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Super Mario Land 2



My first Mario Land Art.
this game is intresting when you think about because it's one of the many mario games to feature a animal power up. (the carrot gives you rabbit ears to glide through the air.) this would be the second game to feature an animal power up (first being super mario bros 3 and third being new super mario bros wii.)
It also features a very familiar enemy from kirby name gordo. (those spikey ball things) also, this is the first game to have mario in space ( not super mario galaxy)
Intrestingly enough,wario land has the title super mario land 3 on it, even though mario is not ever seen anywhere in the game until the end.

Mario ant bee'zerk goomba wario gordo bullet bill are (c) nintendo
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sorry, but this looks really REALLY messy, I suggest you practice your anatomy skills, shape, and lineart skills, but I see you improved, so my lame attempt at critsism doesn't work this time