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As some of you might know, I once did a music list of Remixes from OCReMix, and some time later a list of Video Game tracks with vocals.

Well, guess what, I'm doing another one XD
This time it's gonna be focused on music from games for my beloved system, the Amiga. Wont subject you to yet another rant about how much I love that system and how much I love the games for it, just gonna note that the system is gonna have it's 35th anniversary next year, so starting this early to be done with the whole thing during that year. So, without further ado, lets get to the music.

Today's track:
Gary the Goose from Brian The Lion
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Since you guys were on board for last year's Halloween art, so just want to make sure if you'd like to be part of the next one. So please confirm or decline, but don't ignore it.

As for those who did not have their fursona on the last art, I'm planning a special Halloween art with fursona's in cosplay. Like this:
Of course, this time it's gonna be a different series. And YES, I do know Halloween is still a fe months away, but I simply wanna slowly work on these chibis so that I can get this ready on time with no impending deadline stressing me out.
So if you have a fursona and would like to get in, just comment and send me a ref.

Le list of those in the new pic:
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Hey there everyone,
Remember that Character Guessing Challenge I was planning a few months back?
It took way longer than I thought, but guess what, it's finally finished and ready to go. Thought I'd give a final heads up for all who are interested, and I will start submitting all the project artwork starting tomorrow (in around 24 hours to be specific), one picture each day, in randomized order, for a total of 13 days.

As for those who don't remember it or are new watchers and haven't heard about it, simply put, I will be submitting fanarts from my most favourite 13 games, and your task is to guess the characters and games, for which you can get a free request from me. And you don't have to be a watcher to enter, everyone's welcome to try.

Anyways, for those wishing to give it a go, here's how it works:
>Each time I submit a fanart, it will have a few hints in the description, first hint will be the system the game is for and estimated difficulty for character/game, followed by 2 random hints. Though if nobody will guess it after a certain period of time, I may give additional hints.
>First person to guess the character, game, and specific part if it's from a series wins, yet if no one gets the full answer right by the time of the next submission, the winner will be the person who got the most of it right. And keep in mind you're supposed to post your answer under the art, not under this journal
>To keep it fair, I will be checking the time of any edits if someone fills in the full answer after already guessing part of it, so that the person who really was first to guess will be the one rewarded.
>It's one request per person, so once you win one time, you can't win another, HOWEVER, you can help out a friend by telling them the answer, they'll just have to comment themselves to get the prize tho.
>Also, since there's unlimited tries for every entry, I will tell you if you got the character wrong, but only as far as the character goes, if you get the character right but the game wrong, I will stay silent. (and of course will inform you if you got the full answer right XD)
(Aaaaand while not a rule or anything, it would be super awesome if you guys left some feedback in those comments, not just throw the answer, you can even throw the answer first and edit in some feedback later if you wanna be quick XD)

If anyone has any further questions, ask away ^^

Also, keep in mind, all requests are single character only and my usual rules still apply, so no characters/series I have blacklisted (in other words, ones which I hate, there's not that many), nor characters I've already drawn, nor special outfits for the characters (at least for official ones, it's flexible for OCs), only canon ones (since I only draw each chara once, I want to draw them as they are)

Le space for entries and winner showcase:
1. Villanous Vixen by LukeTheRipper
Saya from Namco X Capcom, guessed by :iconability-king-kk:

2. Bane of a Capital by LukeTheRipper
Blight from Okami, guessed by :iconmagnov824:

3. Giant Enemy Shrimp by LukeTheRipper
Jetpack from Wolfchild, guessed by :iconenmismanima:

4. Goodest Fiery Boy by LukeTheRipper
Arcanine from Pokemon Black 2, guessed by :iconshinragod:

5. Demon King of Faeries by LukeTheRipper
Irwin from Legend of Mana, guessed by :iconlionheartxiii:

6. The Many by LukeTheRipper
Legion from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, guessed by :icondrewboy89:

7. RESURRECTION! by LukeTheRipper
Gill from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, guessed by :iconazurelly:

8. The Other King in Yellow by LukeTheRipper
Yellow Devil from the MegaMan series, guessed by :icontiredlich:

9. Keelah Se'lai by LukeTheRipper
Tali'Zorah vas Normandy from Mass Effect 2, guessed by :iconhallowgazer:

10. Howling Wind by LukeTheRipper
Fenrir from Valkyrie Profile, guessed by :icondollwoman:

11. Dark Defender by LukeTheRipper
Ogrim (Dung Defender) from Hollow Knight, guessed by :iconneonlonliness:

12. Queen of the Night by LukeTheRipper
Morrigan Aensland from Vampire Savior/Darkstalkers 3, guessed by :icondeathstarcocktail:

13. Scarlet Hair by LukeTheRipper
Amarant Coral from Final Fantasy IX, guessed by :iconchronos-x:

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As the year draws to an end, I got a spark of inspiration, and decided to use it before the sinking feeling of how many late arts I have to finish sinks in |D
Long story short, I want to rev up my creativity and using Pokemon to do that... plus, I just wanna go back to a time when Pokemon games were fun. before it strayed away so far from what made it good that it ended up in the anime's ass...

So what is it exactly, a random self-imposed Mega Evolution challenge, as in, designing Mega forms for Pokemon.
I know this has been done to death by others but I want to give a shot at it too, and the kicker, you can choose a pokemon for me to megafy. Cause it's one thing doing Mega Evos for your favourite mons, it's another challenge to design some for mons you don't care about (or dislike), making this somewhat of a challenge.
Only rules are, one choice per person and fully evolved mons only (and that includes single-form and legendaries), please, and no duplicates once someone chooses a mon already. As a bonus, you can also choose a type to add to the Mega (or replace one of the 2 existing ones) if you want, but you can also leave that to my decision (cause I'll probably randomize some anyway). Other than that, any Pokemon is fair game, from Venusaur to Zeraora (or technically to that blob from Go which I don't care enough to even remember it's name)

Not even gonna set any limit on slots, usually I do 13, but this time, I'll keep it open until I feel it's enough. And if you have some Pokemon loving friends who'd like to give some choices of their own, feel free to share it with them, any entry is accepted.

Entries so far:
1. :iconluketheripper: - Arcanine
2. :iconjutalovelace: - Darkrai
3. :iconenmismanima: - Mew
4. :iconsourtassietiger: - Zangoose
5. :iconslayerthesilverfox: - Delphox
6. :iconnovaberry: - Persian
7. :iconraritylove: - Raichu
8. :iconvitaminzero: - Zoroark
9. :iconflamingcold: - Lanturn
10. :iconmagnov824: - Vanilluxe
11. :iconstepher17: - Ditto
12. :iconxmomochicchi: - Glaceon
13. :iconglitzerkirby: - Turtonator
14. :iconottonandpooky: - Mudsdale
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^Exactly what it says on the tin.

To keep it short and simple, I'm planning a special Halloween pic with chibi fursonas in cosplay. This will be a collab between me (lines) and :iconnovaberry: (colors). The cosplay is gonna be from a specific series, but not gonna reveal which one, that's a surprise.
So if you'd like a bit of a fun mystery and would like to have your fursona join the fun, simply comment under the journal, first come, first serve. And be sure to provide a ref picture, no descriptions please, I need a drawn fursona to work with.
All original slots are taken, but there can be up to 3 bonus slots if someone would still like to join in

Slots taken 18/18

People who got their fursonas in:
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So, let's try this again.
The case is very simple, I asked if anyone would be interested in a mystery challenge event where the prizes would be free requests from me?

The attention went elsewhere so trying this in a separate journal. Or at least that's what I thought, but it was also brought to my attention that it might have been because the info was too vague (and honestly, I thought a guessing game with free art would be enough info to get one's attention, but oh well).
So here's the full deal, I plan to do 13 arts, each a small tribute to one of my 13 most favourite games ever, and your task would be to guess the character, game and specific part. Though since some of these might be a bit obscure (or a lot obscure), some small hints will be provided). The first to guess all 3 wins, if nobody guesses all 3 after around 24 hours, then the first person to guess 2 (or 1) out of 3 will be the winner, simple as that.
Also, it's gonna be 1 prize per person, BUT if you already got a prize and know the answer to another one, you're free to help out your friends and hint them (they'll have to come and give the answer themselves tho)

I will do the artworks regardless, but thought I could make it more fun this way (and give people a chance to get some free art off me), so again, would anyone be interested in such challenge event?
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Basically what it says in the title, nyoroo~n :3c

As some of you already know, I had my birthday yesterday, I'm level 33 now XD (finally learned Shadow Ball)
Many of you have wished me happy birthday, and I'd like to thank you all for remembering ^^
On top of that, I also got a few awesome presents:
So be sure to check 'em out, and check their whole galleries while you're at it, cause they are awesome artists ^^

Moving on to the other part mentioned in the title. I'm planning something, a little event so to speak, but first I wanted to ask all you guys a question to see if there is any point to do it.
The question is, would anyone of you be interested in a challenge event, a guessing game to be exact, where the prize would be a free request?
To be more specific, there will be up to 13 requests for up to 13 people to claim (one per person, BUT if you get one, you can help someone else get one too by hinting them), but if I can't get that many people interested (and given my track record with some of the last free requests, that's a genuine concern), then there wont be any sense in doing it.
So again, would there be anyone interested?
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Whew, so finally, here it is, after over a year of mostly-daily (more or less well-timed) updates, the list is finally complete. Huge thanks to all who visited, even bigger thanks to those who took the time to write a few lines, I sincerely hope you liked the tracks I've been uploading.
Also, be sure to check my earlier project, OC Remix For Today

