... I'm sorry pal, we both are, so due to the conditions of our country we can't make paypal transactions ;_;

Thank you for reading this! Cheers, and merry holidays!
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Hmm, OK, things are getting clearer again. I now realise the amount of work EVERYTHING needs, and I can't afford to lose focus! I am the one in control of my issues... but it's not that easy, you see.
Everything is getting harder, but I won't let anything nor anyone beat me. Not even myself.

On happier notes, I just came back from a trip to Buenos Aires, where I visited my fiancé. Two weeks there passed in a flash, while one here lasts an eternity. I can't wait to be with him again... But I loved those days, and they gave me strength to keep moving, to keep working to be a better person (and to focus in my work and college too).
We didn't go out much (there was an 2 hour+ trip to the city), but we played games and saw movies, hugged our cats (both of us hadn't seen them in a looooong time), eated a lot of pizza and chipás (made by me! I was the official cook :) ), started seeing Tekkaman Blade (what a good anime) and finished Umineko (GODDAMN YOU), visited some friends, exchanged gifts, eated a lot of candies and chocolates, and bought a lot of books! My Max gifted me some mahnwas (Tarot Café and L'Envol) and friggin' Stardust! We found the last two issues hidden between other comic books in a park (that they use to put up stands and sell books). They even are in English! We spent a lot of time together... I had to work too, so he was my companion through it :) And I let my scaredy-cat self show... I can't even play Slender! And I was the one to decide what games to play and download them >_>
Well, it was just like living together, and I really liked it n__n
And also, here at my city my figmas were waiting for me (in the customs office, but blegh), so I've officially started my collection! And as I love giving gifts, even more to my Max, I'll gift him some neat figures too. (in no time from now shoul arrive an X-Wing, and after that, Tekkaman Blade and Tekkaman Evil, and I'm just naming a few)

Well, long story short: I am happy, but I know there is SO much I have to solve. I have issues and tests and works due, and I will make everything right!! Did you hear, my dear?
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i'm so lonely.

don't leave me.
I'm amazed, dazed, and happy altogether!

On this last month, I 'discovered' DA's Job Offers Forum, and after a couple (or a lot of) of notes and e-mails, I've got some jobs :) And I also got some jobs for my fiancé and I, so we can take to reality our dream - to have a Game Art Studio. We still have some issues with that - neither of us can invest all our time in this, my BF with his job far away from here, and me with college, and being lazy and featherbrained.

What am I doing? Mostly spriting, tilesets, two comic pages, character design (and then spriting + animating), artwork for games... This is awesome. Not only because I'm getting paid for my work (those are my first paid jobs, I'm so proud), but also because I have so much fun and I LOVE doing this. I also had some bad experiences (I wouldn't recommend looking for jobs here on DA, really), but that is for another journal.

So, I'm making up my portfolio on the go. As usual, I don't have any worthy works on my gallery (kids, that's not how it's done), so everything I did in this month sums up to show what I can do. I hope to upload some of it here :)

(wow... just one month since I/we started with this??)

I'm so, so, so happy. Just half an hour ago I was feeling nervous and axious about not being good enough, about having panic and not finishing what I have to do... and then TeknoMaX told me he trusted me and that he knows I'll finish everything as needed (with his I'm-right-and-you-can't-discuss-it voice). And just after that I received two e-mails, from a hirer and a work partner. I feel so good about this :)

I think I can make a living out of this - and I think that we can follow our dreams if we focus on learning (and, why not, earning some money) .

Those are my news for all this time, and that's why I was being so inactive lately (stalking the forums in the shadows to be prepared when an offer that I like comes up, is a full-time job, heh)

Well, when I make some more progress, and when our hirers/coworkers autorize us, I'll tell you more about these projects here.

Be happy!
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Consejos y notas personales basadas en mis experiencias de los últimos días.

