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my oc Lule

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so, this is my oc, and she is based of me. I made her some time ago, I just figured out I would like to show her now >u<
Honestly I love making oc's, so many ways to do it... But this one was so difficult, because it was mine... what to chose ><

Her name is Lule, wich is my nickname in real life... I got it because when I was little I was never able to say my name correct, it ended up being Lule instead of Julie... And well, that name just got stuck with me XD

I always wanted her to be a pegasus, even in my early design of her (I have been working on her for 3-4 years now... I know ><) ... I never wanted to be a unicorn, but I thought of having her being a earth pony, but instead, I gave her those fluffy hooves... close enough xD

she has no cutie mark... I'll figure that out too soon, wish me luck XD
Well, actually... If someone wants me to help them making an personalised pony oc, just ask, I just have so many ideas >u<
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Love your OC. XD  I really want to draw her !!!!  And do plan to soon, your going to have to tell me what her Cutie Mark is if she has one yet.
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aww thank you x3
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How you do dic? Want to create my OC like this to
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MHH... oh, well... Thanks >U<
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your welcome! :happybounce: 
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She's so adorable and i love her hair...
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ohh... Thanks xP
And I like the hair too... xD
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Ahahaha yes now I know what to draw as fanart for you *u*
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Of me ? O.o ...umm, oki XD
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It's fun to have an OC of your very own, I have 2. One would be used in animated series if I ever decided to get it going ( probably never will ) But the one I am the most proud of is the one ive worked on for the last 15 years. There is so much detail that I could write more than one book.
I dont have any images yet ( a project for the future )  I would love to share a few details if your ever curious.
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Yes, it really is. But I only have one, she is special to me, since she is "me".

15 years?! ... Wow, and I thought I had used long time... I have this one character I made like 3-4 years ago, I'm now thinking of writing a fanfic too.... but do you want to know something crazy ? I literally just met someone a few years back, that is so similar to this oc O.O I mean... it's freaky
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she is a cutie, i like her

it not easy to make an oc, i tryed it a few times, but i wasn't realy happy with the oc's.
i only know if i make succesfull an oc, it's an earth pony
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oh thanks ^^

yeah, I know it's not easy... But you want to know what I did? I can give a few tips C:
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Tips?, i like to get a few tips
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Well, since it's your Oc, make it personal. I think a pony Oc of you should reflect you... I chose blue because I love that color... But also because blue is a very calm color, and I look at myself as a calm person... (You can look at the main six too... Aj as orange brown colors, these reflect that she's a country pony and so on... Red is anger, blue is calm, green is also calm, yellow is inspiring, white can mean class as rarity, and so on) But I also love brown and orange, but it didn't fit, so I made her white.. it's just really really light orange. The reason she's a pegasus is because I have always looked up to the sky, and always wanted to fly >u<... But at some point I wanted her to be an earth pony.. Because I'm no city person, so, I just added those fluffy hooves ... So, Find a color palette you like, but that can represent you too C:

Search for color pallets... Also just search on oc's, you can get really inspired then. And really, if you're as me, you'll always like something more then the other xD ... So, just stop and make up your mind at some time.

-Color pallet

when you have this, you have gotten long. When It comes to design again. Just search up ponies, Find some you like... And that you think suits you, mix some up if you want Cx
Find many things you like, and try to combine them. Make them your own.
You just have to try C:
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color palettes and colors i like, i searched for pallets, and found to many (3 to 6 colors most....confusing...), i have a few colors and color combination i realy like....

but this comments are for your oc, not mine (not existent) oc^^.
if you dont mind, maybe you can help me with a good color-sheme (i would send you a pm)
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well, I was simply writing about mine, because I know nothing about yours. I did it so I could give you an idea about how, you simply just have to make up your mind at some point.
WEll, I would like to help, what's pm?
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Cute. I like her design. >;3
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