Track list:
375kg from Power Instinct: Metrimelee
A Filthy Finale from Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge
A Pirate I Was Meant To Be from The Curse of Monkey Island
A Stranger I Remain from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Ai wo Torimodose from Hokuto no Ken (PS2)
Aint No Rest For The Wicked from Borderlands
All Hail Shadow from Sonic The Hedgehog ('06)
All The World's a Stage from Project X Zone 2
Amethyst Caverns from Shatter
AO-Iconoclast from BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Apocalypse from Hitman: Blood Money
Apocalypsis Noctis from Final Fantasy XV
Asagi Metamorphosis from Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero?
Ashley's Song from Super Smash Bros. WiiU
Attouteki no GO!! from Mugen Souls
Azure Door from Azure Striker Gunvolt
Backside of The TV from Persona 4
Bad Intuition from Dynasty Warriors 8
Beast from Bioshock Infinite
Beyond The Blue from Azure Striker Gunvolt
Beyond The Bounds from Zone of The Enders: The 2nd Runner
Biggity Buck Bumble from Buck Bumble
Birthday Train from Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN
Black Tar from Xenoblade Chronicles X
Blade of Tears from Cross Edge
Blue Mary's Blues from Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
Boss Theme from Child of Light
Brave New World from Namco X Capcom
Buckle Your Pants from BattleBlock Theater
Calling from The Worls Ends With You
Carry On from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Catch Me if You Can from Sonic Riders
Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap from PaRappa The Rapper
Class::EXPAJA from Ar no Surge
Collective Consciousness from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Come With It from MadWorld
Come With Me Now from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Consumite Furore from Phantasmagoria
Cosmolagoon from Trinity Universe
Cradle Over from Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness
Dance Through The Danger from Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
Danger Danger from Killer is Dead
Dared To Dream from Double Dragon Neon
Devil Trigger from Devil May Cry 5
Devils Never Cry from Devil May Cry 3
Die House from Cuphead
Double-Deal from Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi
Douse Shinundakara from Gravity Rush
Dragonborn from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Dream of Butterfly from Persona
Dream Song from Splatterhouse
Dreams Dreams from Christmas NiGHTS Into Dreams
Drifting Into You from Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4
Duck! Duck! Duck! from Real Bout Fatal Fury
E-G-G-M-A-N from Sonic Adventure 2
Edge of Soul from Soul Edge/Blade
Electrical Communication from MegaMan 8
Elevated Structure of Terror from Skullmonkeys
Em-Pyei-N Vari-Fen Jang; from Ar no Surge
Ending Credits from Godhand
Escape From The City from Sonic Adventure 2
Eternity from Blue Dragon
Everybody Have Fun Tonight from Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus
Everything's Alright from To The Moon
Evil Queen from Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
Exceeding Love from Suikoden III
EXEC_COSMOFLIPS/. from Ar Tonelico: Qoga
Face The Devastation from Transformers: Devastation
Fade Away from inFamous 2
Fading World from Sonic Forces
Far Away from Red Dead Redemption
Fast Lane from Anarchy Reigns
Feel My Power from Violent Storm
Fiend from Final Fantasy XIV
Fight The Knight from Sonic and The Black Knight
Finale from Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale
Fire! Fire! from Um Jammer Lammy
Follow Me from The King of Fighters XIV
Follow The Trail of Blood from DMC: Devil May Cry
Four Battle Theme from Drakengard 3
Friend from Phantom Brave
Friends (Forever) from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Fright Flight from Um Jammer Lammy
From The East from Gran Turismo 2
Fuel The Melody from Splatoon
Game Over from The World Ends With You
Get Jinxed from League of Legends
Give Me All Your Love from The World Ends With You
God In Fire from Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy
GONG from Super Robot Wars Alpha 3
Good King Moggle Mog XII from Final Fantasy XIV
Green Light Ride from Team Sonic Racing
Hair Scare from PaRappa The Rapper 2
Harmonia Vita from Sigma Harmonics
Haunted from Alan Wake
Heart-Shaped Box from inFamous: Second Son
Heavens Divide from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Heavy Day from Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN
Hekira no Sora he Izanaedo from BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
Hell Frozen Rain from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
HELL YEAH! from Hell Yeah!: Wrath of The Dead Rabbit
Here We Go from Anarchy Reigns
Hidra Heteromycin from Ar no Surge
Highway Disciplimne from Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4
Hikari from Kingdom Hearts
Hikari no Metamorphosis from Stella Glow
His World (Crush 40 version) from Sonic The Hedgehog ('06)
His World (Zebrahead version) from Sonic The Hedgehog ('06)
Hisenkei Geniac from Steins;Gate
Hole in The Sky from Silent Hill: Origins
Hollow Ground from Splatterhouse
Honest Eyes from Street Fighter X Tekken
Honor For All from Dishonored
Howl of The Departed from Lost Odyssey
I'm My Own Master Now from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
I'm Shouryucan't from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
I Am... All of Me from Shadow The Hedgehog
I Can't Stop Laughing from Batman: Arkham Knight
I Was Born For This from Journey
I Was Lost Without You from Mass Effect 3
I-D-E-A from MegaMan X6
If You Still Believe from Legend of Dragoon
Immortal from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
Indestructible from Street Fighter IV
Instinct Army from War of The Human Tanks
Instructor Mooselini's Rap from PaRappa The Rapper
Intro Song from Fightin' Spirit
Intro Song from Ultraverse Prime
Invidia from Final Fantasy XV
It Has To Be This Way from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Journey's End from The Last Remnant
Joyride from Grand Theft Auto
Judgement from Yakuza 0
Jump Up, Super Star! from Super Mario Odyssey
Just Like Sleep from Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
Kami, Nozomu Sekai to Hakoniwa Gensou from Guided Fate Paradox
Kill Real from Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance
Knock You Out from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition
Kusuburu Heart Ni Hi o Tsukero from DragonBall Z: Budokai 2
Lazy Mind from MegaMan X7
Let It Die (Erika Ito) from Let It Die
Lets Dance At The Final Battle from Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
Let's Go! Onmyoji! from Power Instinct: Metrimelee
Live & Learn from Sonic Adventure 2
Longing from Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
Lord Laharl's Hymn from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Love Combination from Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
Lxa Ti-Cia from Ar no Surge
M4 Part II from Mass Effect
Main Theme from Feel The Magic XY/XX
Majima Construction Anthem from Yakuza Kiwami 2
Majo Magie Macht from The Witch and The Hundred Knight
Make It Bun Dem from FarCry 3
Maritsu Evil Academy from Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
Mass Destruction from Persona 3
Massive Explosion from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
Melodies of Life from Final Fantasy IX
Metal from Final Fantasy XIV
Metal Header from Gitaroo Man
METHOD_REPLEKIA/: from Ar Tonelico 2
Miracle Maker from Digimon World 3
Moonlight from MegaMan X6
Must Die from BlazBlue: Central Fiction
My Pride from Anarchy Reigns
My Town, My City from Anarchy Reigns
Namenloses Licht from Mana-Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy
Nee from Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis
Neon Junlge from Double Dragon Neon
Never Lose My Way from King of Fighters: KYO
Night Trap from Night Trap
Notorious D.I.G from Crypt of The Necrodancer AMPLIFIED
Nuclear from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Oblivion from Final Fantasy XIV
Omae no Tettsui ni Kugi wo Ute from BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Omnis Lacrima from Final Fantasy XV
One Battle Theme from Drakengard 3
One More Soul To The Call from Silent Hill: Homecoming
One-Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII
Open Your Heart from Sonic Adventure
Opening Song from Lunar: The Silver Star
Ordinary World from Evil Within 2
Otherworld from Final Fantasy X
Philistine from No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
Pilot-X from Freaky Flyers
Piosenka o Panu Lusterko from Wiedźmin 3: Dziki Gon
Play Hard from Killer Instinct 2
Polemos from Killer Instinct
Pleather For Breakfast from No More Heroes
Presidential Funky Monkey from Skullmonkeys
Psychedelic Boogie Child from Skullmonkeys
Queen of The Passion from Yakuza 0
Psy Pawłowa from Superhot
Radical Dreamers from Chrono Cross
Rage from Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh
Re: Your Brains from Left 4 Dead 2
Reach Out To The Truth from Persona 4
Real Emotion from Final Fantasy X-2
Red from The Black Heart
Redemption from Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
Reign from Yakuza 0
Reset from Okami
Ride The Fire from Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN
Rise from Final Fantasy XIV
Room of Angel from Silent Hill 4: The Room
Rules Of Nature from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Run For Your Life from Mana Khemia: Alchemists of AL-Revis
Secret Area from BattleBlock Theater
Secret Opening from Crash Bandicoot
Shall Never Surrender from Devil May Cry 4
Shot Down in Flames from Silent Hill: Origins
Sign from Berserk: Millennium Falcon Arc ~ Chapter of the Holy Demon War
Silent Hill no Uta from Silent Hill 3
Silent Melody from inFamous
Simma Hem from Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
Sinful Rose from Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
Sky Should Be High from Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR
Snake Eater from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Sloprano from Conker's Bad Fur Day
Somnus from Final Fantasy XV
So It Was All Your Work! from Silent Hill 2 (this one was an April Fools joke)
Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu from Panzer Dragoon Saga
Song of Mana from Legend of Mana
Song of The Ancients ~ Fate from Nier
Song of The Sword-Dancer from Wiedźmin 3: Dziki Gon
Sonic Boom from Sonic CD
Sonic Speed Riders from Sonic Riders
Soukyuu no Hikari from BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND
Soul To Soul from Dynasty Warriors 8
Soviet March from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
Spanish Bar from Beyond Good and Evil
Spread My Wings from Shadow Hearts: From The New World
Stand Around from Fairy Fencer F
Steel For Humans from Wiedźmin 3: Dziki Gon
Stepping Wind from Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil
Stigmata from Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis
Still Alive from Mirror's Edge
Still Alive from Portal
Supersonic from S4 League
Super Sonic Racing from Sonic R
Tachi Bou Ke from The King of Fighters XIV
Taste of Victory from Dynasty Warriors 8
Team Chaotix from Sonic Heroes
Tender Sugar from Silent Hill 4: The Room
The Answer from MegaMan X6
The Drunken Whaler from Dishonored
The Final Count Down from Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4
The Hot Wind is Blowing from Metal Gear Rising: Reveangeance
The Invasion From Within from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
The Lil' Bonus Room from Skullmonkeys
The Messenger from Dissidia Final Fantasy
The Neverhood Theme from Neverhood
The One Star from The World Ends With You
The Pantheon (Aint Gonna Catch You) from Bastion
The Piltover Enforcer from League of Legends
The Plate Ees Hot! from Skullmonkeys
The Poet and The Muse from Alan Wake
The Race Is On from Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5
The Serpent That Devours The Horizon from Bravely Default
The Time Has Come from Devil May Cry 4
The Travellers from White Knight Chronicles
The Ubertank of Doom from Freaky Flyers
The Unsung War from Ace Combat 5
The Vagrant of Love from Bravely Default
Theme of Deadpool from Marvel vs. Capcom 3
There's a Zombie on Your Lawn from Plants vs. Zombies
This Machine from Sonic Heroes
Three Minutes Clapping from The World Ends With You
Through The Fire from Sonic and The Black Knight
Tiamat Magna (Omega) from Granblue Fantasy
Tiger's Lair from Killer Instinct
Title Theme from Cho Aniki: Legend of The Holy Protein
Toda Pasiòn from Gitaroo Man
Torpedo Run from Freaky Flyers
Track 8 from Tropico 3
Trouble Man from DarkStalkers
True Blue from BlazBlue: Central Fiction
Tsuki no Shihai from Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from Dead Space
Two Battle Theme from Drakengard 3
Uena from Teslagrad
Un-Gravitify from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Under The Weight from Final Fantasy XIV
Utage from Sengoku Basara 3: Utage
Utau Oka ~ Harmonics Eolia from Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia
Village of Whispers from Killer Instinct
Wanna Be Crazy from Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR
Want You Gone from Portal 2
War from Cannon Fodder
Warlord from Killer Instinct
Warrior from Shadow Warrior 2
Way To Fall from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
We Have Come from Final Fantasy Type-0
Weight of The World from NieR: Automata
What I'm Made Of from Sonic Heroes
When You're Gone from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
White Night Imagination from Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana
White Tiger from Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
Who Do You Voodoo, Bitch from Dead Island
Wing Wanderer from Project X Zone
Wings of The Legend from Super Robot Wars Original Generations 2
World of Max from Sam & Max: Season One
Worm Graveyard from Skullmonkeys
Ynt Death Garden from Skullmonkeys
You Are Dead from Total Distortion
You're... Immortal? from Wiedźmin 3: Serce z Kamienia
You're My Hope from Bravely Default
You're Not Here from Silent Hill 3
Your Affection from Persona 4
Your Rain from Silent Hill 4: The Room
Your Voice from Xenoblade Chronicles X
Zero no Chouritsu from Fatal Frame IV: Mask of The Lunar Eclipse

PS. Also, as opposed to the OC remix project where I had a complete list before I started (though slightly altered when new and awesome remixes appeared on the site), here the list is pretty flexible. In other words, if you know some awesome video game vocal songs (cause I obviously don't know each song in existence), feel free to show me and it might get a spot, but do it IN A NOTE, please do NOT post your suggestions under the journal.

EDIT: You probably thought this was just gonna be a list showcasing some awesome video game vocal tracks but it was me, Dio! but just like the OC Remix one, this one too has a secret raffle >D
Simply put, each time the list hits a milestone, a lucky commenter will get a free request art (single character, and my personal rules still apply).
100th song milestone - :iconnya-nannu:
200th song milestone - :iconreinhold-hoffmann:
300th song milestone - :iconkai45:
313th song milestone - :icondrewboy89:
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Gonna use this journal as a progress showcase for my 113 project.
For those who don't remember, I intend to draw fanart for 113 RPGs and 113 fighting games, without no deadline or set rules, just gonna gradually fill this in whenever I draw a pic that goes here.

1. Skies of Arcadia
Grendel Awakens by LukeTheRipper

2. Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call
This Will Make You a Demon by LukeTheRipper

3. Final Fantasy VI

4. Mass Effect

Fighting Games:
1. Street Fighter II
Mexican Typhoon by LukeTheRipper

2. Street Fighter Alpha

3. Darkstalkers 3/Vampire Savior
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Tagged by :iconjutawi:
Well, haven't done one of these in a while, so why not |D

-Use a Random Number Generator to select your answers.
-Tag your rivals.
-Have fun during your adventure!

