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Rainbow Dash portrait - Rainy Evening (wallpaper)

can be used for wallaper now

Just something I did in stress xD
I feel like I miss something... But, I think I'll just keep it simple for this time ^^

Time used:  4 hours
Program: Photoshop CC
Layers: 1 layer (only light and small details on separate layers)
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2910x2368px 5.96 MB
© 2016 - 2021 LuleMT
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Luspear-Soram's avatar
That is a great picture of Rainbow Dash.
TheJuxtaposedJinty's avatar
Mmm damn! That shit good!
BeeFlower26's avatar
This is so Awesome! Like is this even painted? Cuz it seriously looks like a 3D model! Great job!
fdnbgonds's avatar
Holy crap! That is the best hair I've ever seen! The lighting effect is epic!
AnderDragon's avatar
Love the back-lighting on this.  Expression's great too!  Nice work.
LuleMT's avatar
I'm so glad you like it
AurelleahEverfreeArt's avatar
Do you record/stream these? I would love to see how you do this
LuleMT's avatar
I do rarely, but sometimes it happens I do streams or make speedpaints.
KioskOfSquids's avatar
HhhhhhhhhOW DO YOU HAIR!?!??!?!!!!!!!
CaptainEdwardTeague's avatar
Dashie looks so cute
LuleMT's avatar
daww, I know right x3
petting time
BelieveInShadows's avatar
OMG! this is stunning. :) instant watch!
LuleMT's avatar
aaa, thanks cX
Silverleaf92's avatar
I really like her... mane? Seriously though, awesome work! :highfive:
LuleMT's avatar
ah, thanks ^^
Rainbowdoodler209's avatar
This looks so wonderful! Such details! :D
LuleMT's avatar
aww, thanks x3
I'm happy you like it ;)
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
<3 I love this so much <3
This image made me cry happy. She's so beautiful. Thank you for the joy you've filled me with thanks to your art. It means so much. 
LuleMT's avatar
cry? oh wow, hope you're ok ^^
And it's no problem, I love to make art to you guys, since so many of you like it so much ^^

 Also thanks for telling, it really makes me want to continue what I do ;)
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
It was a happy cry. <3 And I do I love it so much. Dash means a great deal to me and you've put so much heart and beauty and energy into this. I feel like she could walk out of it at any second. Like she's daring me to push myself to treat myself better love myself more because I'm every bit as awesome as she is. 

She's a good pony and you are a wonderful person because none of that heart and soul and golden-hearted goodness would be there without you having it inside you to put into your work. Please be kind to yourself. You deserve lots of love and kindness and acceptance because you're so very worth it. 
RynDymond25's avatar
Omg I wish u could draw my OC like that!!I am a dummy! Love 
LuleMT's avatar
haha, cool xD

Well, I got a spot, but it cost money, 20 or 50 dollars ^^ (if you wish I can add you to the waiting list
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