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3d graphics. experimental work to try out some new techniques.
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i like so much your work
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Interesting work. Not sure how you made this, is it particles? By the way, are you the guy that made that series of images in this style on CG-Society? Oh never mind, I just looked at your gallery - you are that guy lol. Seems a lot of the CGS guys are coming over to DA now.
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hi Ulysses! Yes, I am the guy :) I've been on CGSociety and here for a while now... Thanks for comment and visit to my galleries!
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You should make a whole series of these. It's very interesting stuff.
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there is a plan for series and maybe even animation ;) thanks a lot for support!
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I love the motion in this one. I really hope you make a film out of this serie. It's already amazing, with motion and some ambiance sound or music, would be an incredibly powerful piece.
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cheers my friend! i really hope to have enough time and resources to pull an animtion out at some point. That was a plan from beginning but since animation is much more complex project I started from still images :)
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graphically disturbing, but a pure wonder to look at! Thats one great technique you're using there :clap:
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I think it's quite phenomenal, pure art, it really entices the viewer and makes for a conversational piece, which is what art is suppose to induce in it's best forms. Excellent work!!!
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really strange and graphical pictures!

It would be a nice idea to make some special textures with this file, I think!

Will you post new pics like this soon?
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Thanks for the comment. I'm working on some pictures, I might be able to post them soon but I can't promise, I do not want to rush things in any way ;).
I'm not sure what you mean by making special textures with this file?
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yes, you are right, do not rush^^

I think that it could be a nice idea to use details on your picture with photoshop and mix them in an other picture to make interesting "rhythms" on it for example
Interesting technique. I'll have to try something like this. I'm assuming a figure that is NOT rendered while the 'fabric' is rendered. Great texturing. Wonderful idea and wonderful execution.
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thanks! the technique is a bit tricky i think. everything is rendering but i use my own paintings as textures to give it more graphic look.
Wonderful! I never thought to use a painting as the texture. I've often made my own textures either by painting in Photoshop or taking photos of my own, however, I've never used my own paintings. Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to try that sometime. In the meantime, I'll keep watch for your newest work. =)
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cool, thanks for a watch :) About textures, I use everything really, pieces of photos, hand painted stuff, some things turn up nice accidentaly. But in this piece hand painted texture (but painted in Painter) had the most impact on the look. And the way in which you project texture on 3d is very important as well. I'd say it's equally important.
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Disturbing and fresh, again. Beautiful. Again.
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looking cool : )
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