You started your Pokémon journey:
1) At age 10.
2) At age 15.
3) After finishing high school.
4) After finishing college.
5) As far back as you can remember; You grew up in the wilds with Pokémon.
6) No idea; You suffered an accident that erased your previous memory.

The "coming of age" in the Pokemon world XD

The weather was:
1) Sunny.
2) Sunny with some clouds.
3) Cloudy.
4) Rainy.
5) Snowy.
6) A natural disaster.

Just the way I love it, the perfect setting to start your pokemon reign of terror... erm, I mean "adventure".
But wait, we have different weather here? That means I'm in Unova, YES! >D

You started your journey because:
1) You want to be the very best.
2) You want to catch ‘em all.
3) You want to be a master coordinator.
4) You want to meet many people.
5) You want to discover new Pokémon.
6) You want to explore lost places.

Yes, I will travel to the Porando region to find some new Porandoan forms like the Geodude that's a piece of coal, an Exeggcute that is six onions, and most importantly, a Voltorb that yells "Kurwa!" XD
(kudos to you if you got any of these XD)

Your starter Pokémon is:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokemon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokemon Generator)

Golbat by pokemon3dsprites
I'm actually happy about this, and I don't even need to level him up from a Zubat, sweet ^^

In the beginning, your starter:
1) Was practically your twin.
2) Became your friend immediately.
3) Liked you.
4) Was wary of you.
5) Disliked you greatly.
6) Tried to kill you.

"No Golbat, stop. Stop gnawing on my arm... you're not a baby Zubat annoying people in caves anymore, you're a big boy now so stop being a brat... now don't you do that friggin' Mean Look on me buddy..."

The first great obstacle of your journey was:
1) A rival battle.
2) A treacherous route.
3) A wild Pokémon attack.
4) A Pokémon gym.
5) A battle with a criminal team member.
6) A sapling.

Would be far asier to traverse this wretched route if I had someone who could fly and guide the way... and wasn't acting all bratty and did what he was told. Damn, Golbat, why do you have to be such a douche >A<

At this obstacle, the two of you:
1) Triumphed with little resistance.
2) Achieved victory, though it was tough.
3) Won, but just barely.
4) Tied with the opposition.
5) Lost, though you put up a good fight.
6) Failed miserably.

Ran out of Potions just as we lest the confounded route, luckily didn't need any Antidotes, since my Golbez is a Poison type, we bonded a lot too (and my arm started healing, I hope those bite marks go away). Well played Route 1.

The second Pokémon you cought is:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokemon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokemon Generator)

Carracosta by pokemon3dsprites
Now that's quite a development <:3
Now I know it's definitely Unova, and this one is all evolved as well >3

Your starter and second Pokémon:
1) Love each other dearly.
2) Are good friends.
3) Get along well enough.
4) Don’t seem to like each other.
5) Ignore each other.
6) Are constantly at each other’s throats.

Golbez got jealous cause Garland is a badass and strong turtle while he's just a not-so-strong bratty bat. Listening to my orders to get some exp (and evolving through friendship) doens't sound so bad now, now does it Golby?

When the sun begins to set, you:
1) Set up camp immediately.
2) Make a fire. You need nothing else.
4) Keep walking. A lack of sun makes no difference to you.
5) Break into a run, hoping to find shelter before nightfall.
6) Pick up camp. You only travel at night.

Got no Potions since the Route 1 incident... and my arm has kinda started swelling... Golbez looks kinda sorry and worried now...

You pass through civilization:
1) Often enough to keep your electronics charged.
2) At least once a week.
3) If it happens to be on your way.
4) Occasionally, but only for supplies.
5) Rarely, and only on the outskirts.
6) Never.

Not really a people person... and they fear me because I beat them up... and they say stupid things about my Golbez... before I let him gnaw on their heads >D

Your third Pokémon is:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokemon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokemon Generator)

Ninetales by pokemon3dsprites
Yes, just YES! XD
Oh don't be jealous Golbez, you're still my starter buddy <:3

The three Pokémon on your team:
1) Work together flawlessly.
2) Cooperate well, but could use some work.
3) Have moments of synergy, though not often.
4) Try their best, yet are on completely different beats.
5) Constantly work against each other.
6) Blame you for their horrible collaboration.

Golbez is still salty over Garland, and Kuja is such a diva, Garland on the other hand started acting like a jerk, taking advantage of Kuja's weakness to both his types and Golbez's weakness to Rock... this wont end well.

When the going gets tough:
1) Your team pulls through every time.
2) Your starter carries the weight.
3) You come up with a brilliant solution.
4) You win by hax.
5) You win by dumb luck.
6) You get going the opposite direction.

It's a big region |3
And I already have my hands full with my bickering partners |D

Two evolutions have occurred by this point:
1) Starter and 2 evolve.
2) 2 and 3 evolve.
3) 3 and starter evolve.
4) Starter evolves twice
5) 2 evolves twice.
6) 3 evolves twice.

Crobat by pokemon3dsprites
Well, only Golbez could evolve anyway |D he sure seems happy about it tho XD
And Kuja went from "diva" to "loving maid type" (cause he's too cute to be a butler >D) if that counts, he really warmed up to me (no pun intended) when I scold Garland for bullying him. He even covers me up with his tails at night to keep me warm ^^

Over time, you find you work best with and mostly train:
1) Grass, Bug, and Poison types.
2) Water, Ice, and Flying types.
3) Fire, Electric, and Fighting types.
4) Ground, Rock, and Steel types.
5) Dark, Ghost, and Psychic types.
6) Normal, Dragon, and Fairy types.

Well, Kuja is Fire...

Your fourth Pokémon (type #1) is:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokemon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokemon Generator)

Litleo by pokemon3dsprites
Ooooooh, now I get it, so now I'm supposed to randomize until I get that specific type, right?
Well, lil' Ultimecia here sure took a liking to her Fire big bro Kuja, she's totally all "notice me senpai" about him XD

Your fifth Pokémon (type #2) is:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokemon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokemon Generator)

Electabuzz by pokemon3dsprites
Now this is really awesome >3
By the way, big bully Garland is terrified of ExDeath here, cause he knows he's gonna get zapped if he acts like a douche again XD

Your sixth Pokémon (type #3) is:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokemon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokemon Generator)

Hawlucha by pokemon3dsprites
And now he's terrified of Kefka here as well, and he should be. Ever since I started getting pokemon way stronger than him, and Golbez and Kuja outlevelled him, he's been a real asshole... and he's bullying poor Ultimecia, which is a real dick move >w<

You are offered a trade, and it’s up to you to take it or leave it:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokemon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokemon Generator)

Ferrothorn by pokemon3dsprites
You know what that means Garland? Hope you learn your lesson and be a nicer mon for your next trainer...
Welcome to the team Zeromus :3

Another evolution occurs:
1) Starter evolves.
2) 2 evolves.
3) 3 evolves.
4) 4 evolves.
5) 5 evolves.
6) 6 evolves.

Pyroar (female) by pokemon3dsprites
Ultimecia really wanted to impress Kuja-senpai XD
I think she's succeeding in wooing him >3

Your team:
1) Is your family.
2) Gets jealous whenever you interact with other trainers.
3) Would protect you from anything.
4) Is loyal to you, but mostly aloof.
5) At least tolerates each of their differences by this point.
6) Is pretty much a big, chaotic mess

We've been though a lot together, they still have some differences, but mostly get along ^^

You travel mostly by:
1) Well-worn footpath.
2) Overgrown trail.
3) Water.
4) Air.
5) Cave.
6) Wilderness.

It's easier to get by all the trees when you have two Fire types to burn the way for you >3

Another evolution occurs:
1) Starter evolves.
2) 2 evolves.
3) 3 evolves.
4) 4 evolves.
5) 5 evolves.
6) 6 evolves.

Electivire by pokemon3dsprites

Your journey takes you:
1) Not far from home.
2) Across the region.
3) To another region.
4) Across many regions.
5) Around the world.
6) To places unknown.

Because I have a waifu Gym Leader in each >3

The strongest Pokémon you faced in battle on your journey was:
1) SHINY BONUS (use Random Pokemon Generator)
2-6) (use Random Pokemon Generator)

Caterpie by pokemon3dsprites
...well... it was at the very start >w>" ...and Golbez wasn't listening to me <w<" ...and it was shooting strings at me and all >w<'

Another evolution occurs:
1) Starter evolves.
2) 2 evolves.
3) 3 evolves.
4) 4 evolves.
5) 5 evolves.
6) 6 evolves.

Pyroar (female) by pokemon3dsprites
Well, she can't really evolve any more |D

The event with the greatest impact on you was:
1) Becoming a Pokémon Champion.
2) The grand evolution of a team member in a dire moment.
3) Finding a hidden landmark of great beauty.
4) Encountering a legendary Pokémon.
5) Having an out-of-body experience in a haunted building.
6) Discovering you’re a child of Mew.

There was that gaudy deer thingie going "OMG, I iz da dragon kellur, hurrdurr, bow b'fur meh 'n' stuff" and then Golbez kicked it's ass with his poison powers >D

The hardest trial you ever faced was:
1) Fighting your rival to become Champion.
2) Realizing just how much you have to walk and still sticking out this whole journey thing.
3) Being lost for weeks.
4) Assisting in taking down a criminal organization.
5) Losing a Pokémon.
6) Realizing there are way too many Pokémon to ever catch ‘em all.

Letting go of Garland was hard, but I'm afraid it just wouldn't work out :<

Your starter:
1) Is your strongest Pokémon and best friend.
2) Is your good friend, but far from the strongest.
3) Is your strongest Pokémon, but emotionally distant.
4) Is about the same as the rest of your team.
5) Stayed behind some point during your journey.
6) Is deceased.

Nah, he just acts all tough and cool, but we're best buddies ^^
After all, he's a Crobat, it takes max friendship to evolve into one of these XD

And you are now:
1) Gambling all the money you’ve earned in the Celadon Game Corner.
2) Hidden away at the top of Mt. Silver for an indefinite amount of time.
3) Exploring the many islands littered in the oceans surrounding Hoenn.
4) Lost in the Distortion World after a mishap in the ruins at Mt. Coronet.
5) Trolling inexperienced trainers in the Driftveil World Tournament.
6) Reflecting on past decisions beside the monument of Geosenge Town.

