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Luna - Only a reflection of light

By LuleMT
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 Princess Luna Worried  - "You might see me at night, shining clear and bright... As I show you the way, through the darkest of nights... But all I have, is my sisters light... Without her, my moon dosen't shine as bright... When she is gone, and I  will rise... All I will have, is the darkest of nights... Lost in space, lost of purpose... But I treasure what  I have, and know my importance...
But the moon might never, truly shine" - LuleMT, A poem for the lonely moon

I always thought Luna felt like this, and I love showing this side of her ( althought its mostly something I imagine )
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RichikoHobbyist Artisan Crafter

shes so beautiful!

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GalaxyNight100Hobbyist Digital Artist

How did YOU draw THAT Pinkie Pie Scream01

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NeoHazelHobbyist Traditional Artist

So beautiful. i want to give her a comforting hug

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americanfightpuppyStudent Writer
Could I possibly get a high quality file of this to use as wallpaper? :o
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DashieSparkleHobbyist Digital Artist
WHOA! omfg Heart 
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I really like how you've done her hair. Just fantastic how long and curvy they are adding theamount of detail and lighting effects.
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VolinferHobbyist Digital Artist
Those hair cured my cancer
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Poor Luna...
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Owwww best luna art !! La la la la 
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Always felt Luna was torn about what she wanted -
She wanted the popularity and fame of her sister yet at the same there was the allure of the night with its peace and quiet and Luna does come off as a very private pony.
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LeRauxArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Goddess. Goddess of the Night.
Perfect picture. Unbelievable.
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Naw Luna sweetheart dont cry :( Pooor Luna, I really feel for her (lovely work as well)
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Vivan21GamesHobbyist General Artist
This looks amazing. I love the background and the way you done Luna as well
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There's always something more to everything. Be it a seemingly unimportant parts of a whole — or the contrary. There is always something more. Thanks for reminding me, I guess)
Still love your works.
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The Princess of the Night looks amazing, and her loveliness shines even more even with the deep-seated sadness she's feeling. First off, her more-realistic form helps kick up the emotional side too while also carrying so many textures and highlights which give her great depth and charm. The lighting plays a big role too, with the sweet glow of the obscured moon behind her and then her other side lit up by the dimmer yellow of the sun… perhaps a mix thinking about her sister but fading because of her own mood? (…or maybe I'm just reading way too much into it. I'm too good at that.)

In any case, this is all the more touching for its beauty. The celestial background and tiny orbiting planets seem to make her feelings seem much "bigger," perhaps at least in her mind. Gorgeous work on her weathered crown and alternate collar, plus the silver moon charm is a sweet touch.

Thanks for sharing this tender moment of self-reflection and doubt; your poem for her is truly touching too. It makes me think how terribly empty even Nightmare Moon would feel if Celestia had been truly banished.

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so beautiful
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Your poem is so beautiful, deep and moving..!! great work on both your lines and your drawing :D
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SilviaTheCaralionessHobbyist General Artist
I never imagined that I would be faving a piece of MLP fanart, but the way you brought realism to this completely simplistic cartoon character while fully managing to retain the look of the design is absolutely incredible.
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JRedheadHobbyist Traditional Artist
This picture is just awe inspiring - hauntingly beautiful.

I really like the perspective. To show celestial bodys so small against Luna. The sun is draws my attention. Together with the poem it gets across your point.
To note an other thing. My brother was here as i saw it the first time. He said she looks like a stellar nebula- i must agree with him. She has something - ghostly, mysterious, beautiful ... 
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Lunar-White-WolfHobbyist Traditional Artist
Simply gorgeous! It's so beautiful and detailled! *o*
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This feels so emotional. I love it
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