Consejos para la mujer atolondrada
Ya estás en un lugar difícil al ser atolondrada. No te atolondres más, ni te emociones en seguida.
No tomes las cosas por sentado ni construyas castillos en el aire - soñar un poquito está bien, pero si apenas una gotita de realidad hace caer tu sueño, repensalo.
No dejes de prestar atención - siendo una mujer atolondrada, te llevás mil cosas por delante. OJO! A NO HACERLO!
Tené en cuenta a los que querés. Sí, vos sabés que los querés, pero en tu atolondrez (inventé la palabra, lo sé) podés hacerles pensar distinto. Tené cuidado con lo que hacés y medí tus pasitos. No dejes de ser espontánea, pero considerá que una cosa es espontaneidad y otra es simple y llana falta de atención (y "atolondrez").

Consejos para el artista muerto de hambre
Vestite Dibujá para el trabajo que querés. Tené mucho, pero muuuucho, para mostrar.
NO TE METAS con gente poco profesional. A la primera que veas algo raro, SALITE, SALITE YA!
Sé claro de entrada y guardá las conversaciones/mails. Si es necesario, pedí más disculpas de las necesarias, pero que no se lleven tu dignidad por unos pesitos.
Insistir, pero no rogar, también sirve. Averiguá precios antes de poner los tuyos. Es entendible trabajar barato de entrada, pero que no te tomen de nabo toda la vida.

Consejos para la mujer procrastinadora
Decir "lo dejo para después" NO ESTÁ BIEN, BAJO NINGÚN CONCEPTO.
Es ME LEVANTO AHORA, no "me quedo acostada en la cama un ratito máaas".

Bueno, ahora tengo que meterme todo eso en la cabeza .-. Mi "atolondrez" se lleva lo mejor de mí... y quien más cercano a mí es lo sabe mejor que nadie :/
Estoy queriendo encontrar trabajos en los foros de DA, y me encuentro con que puedo hacer muchas cosas, pero tengo poco que mostrar... debería trabajar más. O tal vez dejar todo de lado un tiempo y ponerme las pilas con la facultad... no puedo descuidar la música, tampoco. Alguien necesita un músico por ahí?
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I don't want to think that's it...
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Just wanted to presume that me and my man have matching avs, made by me n_n

:iconteknomax: :iconluliyoyo:

I love you honey :)


PD: nope, here in Argentina we don't do this April's Fools thing, so this has nothing to do with it. Anyhow, the cats are cute :)
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Hey there people!
It looks like no one remembers me here .-. but oh well, that's gotta change!
I have some great ideas for starting the commissions - I'll make special prices and combos and so :D

Soo... this is to say hi! And to let you know that I'll be around :D


Hoola gente :D
Parece que nadie se acuerda de mí por acá .-. pero bueno, eso tiene que cambiar!
Tengo unas muy buenas ideas para empezar las commissions - voy a poner promos, precios especiales, combos, etc.

Así que... esto es para saludar! Y para hacerles saber que estaré por acá :D


Wanted to play Silent Hill-> Spent two effin' hours trying to download it -> Finally did it -> too sleepy to play now -> it'll be some EarthBound then

: okay : :(
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[Este es un post sobre la mierda que paso día a día.]

Saben qué? A la mierda. Estoy cansada de que me reclamen por TODO lo que hago (y qué hago, y cómo, y cuándo, y dónde), de que quieran controlarme TODO, SIEMPRE. De que desconfíen de mí e intenten que yo haga mi vida como ellos quieren. De que no me tomen en serio y se me caguen de risa en la cara. De que después de que les tire todo lo que pienso se vayan por la tangente diciendo que "las puteadas no son gratis" y que me voy a arrepentir por eso.
Apenas me consiga un trabajo me voy de acá. Y no voy a volver a hablar con esas dos personas repugnantes que lo único que tienen en común conmigo es la sangre. NO QUIERO una vida horrible y llena de mentiras como la que viven ustedes. NO QUIERO que me vivan reclamando todo el tiempo, por no vivir y pensar exactamente como me dicen.
Y, por sobre todo, NO QUIERO ser una madre así el día de mañana. Mis hijos van a tener comprensión, confianza y respeto. No van a vivir en una cárcel disfrazada de hogar.

Espero que mañana consiga un trabajo... estoy buscando desde hace meses. Quiero irme de esta casa (nota graciosa: mi viejo me amenaza con echarme a patadas, y se asusta cuando le respondo que tengo dónde ir :) ). VOY a irme. Sea mañana, la semana que viene, o en dos meses, no van a verme más la cara.
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