Oh yes, come to me trainers, let me feast on your tears >D

The team that saw you to your journey’s end:
Crobat by pokemon3dsprites Golbez
Ninetales by pokemon3dsprites Kuja
Pyroar (female) by pokemon3dsprites Ultimecia
Electivire by pokemon3dsprites ExDeath
Hawlucha by pokemon3dsprites Kefka
Ferrothorn by pokemon3dsprites Zeromus
It kinda started with Golbat... you know Gol-bat ~ Gol-bez... and it kinda stuck XD

The rivals who shared your journey (tag time):
And anyone who wishes to do it >3
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Well, it's a little late. But here's my "little" playlist to celebrate Sonic's 25th birthday.
For all who didn't know, the first ever Sonic game was released on June 23rd (which yes, was yesterday...), and has been with us ever since. The Blue hedgehog has had a bumpy ride, he had some excellent games, some just good ones, some bad ones, and some downright awful, but the one thing consistent, it always had great music, even the worst Sonic games to ever appear, had some really great tracks, so feel free to check out those I've selected from the vast Sonic library, hope you enjoy these ^^

And just for the record, I do plan to make an anniversary pic for Sonic as well, planned to finish it for June 23rd as well, but certain stuff piled up. It is in the making though, and with luck, I'll have it uploaded before the end of the month, so stay tuned ^^

2 Player - Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Adder's Lair - Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Aerobase Zone - Sonic Pocket Adventure
All Hail Shadow - Sonic The Hedgehog ('06)
Asteroid Coaster - Act 1 - Sonic Colors
Asteroid Coaster - Act 1 - Sonic Colors (DS)
Asteroid Coaster - Act 2 - Sonic Colors
Asteroid Coaster - Act 3 - Sonic Colors
Asteroid Coaster - Map - Sonic Colors (DS)
Babylon Garden - Sonic Riders
Battle Highway - Sonic Battle
Battle Menu - Sonic & The Black Knight
Battle of Bloom - Sonic Shuffle
Battle Theme 3 - Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Battle Theme 4 - Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Battle With Zavok - Sonic Lost World
Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy - Sonic Adventure
Before The Boss - Sonic Labyrinth
Big Arm ~ Generations Mix - Sonic Generations (3DS)
Big Swell - Sonic Rush Adventure
Bingo Highway - Sonic Heroes
Bingo Highway ~ Remix - Sonic Heroes
Black Bull - Shadow The Hedgehog
Blizzard Peaks - Act 1 & 2 - Sonic Rush Adventure
Blue Coast Zone - Act 2 - Sonic Rivals 2
Blue on The Run - Sonic and The Secret Rings
Boss - Act 1 - Sonic & Knuckles
Boss - Act 2 - Sonic The Hedgehog 3
Boss 7 - Pinch - Sonic Advance 3
Boss Battle - Sonic: Triple Trouble
Boss Battle 1 - Sonic 3D Blast
Boss Battle 2 - Sonic 3D Blast
Boss Room - Sonic Spinball
Boss Rushes - Sonic Lost World
Boss Rushes ~ Guitar Version - Sonic Lost World
Boss Theme - Sonic Pocket Adventure
Boss Theme - Sonic Rivals
Boss Theme - Sonic Rivals 2
Boss Theme - Sonic The Hedgehog
Bullet Station - Sonic Heroes
Camelot Castle Route - Sonic & The Black Knight
Captain Jelly & Admiral Jelly - Sonic Colors (DS)
Carrier Zone - Sonie & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Casino Area Battle - Sonic Heroes
Catch Me if You Can - Sonic Riders
Catch Me if You Can ~ Zero Gravity Mix - Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Central City - Shadow The Hedgehog
Chaos 6 - Sonic Adventure
Chaos Angel - Act 1 - Sonic Advance 3
Chaos Angel - Act 3 - Sonic Advance 3
Chaotic Inferno Zone - Act 1 - Sonic Rivals 2
Chaotic Inferno Zone - Act 2 - Sonic Rivals 2
Chaotic Inferno Zone - Act 3 - Sonic Rivals 2
Chemical Plant Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Chemical Plant Zone - Act 1 (Classic) - Sonic Generations
Chemical Plant Zone - Act 2 (Modern) - Sonic Generations
Circus Caravan - Sonic Lost World
City Escape - Act 1 (Classic) - Sonic Generations
City Escape - Act 2 (Modern) - Sonic Generations
City Escape ~ Mad Convoy Race - Sonic Generations
Collision Chaos ~ Present - Sonic CD (JP/EU)
Colosseum Highway - Act 1 - Sonic Rivals
Colosseum Highway - Act 2 - Sonic Rivals
Cooperation - Sonic Adventure 2
Cosmic Angel Zone - Sonic Advance
Cosmic Fall - Shadow The Hedgehog
Crisis City - Sonic The Hedgehog ('06)
Crisis City - Act 1 (Classic) - Sonic Generations
Crisis City - Act 2 (Modern) - Sonic Generations
Crush 'Em All - Sonic Adventure 2
Cyber Track - Act 1 - Sonic Advance 3
Danger! - Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Dark Castle - Tails' Skypatrol
Dark Gaia ~ Phase 2 - Sonic Unleashed
Death Egg mk.II - Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2
Death Egg Robot v.1 - Sonic Generations
Death Egg Robot v.2 - Sonic Generations
Death Egg Robot v.3 - Sonic Generations
Death Ruins - Shadow The Hedgehog
Death Yard Zone - Act 1 - Sonic Rivals
Death Yard Zone - Act 2 - Sonic Rivals
Deep Core - Sonic Rush Adventure
Deep Core ~ Allegro - Sonic Rush Adventure
Deep Inside Of... - Sonic Adventure 2
Desert Dodge - SEGASonic The Hedgehog
Desert Road - Sonic Drift 2
Desert Ruins Zone - Act 1 - Sonic Lost World
Digital Circuit - Shadow The Hedgehog
Digital Circuit ~ Original Version - Shadow The Hedgehog
Digital Dimension - Sonic Riders
Doomsday Zone - Sonic & Knuckles
Down in The Base - Sonic Adventure 2
Dr. Eggman Showdown - Sonic Lost World
Dragon's Lair - Sonic & The Black Knight
E-101R - Sonic Adventure
E.G.G.M.A.N. - Sonic Adventure 2
E.G.G.M.A.N. ~ Instrumental - Sonic Adventure 2
Egg Albatross - Sonic Heroes
Egg Cerberus & Egg Genesis - Sonic The Hedgehog ('06)
Egg Factory - Sonic Riders
Egg Fleet - Sonic Heroes
Egg Hawk - Sonic Heroes
Eggman Again! - Sonic Riders
Eggman Boss - Sonic Unleashed
Emerald Challenge - Sonic Heroes
Emerald Hill Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Escape From The City - Sonic Adventure 2
Escape From The City ~ Instrumental - Sonic Adventure 2
Everything - Sonic The Fighters
Extra Ending - Sonic Advance 2
Fight The Knight - Sonic & The Black Knight
Final Act - Sonic Chaos
Final Boss - Sonic Advance 2
Final Boss - Sonic Advance 3
Final Boss - Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Final Boss - Sonic The Hedgehog 3
Final Boss - Tails Adventure
Final Fever - Sonic CD (JP/EU)
Final Fortress - Sonic Heroes
Fire Stone - Sonic The Fighters
Flame Core ~ Volcano - Sonic The Hedgehog ('06)
Flying Battery Zone - Act 2 - Sonic & Knuckles
Frontier Canyon Zone - Act 1 - Sonic Rivals 2
Frontier Canyon Zone - Act 2 - Sonic Rivals 2
Frontier Canyon Zone - Act 3 - Sonic Rivals 2
G.U.N. Mobile - Sonic Adventure 2
Gadget Round - Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Gene Gadget Zone - Act 1 - Sonic 3D Blast
Gene Gadget Zone - Act 1 - Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)
Gene Gadget Zone - Act 2 - Sonic 3D Blast
Gene gadget Zone - Act 2 - Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)
Get Into The Wave - Sonic The Fighters
Go Quickly! - Sonic Runners
Graveyard Gig - Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Green Hill Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog
Green Hill Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog (Master System & Game Gear)
Green Hill Zone - Act 1 (Classic) - Sonic Generations
Green Hill Zone - Act 2 (Modern) - Sonic Generations
Heavy Dog - Shadow The Hedgehog
Here We Go - Sonic The Fighters
High and Broken - Sonic and The Secret Rings
Highway in The Sky - Sonic Adventure 2
His World (Crush 40 version) - Sonic The hedgehog ('06)
His World (Zebrahead version) - Sonic The Hedgehog ('06)
Hurry Up Dr. Robotnik - Sonic The Fighters
I Am... All of Me - Shadow The Hedgehog
Ice Cap - Sonic Drift 2
Ice Cap Zone - Act 1 - Sonic The Hedgehog 3
Icy Isle & Wild Water Ways - SEGASonic The Hedgehog
Ifrit - Sonic Rivals 2
Invincibility Theme - Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Master System/Game Gear)
It Doesn't Matter - Sonic Adventure 2
Ix Final Boss Battle - Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Ix Mini-Boss - Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Jungle Zone - Lv.0 - Sonic Jump
Jungle Zone - Lv.2 - Sonic Jump
Keys The Ruin - Sonic Adventure 2
Knight of The Wind - Sonic & The Black Knight
Knuckles Boss Fight - Sonic Pocket Adventure
Last Utopia Zone - Sonic Pocket Adventure
Lava Mountain - Sonic Lost World
Lava Powerhouse - Sonic Spinball
Lava Reef Zone - Act 1 - Sonic & Knuckles
Live and Learn - Sonic Adventure 2
Lost Labyrith - Act 2 - Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1
Lyric's Weapon Facility ~ Save Tails - Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
Mad Gear Zone - Act 1 - Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1
Mad Gear Zone - Act 2 - Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1
Mad Gear Zone - Act 3 - Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1
Mad Matrix - Shadow The Hedgehog
Magma Rift - Sonic Free Riders
Masters of The Desert - Sonic Adventure 2
Mechanical Dance - Knuckles' Chaotix
Mechanical Zone - Sonic Jump Fever
Mephiles Boss - Sonic The Hedgehog ('06)
Mephiles Phase 2 - Sonic The Hedgehog ('06)
Metal City - Sonic Riders
Metal Knuckles - part 2 - Sonic Advance
Metal Scratchin' - Sonic Rush
Metal Sonic Battle - Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
Metallic Madness ~ Bad Future - Sonic CD (JP/EU)
Metallic Madness ~ Past - Sonic CD (JP/EU)
Metallic Madness ~ Present - Sonic CD (JP/EU)
Meteor Base Zone - Act 1 - Sonic Rivals
Meteor Base Zone - Act 2 - Sonic Rivals
Metropolis Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Mini-Boss - Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Mini-Boss - Sonic Unleashed
Minigame 1 - Sonic Pinball Party
Molten Mine Burning Road - Sonic & The Black Knight
Mr. Unsmiley - Sonic Adventure 2
My World - Sonic Heroes
Mystic Haunt Zone - Act 1 - Sonic Rivals 2
Mystic Haunt Zone - Act 2 - Sonic Rivals 2
Mystic Haunt Zone - Act 3 - Sonic Rivals 2
Neon Palace Zone - Act 1 - Sonic Rivals 2
Neon Palace Zone - Act 2 - Sonic Rivals 2
Neon Palace Zone - Act 3 - Sonic Rivals 2
Never Let It Go - Sonic The Fighters
Nightmaren - Sonic Pinball Party
No Way Through - Sonic and The Secret Rings
North Wind - Sonic The Fighters
Ocean Purification Plant ~ Guardian - Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
Oil Desert - Act 2 - Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2
On The Edge - Sonic Adventure 2
Open Your Heart - Sonic Adventure
Open Your Heart - Sonic Pinball Party
Open Your Heart ~ Generations Mix - Sonic Generations
Open Your Heart ~ Instrumental 2 - Sonic Runners
Opening & Title Sequence - Sonic Advance 3
Orcan & Skullian - Sonic Colors
Orcan & Skullian - Sonic Colors (DS)
Palmtree Panic ~ Bad Future - Sonic CD (JP/EU)
Panic Puppet Zone - Act 1 - Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)
Panic Puppet Zone - Act 2 - Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)
Phi Battle - Sonic Battle
Poison Spear - Sonic and The Secret Rings
Poloy Forest - Tails Adventure
Purple Pants - Sonic and The Secret Rings
Puzzle Game - Sonic Eraser
Quartz Quadrant ~ Bad Future - Sonic CD (JP/EU)
Quartz Quadrant ~ Present - Sonic CD (US)
radical Highway - Act 1 (Classic) - Sonic Generations (3DS)
Radical Train ~ Abandoned Mine - Sonic The Hedgehog ('06)
Radical Train ~ The Chase - Sonic The Hedgehog ('06)
Rail Canyon - Sonic Heroes
Rail Canyon - Tails' Skypatrol
Robot Carnival - Sonic Heroes
Robot Facility 2 - Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal
Rooftop Run ~ Day - Sonic Unleashed
Rooftop Run - Act 1 (Classic) - Sonic Generations
Rooftop Run - Act 2 (Modern) - Sonic Generations
Rotatatron & Refreshinator ~ Allegro - Sonic Colors (DS)
Run Through The Speed Highway - Sonic Adventure
Sand Ruins - Sonic Riders
Scramble For The Core - Sonic Adventure 2
Scrambled Egg Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Master System/Game Gear)
Scrap Brain Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog
Scrap Brain Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog (Master System/Game Gear)
Seasonal Shrines - Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Shadow The Hedgehog Boss Battle - Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
Shrouded Forest - Sonic & The Black Knight
Shut Up Faker! - Sonic Adventure 2
Silver Castle Zone - Sonic Blast
Silver Screen - Knuckles' Chaotix
Silver The Hedgehog Battle - Sonic Generations
Sky Base Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog (Master System/Game Gear)
Sky Babylon - Act 1 & 2 - Sonic Rush Adventure
Sky Fortress - Act 2 - Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2
Sky Troops - Shadow The Hedgehog
Soearin' Over Space - Sonic Adventure 2
Sonic Boom ~ Opening - Sonic CD (US)
Sonic Heroes - Sonic Heroes
Sonic Speed Riders - Sonic Riders
Speed Highway - Act 1 (Classic) - Sonic Generations
Speed Highway - Act 2 (Modern) - Sonic Generations
Speed of Sound - Knuckles' Chaotix
Spiral Madness - Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Spring Yard Zone - Sonic Drift
Stardust Speedway ~ Bad Future - Sonic CD (JP/EU)
Stardust Speedway ~ Bad Future - SOnic CD (US)
Stardust Speedway ~ Bad Future (JP/EU) ~ Generations Mix - Sonic Generations
Stardust Speedway ~ Bad Future (US) ~ Generations Mix - Sonic Generations
Stardust Speedway ~ Present - Sonic CD (JP/EU)
Starlight Carnival - Map - Sonic Colors (DS)
Suitable Opponent - Sonic Adventure 2
Sunset Forest Zone - Act 1 - Sonic Rivals 2
Sunset Forest Zone - Act 2 - Sonic Rivals 2
Sunset Forest Zone - Act 3 - Sonic Rivals 2
Sunset Park Zone - Sonic: Triple Trouble
Sunset Park Zone Train - Sonic: Triple Trouble
Super Sonic Racing - Sonic Pinball Party
Super Sonic Racing - Sonic R
Super Sonic Racing ~ Generations Mix - Sonic Generations
Super Sonic Racing ~ Instrumental - Sonic R
Supporting Me - Sonic Adventure 2
Supporting Me ~ Generations Mix - Sonic Generations (3DS)
Sweet Mountain - Map - Sonic Colors
Sylvania Castle - Act 2 - Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2
Take Me Away - Sonic The Fighters
Team Chaotix - Sonic Heroes
Terminal Velocity - Act 1 - Sonic Colors
Terminal Velocity - Map - Sonic Colors
That's The Way I Like It - Sonic Adventure 2
The Air - Sonic Adventure
The Core - Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
The Deadly Six Theme - Sonic Lost World
The Mad Convoy Race - Sonic Adventure 2
The Palace That Was Found - Sonic and The Secret Rings
The Pit ~ Boss Battle - Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
The Supernatural - Sonic Adventure 2
Theme of Dr. Eggman - Sonic Adventure
Theory of Attack - Sonic Runners
This Machine - Sonic Heroes
This Way Out - Sonic Adventure 2
Through The Fire ~ VS. The Knights of The Round Table - Sonic & The Black Knight
Through Traffic - Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Throw It All Away ~ Instrumental - Sonic Adventure 2
Tidal Tempest ~ Bad Future - Sonic CD (JP/EU)
Time Eater ~ Phase 1 - Sonic Generations
Time Eater ~ Phase 2 - Sonic Generations
Titanic Plain Grassy Road - Sonic & The Black Knight
Toxic Caves - Sonic Spinball
Try Again - Sonic The Fighters
Twinkle Cart - Sonic Adventure
Un-Gravitify - Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Unknown From M.E. - Sonic Adventure
Unknown From M.E. - Sonic Adventure 2
Vengeance is Mine - Sonic Adventure 2
VS. Character - Sonic The Hedgehog ('06)
VS. Dr.Eggman - Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2
VS. Metal Sonic - Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2
VS. Metal Sonic (Stardust Speedway Remix) - Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2
VS. Team Battle - Sonic Heroes
Wave Ocean ~ The Inlet - Sonic The Hedgehog ('06)
What I'm Made Of - Sonic Heroes
Whisker & Johnny - Sonic Rush Adventure
White Acropolis ~ Snowy Peak - Sonic The Hedgehog ('06)
White Acropolis ~ The Base - Sonic The Hedgehog ('06)
White Park - Act 2 - Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2
With Me - Sonic & The Black Knight
Won't Stop, Just Go! - SOnic Adventure 2
Work It Out ~ Instrumental - Sonic R
Worm Tunnel - Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal
X-Zone Boss 1 - Sonic Advance
X-Zone Boss 2 - Sonic Advance
  • Listening to: Motorhead
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Whew, so finally, here it is, after nearly a year of daily (more or less well-timed) updates, the list is finally complete. Huge thanks to all who visited, even bigger thanks to those who took the time to write a few lines, I sincerely hope you liked the tracks I've been uploading.
This does not mean however, that those are the only ones worth checking out, my list is barely 313 remixes out of the over 3000 available at the OC remix site and I highly encourage you to check them out yourself ^^

