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You won't hear it coming

I was bored so i started playing around with the default Photoshop Shapes and come up with this at the end :o haha

You have to imagine that little guy dancing like they do on the commercials :nod:
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is it ok to use it? I will give you the credits! just let me know your prefered contact to insert on the image.
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don't use it when riding a bike too
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yet he keeps listening to it on the wheel lols
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hahahaha omg this is so true. Great work :)
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great! thants what i always think when i see these idiots on the streets with their mp3 players
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Honestly, this almost happened to me. I was listening to my ipod and crossing at a crosswalk when this guy almost hit me with his car. He was texting though, and was not even looking at me.
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Everyone's laughing at this, but I think it has a powerful message.
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on the sad side, in a nearby town a 12 year old girl was hit by a bus whilte listening to her iPod.
So, you know :/
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lol this makes me laugh
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Haha nice message! My mum has been bagging me not to listen to ipod while traveling on the road too.
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So cool, I like. Nice job.
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Is it alright that I borrow this image for a presentation for my English class? I'll give credit of course.
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At keast the guy in the wheel chair still has his Ipod :P. good message.
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lol nice one
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I wish I had something intelligent to say.
Really I do.
But, after quite a few cocktails, all that comes to mind is:
AHAHAHAHA! Omg that shit is funny.
Feel free to kick my ass later. Lmfao.
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