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Pattern Wallpaper Template



I've always loved these simple pattern wallpapers. They're the only type i can stand for very long, other than a plain, solid colour.

So this is a little template to make your own. Click "Download" to get a ZIP file containing the Photoshop PSD.

The PSD will open very small. This is to keep the file size down. It's always annoyed me when people make a wallpaper, then have it in a thousand variations of colour and every possible resolution, making the download 50mb or something ridiculous.

So with this template, you can resize the image yourself to what ever size you like. It's built with adjustment layers, so it won't pixelate or blur. You can choose your own pattern or change the colour very easily.

The only problem is that you need photoshop to be able to do all this... so if you don't have photoshop and want it at a different size, i guess let me know and i'll see what i can do :P

Original pattern from [link]

I've put some more sizes and a black version for download here
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may i Use this for a website that i am designing as a BG. The texture is perfect for that prticular design... :)