Remix List:
2K3 (Nectarine Mix) from Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 by Cyborg Jeff
8-bit Kamikaze from The Last Ninja by lazygecko
A Lesson From Teacher from PaRappa The Rapper by Anti-Syne
A New Ray of Light from Sonic The Hedgehog: Triple Trouble by Sadorf & Sir_NutS
A William Wobbler Christmas from William Wobbler by Boz, Chris Abbott, Kenz & Slow Poison
A World in Motion (Super Peel Out Edit) from Sonic CD by DusK
Ace of Space from The Guardian Legend by Beatdrop
Aerobotics from MegaMan 8 by Just Coffee
Against The Rest from Super C by BrainCells
All Aboard The Glitter Express from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest by Light Pillar
All-Star Doskpop from Super Dodge Ball by Mazedude
Alpha Blade from Guilty Gear X by Beatdrop
AmberTrance from Amberstar by VIRTUALVIBE & Zzr
AMEN Reflux from Contra by DJ pretzel
Amputate Your Metal from Wild Guns by Mak Eightman
Anathema, Quietus & Apotheosis from Final Fantasy VI by HeavenWraith
Aqueous Transgression from Chrono Trigger by Sole Signal
Arichnophobia from Donkey Kong Country 3 by Flexstyle & Paul Capps
Assembly Line Apparitions from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest by Protricity
Audiophobe from Xenophobe by Showroom Dummy
AY YO from Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine by Binster
BadAzz from Final Fantasy VII by PrototypeRaptor
Bare Knuckle Blitz from Streets of Rage by WillRock
Barrel Roll from Star Fox by PrototypeRaptor
Battle For The Badge from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow by Fishy
Be Aggressive! from Gunstar Heroes by DusK
BeamSabre Beat ZERO v2 from MegaMan X2 by DarkeSword
Because Eels from Street Fighter 2 by shredd
Become Death from Vectorman by Sir Jordanius & timaeus222
Before Everything Happened from Dark Cloud 2 by Flexstyle
Big and Blue and Round from The Guardian Legend by munky
Big Bad Koopa Dubstep from Super Mario RPG by Teaganbear
Birth Under a Blue Light from Final Fantasy IX by Knight of The Round
Black Block from Arkanoid by DJ Comet
Blakk Majik from Final Fantasy IX by Brandon Strader & Jeff Ball
Black Onslaught from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door by FaytxStay
Black Wing Metamorphosis from Final Fantasy VII by Fishy, Jillian Aversa, Sixto Sounds, Steffan Andrews, Suzumebachi, bLiNd & tefnek
Blackout Tower from Megaman 9 by Neblix
Blast Beatdown from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble by tefnek & zircon
Blue Balls from MegaMan 3 by Sukotto42
Bobble Head Inspiration from Super Mario RPG by Nex
Boss Key from Final Fantasy V by norg
Bowzilla from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island by Lashmush
Brainsick Metal from MegaMan X by Proticity
Bridge To Eternity from Final Fantasy IV by bLiNd
Bringing Out The Dead from Super Castlevania IV by Brandon Strader
Broken Machine from Ecco The Dolphin by Trace Dragon XVI K
BTMNTBAMLOL from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project by Danimal Cannon, KBart & Stemage
Bulls 'N' Beers from Conker's Bad Fur Day by Guifrog
Bus from EarthBound by Shadow
BZKR from Final Fantasy V by Jeff Ball & Sixto Sounds
C Blachly from Tetris by Charles Blachly & kobash
Camrade from Animal Crossing by Diggi Dis
Captain of The Skies from Final Fantasy VII by ZackParrish
Caravan Bowser from Super Mario 3D World by Flexstyle & XPRTNovice
Castle Crescendo from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest by Sole Signal
Castlemania from Castlevania by AmIEviL
Cataclysmic Clash from MegaMan 3 by Game Over
Catapult from Sonic & Knuckles by Beatdrop
Cement Extacy from MegaMan 9 by Flexstyle
Central Park (Metal Mix) from Last Ninja 2: Back With a Vengeangce by Commando 64
Challenge Accepted from Gunstar Heroes by timaeus222
Christmas in The Village (Silver Bells) from Lufia II: Rise of The Sinistrals by Dale North
Chromium Asphyxiation from Sonic & Knuckles by Level 99
Cid in The Factory from Final Fantasy VI by Gaffeizil
Cleaning Out Axis from Batman by Midee
Cloud Garden from Pac-Man by Dweezil Zappa & Tommy Tallarico
Советский Космонавт from Street Fighter 2 by Sir_NutS
Contravirt from Contra by Jake Kaufman
Countdown To Infinity from MegaMan X6 by WillRock
Cover Your Light from Deflektor by Zero Division
Cowabunga! from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time by Sixto Sounds & WillRock
Crescendo To Chaos from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow by Chernabogue
Cries of Earth from Wild Arms by Vampire Hunter Dan
Crushing Headache from Doom II: Hell on Earth by The Orichalcon
Cryptic Marble from Sonic The Hedgehog by DistantJ
Dance Nation from Top Gear 2 by bLiNd
Dancefloor from Shadowgate by AmiEviL
Dancing in The Jungle from Super Metroid by Cyril The Wolf
Dark Cellar from Super Castlevania IV by Bloodaxe & Existence Zero
Dark Matter from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards by PrototypeRaptor
Dark Racer from Top Gear by Rob Saunders
David's Quest from Castlevania 2 by Brandon Strader
Day of Ruin from Final Fantasy VI by DJ ThirdEye
Desertion from Final Fantasy VI by zircon
Desirous Sacrifice from Wild Arms by Jewbei
Devastation's Duel from Super Mario 64 by Fishy & Sole Signal
Devil's Advocate from Touhou Koumakyou: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil by PrototypeRaptor
Devil's Lab (Acid Mix) from Final Fantasy VI by Khalal
Digital Horrors from System Shock by Sir_NutS
Dirt Devil from Final Fantasy VI by zircon
Dokuta Wairi, Rival to The Light from MegaMan 2 by Sixto Sounds
Dovahkiin from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Brandon Strader
Duality from MegaMan X5 by Dr. Manhattan
Dublin Delight from Artura by Andreas Wallström & Makke
Dueling Consoles from Secret of Mana by Shnabubula
Easthaven's Club from Icewind Dale by Orkybash
Eau Charix from Metal Slug 4 by HeavenWraith
Electro Termites from Army Men: Air Attack by CJthemusicdude
Electrodispenser from Team Fortress 2 by zircon
Embrace The Night from Guild Wars 2 by Brandon Strader & Cheryl Norfair
Epic Bananas from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! by Sole Signal
Eye of the Beeholder from Dungeonmans by XPRTNovice
Feeding Frenzy from Contra by goat
Find Me from Castlevania Bloodlines by Mak Eightman
Fire Still Burns in My Frozen Heart from Ys III: Wanderers From YS by ansgaros
Fisherman's Horizon (Christmas ver.) from Final Fantasy VIII by Goomin Nam
Flames of Darkness from MegaMan ZX by Vyper
Food Frenzy from Kirby Super Star by GaMetal
For The Love of 2D from M.U.S.H.A. by djpretzel
Forever, Young Rachel from Final Fantasy VI by David Saulesco, Josh Whelchel, Melinda Hershey & Poolside
Four Friends of The Elements from Final Fantasy IV by Hyadain
Full Mast from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker by Jake Kaufman, Preenus & SnappleMan
Furry in The Forest from Fury of The Furries by Cyborg Jeff
Galvanized Boss from Final Fantasy VII by Standby & WhoAmI?
Giant Robot Bonanza from Live-A-Live by Joren de Bruin
Go Back from Streets of Rage 2 by lazygecko
Go Balls Deep from Super Dodge Ball by Sixto Sounds
Go-Go Gadget Gonkulator from Final Fantasy VI by XPRTNovice
Gobble, Snarf, Snap from Final Fantasy VI by XPRTNovice
Going Commando from MegaMan 10 by Brandon Strader
Golden Axe 2002 from Golden Axe by Jose Acosta
Gothic Sandy from Doom II: Hell on Earth by Mazedude
Graveyard Theory from Sonic Adventure 2 by Zone Runners, DiGi Valentine, Sir Jordanius & halc
Green Hill Zone (Euroclub '95 Mix) from Sonic The Hedgehog by Rayza
Groove, Sweet Groove from Final Fantasy V by Mattias Häggström Gerdt
Hardcore Densehead from Super Star Soldier by djpretzel
Hell March (Red Scare) from Command & Conquer : Red Alert by mellogear
Hell March To The Apocalypse from Command & Conquer: Red Alert by Prince uf Darkness
Hogging Molly from Crash Bandicoot by Brandon Strader & Rexy
House Hornet from MegaMan X3 by Ailsean, Beatdrop & mp
Hunger from Splatterhouse 3 by Mak Eightman
Ice Attack from Sonic The Hedgehog 3 by Trance-Canada
In Your Prime from Super Metroid by Big Giant Circles
Industrial Fear from Donkey Kong Country by bLiNd
Infernal from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow by Brandon Strader
Inquisition from IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II by Spinning Images & Todd Goldfinger
Instant from OutRun by Instant Remedy
Intruder Alert from MegaMan X2 by Washudoll
Inverting The Tower Temple from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask by GSlicer
Iron Will March from MegaMan X8 by Torzelan
It's Difficult to Stand When You're on Acid from Final Fantasy VII by Beatdrop
Itsutsu no Chikara from Choujin Sentai Jetman by Magellanic
Killer Studio Chops from Prime by Brandon Strader
Kingfisher's Stream from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! by Mattias Häggström Gerdt & halc
Knight and Executioner from Dark Souls by RoeTaKa
KRool Intentions from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest by Protricity
Laser Dance from Deflektor by Chuck Dodgers
Last Chance from Lufia II: Rise of The Sinistrals by OA
Late Night Lindblum from Final Fantasy IX by Mattias Häggström Gerdt
Lava Dead Beat from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest by Battlerager & Scaredsim
Let's Upset a 'Troid! from Metroid Prime by AngelCityOutlaw & timaeus222
Life of a Bowling Pin from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess by Hylian Lemon
Light 'Em Up from Metal Slug 3 by Protricity
Lightspeed from Sonic Adventure by Sir_NutS
Lightyears Away from Star Control II by Mark Vera
Lunatic Moon from Final Fantasy VII by Sixto Sounds & zircon
Malevolent Mansion from Banjo-Kazooie by Nekofrog & Sole Signal
Malicious Fingers from Sonic The Hedgehog 3 by SnappleMan
Marble Dancefloor from Marble Madness by Palpable
Mare Crisium from Moon Patrol by Steve Pordon
Match With Yuri from Art of Fighting 2 by Malcos
Medieval Rave from Jazz Jackrabbit 2 by Basheman
Messatsu Gou-Techno from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter by lazygecko
Miria's Ascent from The Guardian Legend by Platonist
