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Robot master OC - StormMan by LukeTheRipper Robot master OC - StormMan by LukeTheRipper
Drawn by me, colored by the amazing :iconenmismanima:

Weapon Obtained - Blizzard Blade
A snowflake-shaped throwing blade that can be shot in 8 directions (like Metalman's Metal Blade).
Weakness - Energy Cannon

The token ice user. He's actually the first Robot Master OC I made. I always saw snowflakes as tiny, ice shuriken, so after seeing the likes of MetalMan or ShadowMan with their throwing blade weapons, the image of a ninja-like RM with snowflake-shaped throwing blades instantly popped in my mind. The only problem was his name, cause no matter how I named him, a new Robot Master soon appeared with that very name, starting with BlizzardMan and going through ColdMan, FrostMan and even ChillMan XD tried naming him "IcicleMan" or "ArcticMan", but they weren't as catchy, so in the end, StormMan it is XD
As mentioned, he acts like a ninja, teleporting and dashing across the arena all the while flinging his blades at you. He can also cause a strong wind to blow you towards one of the walls, to attack you while you struggle with it. Luckily, when causing the wind to blow, he's stationary, meaning he can be hit out of it,especially if you'd happen to have a weapon that's more effective at long range, that could give him the shock of his life.

StormMan (c) Me :iconluketheripper:
MegaMan (c) Capcom
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