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February 25, 2011
XXI century drug. by *Lukreszja has been suggested to me over 9000 times. It is a poignant piece, with a strong concept and good execution, that is very relevant to today's Web 2.0-obsessed society.
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XXI century drug.


Get a real life.

Kisses from Poland

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I guess you are perfectly right, it seems the whole world has FB account and their vital information is given by Mark Zuckerberg given to the CIA, NAS, etc

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It's 2109 and this fucking piece of shit fb hasn't closed yet, it's a shame!
ForsakenOutlaw's avatar
It's 2019 and this piece is more relevant now than ever!
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Indeed. Even with their recent loss in users, Facebooks profits keep rising at alarming rate.

Despite the fact that even Zuckerberg himself cant give a reason why anyone should use Facebook.

Its a company focused on one thing only: exploit the privacy of its users.

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hur dur lemme use the internet to tell people the internet is bad
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Facebook != Internet.
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true story in one pic 
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Powerful photo.
So if Facebook is cocaine, is Google heroin?
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Facebook isn't anymore. Too early for determine the Century's Drug
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Excellent idea; excellent execution! :thumbsup:
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fb been a bit  too controversial lately
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Exactly. Draw a person reading a newspaper titled Facebook as well!
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I want to use this for presentation on addiction.  How do I purchase?
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replace facebook with deviantart and thats me
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