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RainmeterDock Plus

Translation by BesQ
RSS Scroll by FaradeyUA

Credit by:

:iconpoiru: :icongschoppe: :icontheaslan: :iconmurasaki55: :iconvclouds: :iconlupoo:
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Please Help me, How do i install it on rainmeter.. ??
Please Answer me.. :'( I don't know what to do?!
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as well as any other skin for Rainmeter )))
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that looks awesome ... love it!!
Awesome! Thank you very much. Is there anyway to change the time format to 12 hour instead of 24? Thanks again!
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I mean good job
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you are welcome ;)
It is Mile Stone of Art, Thanks for everything....
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Can't click the link feeds that are shown up?
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It says it is possible to display a 9 Day Forecast. How do you do this? I just get one day. Thanks again for the great skin!
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Nice! Thanks!
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Very nice skin!Can you give me permission to port it for XWidget ?
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Does the dock retract/appear on mouseover like RocketDock?
awesome skin :D but i have a problem with weather panel, it just shows up in a short time and then disappears :(
i'm sure the code is correct, i tried with different skins
btw, i'm using english version
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Same here
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Yes, that's what happens to me also. English version too. Don't know what to do.
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