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Pirate Apple

Follow up to the Windows version

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Its wonderfull!!!

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So coool: love it !!! thanks a lot !
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Awesome wallpaper! :D Thanks for sharing
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Great Wallpaper!
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really cool
love it so much
awesome still would be nice to see a linux one, or maybe just the background with the crossbones, and we could add our own OS symbol :)
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Excellent!!! Thank u for this man! :)
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very good

it's possible to have juste the background please


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Great idea :D
Excellent wall and very good work ;)
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Fab! Thanks! xx
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when we will get the *nix one ? ;)
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I thought about putting Tux there but that might look a bit weird :P And there's not really any need to pirate Linux
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but I like so much the skull 'n' bones look... ;P
squishy-kitten-76's avatar
again, lol. still no exclanation point, but still lol.
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my new wallpaper =D
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my new wallpaper =D
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ah its f-ing beautiful! if i hadn't just got myself a beautiful Zelda wallpaper, this would be my new one. i shall download it and keep it for when i get bored of this one. great work! :D
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Cool, I think I'ma use it as my wallpaper.
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