Monkeys Disarm Their Kremlings from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest by Brandon Strader & Nekofrog
Monument of Non-Existence from Final Fantasy VI by Lashmush
Mounted Machine Gun Funk from Jackal by Beatdrop
Music Is a Weapon from Revolution X by Jredd
Musicolours from The Sims 3 by Guifrog
Mystical Mist from Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest by RJ remixes
Mythic Mist from Sonic The Hedgehog 2 by PirateCrab
Naito Obu [br00tl] from Touhou Kaeidzuka: Phantasmagoria of Flower View by Kidd Cabbage
Neighburgers from Zombies Ate My Neighbours by Protricity
Never Stop from MegaMan Zero 2 by Cyril the Wolf
Night City Funk from Final Fantasy VIII by Anti-Syne
Nine Inch Klax from Klax by Mazedude
No Flesh Allowed from Castlevania II: Simon's Quest by Goat
No Promises Punk from Radical Dreamers by jaxx
No. 5 (Snapdragon) from Super Double Dragon by ParagonX9
Not Another Full Metal Squad from Lightening Force: Quest for the Darkstar by BONKERS
Nova Siberia from Mass Effect by Big Giant Circles
Nuclear Flash from MegaMan 2 by Sixto Sounds & zircon
Oldskool Demon from Doom II: Hell on Earth by Mazedude
One Must Rise 2011 from One Must Fall 2097 by DigiE
One Wintersday Night from Guild Wars 2 by DusK
Out Of Antidote from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow by Cerrax
Overdrive from Lotus 2 R.E.C.S. by Greg Kennedy
Overflow from Vectorman by Beatdrop
Perdition Hardcore from Final Fantasy VIII by Orkybash
Phantasmal Hellfire from Akumajo Dracula X: Rondo of Blood by timaeus222
Phantasy is a Four Letter Word from Phantasy Star IV: The End of The Millennium by Rosencrantz & guildensterN
Pipes from Super Mario Bros. 3 by Seventh Epic
Pirate Shout from The Secret of Monkey Island by Derek Meler, Eric Griffin, Marcus Affeldt & audio fidelity
Plastic Goddess from Barbie Super Model by Children of The Monkey Machine
Poltergeist Mix from Ghouls 'N' Ghosts by Binster
Polygons Are Inaccurate from Super Smash Bros. by Mikeaudio
Poop from Conker's Bad Fur Day by Brandon Strader
Power Glove (It's So Bad) from MiG-29: Soviet Fighter by Benjamin Briggs & Dj CUTMAN
Power of The Meat from Super Meat Boy by Poolside, Josh Whelchel & Melinda Hershey
Prancing Dad from Final Fantasy VI by Prince of Darkness
Pretension from Tales of Destiny by Jewbei
Prime Time from Killing Game Show by Alexander Prievert
Prog Mario from Super Mario 64 by Brandon Strader
Psychotic Censors from Psychonauts by Mazedude
Purple Heart from Rush 'N' Attack by Goat
Quick!! from MegaMan 2 by Hyadain
Rabbit Joint Cover from The Legend of Zelda by The Rabbit Joint
Ravaged Metal from Golden Axe II by Shinray
Rawk-It Night from Sparkster by DusK
Real American Hero from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero by Nutritious
Realization from Final Fantasy VIII by Heath Morris
Rebel Dream from Final Fantasy II by BONKERS
Reconstructing Lemons from Portal 2 by Chimpazilla
Red Pearl from Castlevania Bloodlines by Guifrog
Rise of The Piggies from Bad Piggies by OC/DC
River City Rammstein from River City Ransom by Mazedude
Rock The Plank from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time by Stemage & Viking Guitar
Rock and Ride from Biker Mice From Mars by WillRock
Rockin' The Yard from Super Dodge Ball by prophetik
Routine of War from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots by The Dual Dragons
Samus's Lonesome Waltz from Metroid Prime by blackguitar
Saren's Prayer from Mass Effect by Mazedude
Savage Seduction from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest by Protricity
Scrambled Eggman from Sonic The Hedgehog 3 by BrainCells & SnappleMan
Shattered from Shatterhand by Rubbler & SnappleMan
She Can Has Long Ears from NiGHTS Into Dreams... by Fishy
Showdown from MegaMan 9 by WillRock
Sign of Fortune from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots by DragonAvenger, Level 99 & OA
Silent Healer from Doom II: Hell on Earth by Mazedude
Sinergia from Pac-Man by Sinergia
Ska Buffet (All You Can Eat: Clean Version) from Kirby Super Star by The OverClocked Plaid Muffins, AMT, Avaris, Cyril The Wolf, Level 99, LulzA, PrototypeRaptor, Swann & Xenon Odyssey
Skull-Head from Doom Troopers: Mutant Chronicles by Mak Eightman
Slavic Roots from Tetris by djpretzel
Snowboardin' Sonic from Sonic The Hedgehog 3 by WillRock
Speedy Guitar from Speedball by Marsland Brotherhood
Sprinting Riffs from Ninja Gaiden 2: The Dark Sword of Chaos by EgM & Tim Sheehy
Stained Glass Filth from Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse by goat
Star Turtles 2: The Wrath of Mann from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time by CarboHydroM, Omigadrive, SnappleMan, The SNuggleMen & Wild_Cat
Static Discharge from MegaMan 3 by JD Harding
Super Mario's Sleigh Ride from Super Mario World by Dale North, Mustin, Nate Cloud, The OneUps & William Reyes
Swimming Furries from Fury of The Furries by Cyborg Jeff
Sword Foundry from IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II by Ryan8bit
SZRC Anthem (Busiest Days of My Life) from Sonic The Hedgehog 3 by Flexstyle & OverClocked University
Take It All The Way from Sonic CD by Magellanic & PROTO-DOME
Take The Red Pill from Kabuki: Quantum Fighter by ArseAssassin
Tao is Taokaka from BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger by 3R2
Temple of The Omnisword from Touhou Fuujinroku: Mountain of Faith by HeavenWraith
Tengen Toppa Dairantou: Part 1 - Game Set from Super Smash Bros. Melee by OverClocked Assembled, 1-UP, DiGi Valentine, J.ME the Sista' Danius, MC Final Sigma, Sir Jordanius & metaphist
Tengen Toppa Dairantou: Part 2 - Sudden Death from Super Smash Bros. Brawl by OverClocked Assembled, Cam3, DiGi Valentine, J.ME the Sista' Danius, MC Final Sigma & Sir Jordanius
Tengen Toppa Dairantou: Part 3 - All-Stars from Super Smash Bros. Melee by OverClocked Assembled, 1-UP, Cam3, DiGi Valentine, LadyJ, MC Final Sigma, Sir Jordanius, SuperiorX, The Auracle, XPRTNovice & metaphist
The Atomizer from Final Fantasy VI by Mustin
The Bounty of a Brain from Super Metroid by Big Giant Circles
The Champion from Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League by Mak Eightman
The Clocktower from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon by Sixto Sounds
The Clubbing of Isaac from The Binding of Isaac by Big Giant Circles
The Devil Inside (Italo Disco Mix) from Castlevania: Symphony of The Night by Akumajo Belmont
The End from Final Fantasy VII by tefnek
The Impresario from Final Fantasy VI by Jake Kaufman & Tommy Pedrini
The Kirb Reich from Kirby Super Star by Brandon Strader
The Knights Come Marching Home from Chrono Trigger by Ailsean
The Last Dragon from Streets of Rage by Mr_44
The Limit from Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation by Brandon Strader
The Metal Side of Lance from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal by PirateCrab
The Omen of Jenova from Final Fantasy VII by Nekofrog
The Secrets of Sosetsuken from Double Dragon by Sixto Sounds
The Shinra Shuffle from Final Fantasy VII by The Runaway Five
The Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time by Sixto Sounds
The Trial in Concert from Chrono Trigger by Steffan Andrews
The World's Smallest Giant from Ecco: The Tides of Time by Mattias Häggström Gerdt
The Wrath of Tiny from Crach Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back by Laarx
They See Me Rolling from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time by Chimpanzilla, anterroir & timaeus222
Thirty-Plus Mix from Tetris by R3FORGED
This Chase is Haunted from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest by Prince uf Darkness
This is Not a True Ending (Asphyxiation) from Bubble Bobble by Children of The Monkey Machine
Thrash The Plank from Donkey Kong Country by SnappleMan
Thrash's Snakebone Pit from Radical Dreamers by OA
Thunderstruck from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time by Big Giant Circles & some1namedjeff
Time to Choose from Half-Life by prozax
Time to Oil Up from Super Street Fighter 4 by Jillian Aversa & zircon
Tomato Juice from Princess Tomato in The Salad Kingdom by JazzFlight
Top This from MegaMan 3 by Flexstyle
Touchdown Hoedown from Tecmo Bowl by Vurez
Toxic from Final Fantasy VI by Beatdrop
Trail Dust and Turtle Wax from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time by Viking Guitar
Trance Version from Ghosts 'N' Goblins by Instant Remedy
Transistor from Command & Conquer: Red Alert by Beatdrop
Trouble Brewin' from Dynamite Headdy by Flexstyle
Tuck 'N' Roll from MegaMan X by AMT, Cyril the Wolf, Level 99, PrototypeRaptor, Swann, The OverClocked Plaid Muffins & Xenon Odyssey
Turtle in The Shredder's Shadow from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist by Magellanic
Twin Blood from Double Dragon 2: The Revenge by Sixto Sounds
Two Shadows Appear from Shadow of The Ninja by BrainCells
Type Valentine MX5 from Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight by Dr. Manhattan
Uh Oh! The Beat Have Started to Move! from Metal Gear by Khalal, Nintendo Guru & SFLaValle
Umaro Uematsu from Final Fantasy VI by Quinn Fox
Unbreakable Heart from Legend of Dragoon by Claire Yaxley & DJ Mystix
Underground Mix from Tempest 2000 by vail
Ushas' Dark Gift from Uşas by Sir_NutS
Velocity Shift from Top Gear 2 by Sir_NutS
Vengeful Spirits from Beyond: Two Souls by Brandon Strader
Waking The Fish from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening by WillRock
Wallachian Prince from Banjo-Kazooie by OA
Wanderer on The Offensive (Live Edit) from Shadow of The Colossus by B33J, Cerrax, Sixto Sounds & nonsensicalexis
Waves of Stone from Ecco: The Tides of Time by Level 99, Moonlapse & OA
Waztelands from Einhänder by Jivemaster
Weeping Angel from Silent Hill 4: The Room by Brandon Strader
White Magic is For Sissies from Final Fantasy VIII by Knight of the Round
Winged Reploid (Revelation) from MegaMan X8 by Sixto Sounds
X-Hunted from MegaMan X2 by Dominic Ninmark & StrangeJam
Xoldin' Out For a Xero from Xenon by Binster
Yours Truly, Satan from Sonic CD by Phonetic Hero
Zero The Ultimate Warrior from MegaMan X4 by MetaZero
Zero World from Final Fantasy IX by Fishy & Ludiotic

