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😂😂😂😂 WTF
Trainwrekcomics's avatar
Characters as lukewarm bowls of water...that's definitely a new one.
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Very well done..The have a different design..Thanks for sharing it.
Izzy2007's avatar
Why they gotta be lukewarm....Why not salty.....
Lukidjano's avatar
There's some salty bowls in the second part :D
General-Spitfire32's avatar
this is... oddly specific. Well drawn but, dang. 
Outdated-meme's avatar
What, good drawing but, what??
ItsYoBeanCrim's avatar
CrushedApplePie's avatar
Why is this a thing
Bytecraftninja's avatar
The internet gets more and more retarded a good way, of course :P
Trizzo-VonKay's avatar
This is honestly one of the funniest things I have seen on the internet. I love you.
killerfortress's avatar
mine is pharah XD kinda cute one.
Phrasyon4000's avatar
Uhh can i have a reaper bowl?
these would be even more awesome as mini sake cups in my opinion but thats cos they are awesome and i love sake ;)
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OraTheRebelKitsune's avatar
Awesome pic of Overwatch bowls :D
ChaoticLightFixtures's avatar
"Blizzard release overwatch people are dying"
Shnurbinator's avatar
the world could always use more lukewarm bowls of water
I'd pay to see the rest of them.
dasco597's avatar
This is perfect <3
Mei's should just be an ice cube... :D
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