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Little Mermaid OOAK doll

Hello there!
I am finally back from my holidays and I had a beautiful vacation. Since I was at the ocean I remembered a repaint I already made some time ago but never posted.
We all know the story of Ariel the little mermaid. But do you know the original story as well? In the original fairytale the little mermaid didn't get her happy ending. At the end of the story the prince marries another princess. The poor little mermaid can only save her life by killing her prince with an enchated knife. She can only safe herself by sacrificing her true love, the prince who will never will be hers.... But she cannot do it because she still loves him more than her life. So at the end she turns into sea foam and dissapears for ever. The story is so beautiful and sad at the same time.
This doll is my interpretation of the little mermaid captured just in the moment when she turns into sea foam.
She was a Monster High Lagoona doll before. Painted with acrylic paints. Her eyes are painted with the colors of the ocean, I am nor able to catch the colors correctly with my camera, but they are a mix of greens and blues. Her lips have the color of a coral :-)

Edit: just to avoid misunderstandings, in the original tale is written, that the Little Mermaid throws herself into the water knowing that she will turn into sea foam and die and since mermaids don't have a soul she will be gone forever. After falling into the water she "feels that her body dissolves into sea foam", but she doesn't die. She transforms somehow into a daughter of the air and has a new chance to earn an immortal soul. The translation sais that she is "uplifted to the daughters of air". This already has caused a lot of discussions on Facebook, because people were telling me that this part, the transformation into sea foam, never happened. In the most translations and versions of the story, the body of the mermaid dissolves into sea foam and this is the moment I wanted to capture with my doll. The sadness of the mermaid in this patricular moment, when she thinks that she lost everything, her true love and a chance to get an immortal soul.
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I love how you captured the sadness in her eyes.
Mi-chan785's avatar
The eyes are amazing!!
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She looks very beautiful! I always cried on this original story =P
XxSilvermistxX's avatar
Did you use glass eyes?
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no, the eyes are painted on 😊
XxSilvermistxX's avatar
Holly shit! you're good
lulemee's avatar
awwww...thank you :-)
XxSilvermistxX's avatar
how do you make the eyes to look so symmetrical 
lulemee's avatar
It requires practice and a good eye for proportions.
Nefrit's avatar
:aww: Sweet! I am currently working on a mermaid too, but mine is Fankie :)I guess the summer does that :D Inspires mermaid making :D

She is love!
lulemee's avatar
Yay! I hope you share your mermaid! Will she be a sad version as well or cheerful?
Nefrit's avatar
Cheerful and childish I think :) Well see in few weeks :)

And keep up the good work! I was getting a bit sick of Elsa and Anna... I love your Frozen dolls but this mermaid is something so fresh! I love it.
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Thank you Heart I look forward to see you doll!!!
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Very beautiful! I captured the moment perfectly!
lulemee's avatar
Thank you so much!!!!
Kerriecat's avatar
No problem! ^^
TRFan1999's avatar
She's amazing, her face is wonderful :)
lulemee's avatar
Thank you so much!!!
Sunbeam59's avatar
Love her! She so pretty!!!
lulemee's avatar
Thank you Heart 
Sunbeam59's avatar
Your welcome  <3
crystal-of-ix's avatar
That's a cool idea :)
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