Well, that 100 day music challenge was really pissing me off with it's overload of hipsterity, so I decided to try something else.
Something else music related, and at the same time promoting one of the coolest (if not THE coolest) remix sites there are.

So how's this gonna work, it's really simple. Each day I'll be posting an OCremix out of my favs, and there are around 3000 ocremixes in total, so even when narrowed down to just my favs it'll be quite a few.
Also, the title of the track will be a link to a Youtube vid with teh song, and the series title from which the remix comes from will be a link to the remix's page on the OCremix site, so you can read about it and download it if you so desire. Simple enough? Good, lets do this!
Edit:And to those who scrolled all the way down here, the list just hit the 100th remix milestone, yay me. But more importantly, I have planned to have a lil' secret raffle for each such milestone >3 or to be specific, each time it hits a milestone, I will randomly pick someone from the comment sections who gets a requst art, simple no.
Of course, the milestones are just as secret as the raffle >D so without further ado, lets see the lucky ones:
100th remix milestone - :iconjutawi:
200th remix milestone - :iconserlink12:
300th remix milestone - :iconstepher17:
313th remix milestone - :iconneonlonliness:
  • Listening to: Shaka Ponk
  • Reading: Boku no Hero Academia
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  • Playing: River City Super Sports Challenge All-Star Special
EDIT: So... anyone remember that I promised some chibis?
I apologize that you all had to wait so long, but don't worry, because I still remember that |D
Truth is, I actually have all of 'em done... except for the filler ones which were yet to be claimed |D
First waited for those who initially got the slots, but they never responded so I gave the slots away to "those who comment first", but to my surprise even the usual vultures never came to claim these, and I just didn't want to close of the list without the missing slots, it's kinda how my sick mind works |D
So I say fuck it, gonna fill those slots anyway, the same way they were originally given, tho those p[eople who commented under my Valkyrie Profile pic:
To My Side My Noble Einherjar! by LukeTheRipper but now not only these who commented up to the original tinychibi list journal, but up to this day. I hope all of them will choose someone so I can finally finish the list and post it |D
Again, sorry for the long as wait.

List almost finished, just one more and we're ready to go!

Teh list:
:iconjutawi: - her OC Spazz, her OC Sai P. Behemoth, her OC Sae Nekomata, her OC Wolva (DB version)
:iconenmismanima: - his OC Alexi Silvik, his OC Bram, Hades Izanami from BlazBlue series
:iconnya-nannu: - Aurora from Child of Light, Princess Daisy from Mario series, Nilin from Remember Me
:iconszarotka7: - Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail series, Vincent Law from Ergo Proxy
:iconkai45: - her OC Crim, her OC Donovan, her unnamed kitsune OC, her OC Kairi
:iconfrik111: - his WoW character
:iconmagnov824: - his OC Leo
:iconkooremi: - her OC Mikane
:iconstepher17: - Deadpool from... from basically any series he's appeared in, Luigi from Mario series, Spyro from Spyro series
:iconchipp-zanuff: - Kasumi from Dead or Alive series, Aeon Calcos from Soul Calibur series, Hisako from Killer Instinct
:iconthunderwolfbrony: - Millia Rage and Elphelt from Guilty Gear Xrd
:iconneonlonliness: - Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank series, Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect series, Kira Yoshikage (+Killer Queen maybe) from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
:iconlainwood: - Megaman from Megaman Classic series, Yuri from Tales of Vesperia
:iconpuddingvalkyrie: - her OC Will
:icontrumi: - Foxy Roxy from Brutal: Paws of Fury, Dizzy from Guilty Gear
:iconladybeelze: - her OC Poyo The Demon Clown, Arresterdramon from Digimon
:iconchromarin: - Asura from Asura's Wrath
:icontgpl: - Ranma (in Ranko form) from Ranma 1/2
:iconigneriss: - her OC Maya
:iconability-king-kk: - Lilika from Rogue Galaxy
:iconblackorb00: - his OC Sandy
:iconredtail41: - Guts from Berserk
:iconcaim-the-order: - her OC Kira Macabre
:iconbabysupernova: - himself as a chibi
:iconrejpiekielnygrabarz: - her OC Vivian Cicek
:iconmargaret-lupin: - her OC Armand Samedi
:iconneocortex1: - 1 slot left
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First of all, a huge apology to all of you, especially those who participated, as this should have been done months ago.
Well, truth be told I had the results ready for some time now, but certain stuff got in the way of setting up this whole journal thingie, but still, it shouldn't take anything as long as it did, for which I apologise.

So now, while all the entries were awesome in their own way and I really love each and every one I got, but a winner had to be chosen, so without further ado, lets meet the winners.

First place
Prize - artwork with one highly detailed character or with two moderately detailed characters
Dragoon Nikata Kane by EnmismAnima by :iconenmismanima:
I gotta say, this one really hit me. The design is as alluring as it is badass, the leg armor showcases her legs nicely, while the limited arm armor gives her more freedom to swing her weapon around. And of course, the weapon itself is amazing and looks really deadly. Plus, you can't forget the astounding number of details, hell, Enmi even included the emblem of Rhalgr, her guardian deity, it really shows how much work he put into this design. This is a win well earned.

Second place
Prize - artwork with one moderately detailed character
Nikita Kane by szarotka7 by :iconszarotka7:
While not as detailed as Enmi's design, this one is another awesome design. The design may be simpler, but it's still effective, I can certainly see Nikita wearing this too battle, and the less-restrictive catsuit makes a nice contrast to the armor she normally wears as a lancer. The scarf is a really nice touch as well, i can already imagine it flutter during her Jump attacks ^^

As for the other entries, take a look at these.

Nikita Armor + weapon by kevinjorg by :iconkevinjorg:
Very awesomely done, the level of details is amazing, and the weapon is second only to Enmi's design. The design is more on the oriental and sexy side, well, maybe a little too oriental, cause as amazing as it is, it doesn't quite match the "fantasy" theme I've been looking for, and while I don't believe I'm saying it, it's perhaps a tad too sexy for fighting, I just kinda can't imagine her swinging her lance of all weapons while wearing it ^^; Still, looks beautiful on my kitten, and showcases her curves really nicely >3

Nikita Kane by Kai45 by :iconkai45:
Another great concept, a lil' bare, but sexy >3
Really love the markings, and it kinda reminds me of Xena, which is actually a huge plus here >3 and you can really see how happy she is to wear it >D
Though again, this isn't the type of "fantasy" I was looking for, even though it looks great on her.

LukeTheRipper Contest by NeonLonliness by :iconneonlonliness:
The design is nice, and I can certainly see Nikita in a pair of sexy gloves and kneesocks, the main problem is that the outfit is way too modern, and I have specifically stated, it's supposed to be a fantasy outfit. But nice try nonetheless.

That's about it. Thank you all for participating, I really loved all the designs, and I am thankful you put so much work for my lil' kitten.
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Taken from :iconjutawi:

1.) Take each letter of your username and find a song for each letter
2.) Tag the same amount of people as the amount of letters (meh, don't wanna |3)

:icontypewriter-lplz:Land Down Under - Men At Work
:icontypewriter-uplz:Ultra Violet - Devil May Cry OST
:icontypewriter-kplz:Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue
:icontypewriter-eplz:Es Wird Schlimmer - Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
:icontypewriter-tplz:The Memory Remains - Metallica
:icontypewriter-hplz:Holy Diver - Ronnie James DIO
:icontypewriter-eplz:E.G.G.M.A.N. - Sonic Adventure 2 OST
:icontypewriter-rplz:Ride The Fire - Guilty Gear Xrd OST
:icontypewriter-iplz:Inis Mona - Eluveitie
:icontypewriter-pplz:Poison - Alice Cooper
:icontypewriter-pplz:Play With Me - Thompson Twins
:icontypewriter-eplz:Eramaan Arjyt - Korpiklaani
:icontypewriter-rplz:Rules of Nature - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance OST

Woohoo, managed to fit in my fav songs from Dio, Metallica and ALice Cooper, hehe, my nickname is just that awesome XD
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First off, kudos if you get the reference in the title >D

As some of you probably guessed, this is gonna be a journal about my NES project this year, and as some of you probably guessed, there's a nostalgic rant incoming |D

EDIT: Heh, thought I should point something out before I start submitting artwork for this. Do remember, this is a NES centered tribute, as in, from a time when the most ridiculous and twisted game scenarios were pretty much a standard.
I mean, you all should be pretty well acquainted with a blue and red Italian plumber who fights turtles in the land of giant mushrooms riding an egg-laying male dragon/dinosaur that he disposes of just to jump higher XD
Yes, we all know I was tlaking about Mario, which is a cool series, but it does get pretty flippin' ridiculous once you start to describe it like that XD
Then again, we have a game about a floating head of an ancient samurai who sets out to reclaim an equally ancient sword that was hidden in USA, in order to rid our world of an evil alien race... and fights a horde of humans-turned-zombies-by-said-evil-aliens and other freaky stuff by flying around and shooting his own eyeballs and spitting lava... how's that for a better example? XD
So yeah, you can expect lotsa alien/demon attacks on our word, equally many abductions of various girlfriends and princesses making the main chara save 'em gawd knows how many times, and some general NES weirdness. Just don't tell me later I didn't warn you XD EDIT over

So yeah, the good ol' NES is unquestionably an iconic system, especially if one is into oldschool titles. As such, the series available for it are still very popular, especially the likes of Mario or Zelda. But other ones like Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, Megaman, Contra, etc. got just as much praise and fame, not to mention a devoted fanbase to this game.
And yet there was a fair share of games that despite being just as good (or at times better) ended up unheard and overlooked, some of them have had some following back then and for some reason got forgotten as time passed, some very completely obscure yet gained a following when somebody brought it up to the spotlight, and yet some were ignored altogether. These so-called "hidden gems" are present on basically any system (of course, except those with a ridiculously small game library like the Virtual Boy or HyperScan), and since the NES has been for almost 30 years, I'd say it's about time these few I've chosen got some attention.

