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Pirate Windows: Rusted edition

Originally done as a request, it turned out better than i expected. So here it is in a few colour variations.


Original clean version here: [link]
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very very nice

many thanks
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Thank YOU!
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I love yer wallpaper me hearty!
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Nice wallpapers. Downloading now, will they fit a resolution of 1920x1080?
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Superb work ! Used here : [link] ! Thanks !
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Wow, this is really nice! Kinda looks like you're on the inside of a rusted out abandoned ship. :+fav:
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is there a full sized rusted one up for download by eny chance?
s1ngl3t0n's avatar
awesome wallpapers
use gray myself
ever thought of making a series like these with the apple logo?
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I thought about it, but then i decided to just release the template so you can put what ever logo you like in there ;) [link] (if you dont have photoshop, then yes, i could make an Apple one for you, or any other logo or shape really)
s1ngl3t0n's avatar
well i don't have photo shop available to me at home
i would just like to see an apple one like the gray windows rusted wallpaper if possible
thnkz for the time =]
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Any way for you to make it in 1920x1200?
I really like it.
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Yeah a nice set but I liked the rusted one more.
stumbled on this thru flickr when I should have been doing work. Very cool.
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i loved the original one and this is even better. you out did yourself. very nice.
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I dont think the d'load link is working?
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My bad, it's working now man.
Great concept, love how you made one for apple and win, great idea, either the clean or rusted is my wallpaper now, I can't decide because they're just so awesome. Thanks man.
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You sir, are amazing.
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really awesome!
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damn i dont even use windows but this is freakin amazing! ;)
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It is pure, minimal, hot design sex.

And is now my wallpaper.
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