I must admit, it was a difficult task to limit these, after all, with a game library as big as NES's, it was inevitable many games got overlooked. And the fact the American covers were so atrociously bad most of the time didn't help... seriously, if you thought the Megaman 1 American cover was bad, you haven't seen anything yet... gee, thanks Obama |D
Buuuut back to the topic, at first I wanted to keep it 12 arts for one year, but like I said, there's just too many of these, so I settled for a 2 year project with 24 arts instead ^^ still even that was a hard chore to choose, so for one, I'll keep it original games only, as in, no games based on any kind of series, in which case sorry Chip 'N' Dale, Darkwing Duck, Bucky O' Hare and a lot I'm forgetting right now, these are great games and sadly overlooked, but the series themselves do get attention, so yeah.
Also, there will be no obscure parts to otherwise successful series, so no Mighty Final Fight, Street Fighter 2010 or SD Splatterhouse, even though these are some worthy titles as well.

And finally, I will be primarily be choosing titles I personally played and had on my own NES, though I will be showcasing some titles I only ever played via emulators.
And this is where the true nostalgic rant begins... as I've just said, I actually owned a NES. It might not sound that surprising, but trust me, getting something fancy like this in my country was really, REALLY rare. My country sadly was one of the poorer ones, and getting something as fancy as a game system was unthinkable. It was partially because of this that the Commodore 64 & Amiga computer systems became so popular here, because there was literally nothing else... sure, later we got a Russian bootleg of the original Famicom called the "Pegasus", but that was hard to come by just as much, and didn't play half of the games the NES had, oh, and you can forget about any kind of save feature...
So yeah, the two most reliable ways was to either 1) be super rich so you could afford such fancy stuff, or 2)have relatives in a foreign country who could get it to you...
Luckily, my grandparents had relatives in Germany, which was luckily a country very generously supported by Nintendo (who on the other hand, had no intention of supporting my country, even to this day they do what they can to avoid us), and one fateful day, on X-mas Eve '92, I got my very own game console... and lemme tell you, words alone couldn't possibly describe how overjoyed I was... I mean, I only ever saw this stuff on German commercials on cable... I never even hoped to see one for real... let alone own one... but alas, since my grandparents' relatives had a second-hand VG store nearby, they thought it would make a good present. My cousin was older, so he got a SNES, and me as the younger got a NES, also, from that point on gifts we got were games for these systems, and that's where I was really happy to be the one getting the NES, hehe. You see, SNES games were far more expensive than NES ones, so when he got one game, I usually got 2-3 at once XD

Hehe, I can still remember my initial 5 games I got with the system ^^ not surprisingly I got the SUper Mario Bros./Duck Hunt combo cartridge, but I also got The Legend of Zelda (it was VERY common back then, almost as common as the Mario/Duck Hunt combo), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Robocop and Contra, and even though I could never beat any of 'em, I loved playing those, well, except for Zelda, because Nintendo doesn't give a fuck about you if you don't buy Nintendo Power... hell, back then I honestly thought my game was broken because at some point there was nothing you could do (without the bloody Nintendo Power...). And the most important part, a LOT of the games I got were of the hidden gem kind, as strange as it might sound, as obscure games, they got into the discount bin very quickly, as very few people bought 'em, which was pretty lucky as some of the same games have some rather ridiculous price tags nowdays XD
So yeah, while I got a hold of some more popular games, like the whole Ninja Gaiden trilogy (finished 2 & 3 but could never finish 1), Castlevania 1 (never got any of the sequels), all 6 Megaman games (only missing the Jap. only board game), or all 3 Final Fantasies (English FFI, FFII as a German bootleg, and a Jap. FFIII), I also got a collection of lesser known titles, both good "hidden gems" like Mighty Final Fight or Darkwing Duck I mentioned, and horrid abominations like The Terminator or Friday The 13th, as well as quite a few Japanese imports, since these were surprisingly common in second-hand VG stores and were very cheap, plus, I had a special loader to play Jap. games on my NES, so I didn't complain ^^
And as time passed and the NES got more known, even in my country, I was genuinely surprised even people who knew the system well never heard of many of the games I owned, and that is also why some of these :"hidden gems" are so dear to me. So just like with the Amiga tribute project, this NES one will be rather important to me, and I hope you'll like the selection I' preparing ^^
Plus, as opposed to the AMiga, the NES is very easily emulatable, so it shouldn't be hard for any of you to check any of these games I'm preparing >3

And last but not least, if you're reading this part, it means you read through my lil' rant, congrats.
As a little reward, since these tiny-chibies are much easier to draw than normal chibis and go surprisingly smooth (that, and I have a few slots left since not everyone claimed their tiny-chibi last time), everyone who read the whole thing and comments under this journal gets a free tiny-chibi >3
Though I would be grateful if it would be something more than just a oneliner or oneworder, something more on topic perhaps, would love to hear your thoughts about the project or maybe some stories about your memories with the NES or it's games, please? |3
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Got it from :iconjolteonik:


1. For the first 15 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters I like the most.
2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot.
The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! I feature you after you made the journal.

1. :iconjolteonik: - Harvey - -Harvey Charactersheet- by Jolteonik
Even after all this time, he's my fav among her OCs, I just really dig his simple, yet flashy design ^^

2. :iconszarotka7: - Lisa Nielsen - Lisa_Nielsen by szarotka7
What can I say, I'm a sucker for women who are just as deadly as they are beautiful ;3
Plus, she has great legs |3

3.  :iconottonandpooky: - Ceola - Neverhood LXXIX by SketchBookOaP
because she's cute, and those spikes on her shoulders are pretty charming ^^

4. :iconmargaret-lupin: - Mr. Moth - Mr. Moth by Margaret-Lupin
Because moths |3

5. :iconjutawi: - Wolva - Wolva character sheet by JutaWi
Yup, that hasn't changed, this wolfie babe is still my fav among her charas ;3

6. :iconrejpiekielnygrabarz: - P.G. - ignoring threats by RejPiekielnyGrabarz
The one on the left, the extremely cute and cheeky girl with neurowear nekomimi |3

7. :iconsafari-fdb: - Argala - Mother of Goku -REDESING by Safari-FDB
What can I say, I have a thing for the more badass women ;3
And she does have great legs as well >3

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Yeah, I now I still haven't finished both of this year's projects... but the pics are actually done and all I need is to submit 'em |3 ...problem is, the scanner is unplugged and not gonna be plugged in because there's no room for the damn thing (we have one of those scanner-printer hybrids)...

But yeah, like in the past few years, I'm gonna be doing a tribute project, and I've had quite a few ideas for it too...
I thought about doing a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure one, since I'm a huge fan of the series ever since I found it back in '98... lol, it is kinda weird knowing I read that series before some of the fans nowdays were even born XD ...erm, but back to the topic, I got hooked up on the series because I was a huge Dio fan and I heard the main badguy in JBA is named after him, and once I started reading there was no stopping even after Jojo's Dio died twice |3 the series is still very high in my personal ranking and I really, REALLY would love to do some fanart... why haven't I done any then? Well, the answer is simple, because I don't feel like I'm ready to tackle this series just yet... I mean, look at those designs, look at those poses, look at that goddamn STYLE pouring out of each and every panel... as a fun fact, it was Araki's work that inspired my love for drawing charas in various dynamic poses, of course, the poses I draw are vastly different from what Araki draws, but still, it was his work why I always strive to find some kind of nice pose for a drawn character.

So yeah, that idea wasscrapped, for now at least. And then I thought about doing a Valkyrie Profile tribute... <takes deep breath> buuuuuut, thatideaisstillpendingandletsendthispointbeforemyinnerVPfanisgonnagetthebestofmeandturnthislil'paragraphintoawalloftext <exhales>...

There were also a few other more or less creative or clever ideas... but then I had a moment of inspiration...
You probably know the good ol' NES right? You know all the awesome games that changed the industry... and thanks to a certain Nerd you also know some of the biggest turds ever to stain the NES library... but have you ever wondered just how many gems were there that never gotten any true recognition?
Yes, that is what my next tribute project is gonna be, Hidden/Forgotten/Obscure NES Gems, hehe, hope there's a NES enthusiast or two out there who will enjoy it >3 I'll elaborate on that the next time I write a journal, for now, I'll keep you guessing >3
Probably goona do it next year, since this one is ending in 4 hours, HAPPY NEW GAME+!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;3
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First things first. Well, as you might or might not yet have heard, I am sorta back on track. I can sketch stuff, and if I'm lucky I can even get enough space to actually finish the drawings I sketched, in which case, I am slowly but surely getting back to drawing.
Also, I'll try to submit the stuff I have finished and scanned since I can do that in the meantime.

Second, just like in the past few years, I will be doing a tribute project next year. Just one though, managing two projects like in the past 2 years is pretty tedious if not impossible in my current situation... I mean, work hinders my drawing time quite a lot, but random stuff like illness or family's "brilliant" idea show it can get a lot worse...
So yeah, it's gonna be one tribute project and it's gonna be game related, but I'll leave you guessing for the time being and will reveal it in my next journal, mwehehe >3

Third, regarding this journal here - Evil Plan is EvilWell, long story short, do you guys remember when I did an event when I wanted to practise chibies? Well, my tiny-chibi skills need some practise too, and guess what, there's gonna be an event for those too, or more speciafically, there already was one >:3
It was split into 3 parts, meaning the lucky ones get to have 3 chibies. Part 1 is for people who got me b-day drawings for my birthday, cause it was great of you guys and I wanted to show my thanks ^^
part 2 was the KOF pic I did:

I worked very hard on that one, and really wanted to get some feedback on it, so everyone who did comment under that piece gets a chibi as well.
And part 3, as you might have already guessed, the Valkyrie Profile pic:

Which was the biggest, most complex, most important artwork I have worked on so far and took me several months to finish. And I did ask you guys if you could leave some feedback, be it constructive critique, some random compliment or even

I was offering chibies, and :iconwatii::iconkooremi::iconmagicull-delesia::iconchromarin: and :icona7xfan666: still haven't chosen their chibis, and :iconszarotka7: only chose 1 chara out of 2 she could. In which case if DA summons you via the mention system, please check that journal and make your pick. If you don't want any, just bloody say so... in either case, if I wont get any form of response for some time, I'm just gonna assume you do not want it and offer the chibis to someone else... so think about it...
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Well, you could say I am back >3 ...well, for the most part that is...
My health is still an issue, as I go from one illness to another... but at the very least, the house was brought o an at least useable state, so I can use the comp again, woohoo |3

Which means, sick or not, I'm getting back to drawign... well, sketching at least, I'm still lacking any proper space to work on the arts once they're sketched, but hey, at least it's a start |3

Anyways, this means my rather pleasant time with The Witch And The Hundred Knight is at a pause |3
Seriously, if you have a PS3, play that game |3
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