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I am not a sniper

Just for fun :)

It was quite fun tracing the Barrett. I'm pleased with how it came out.
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FUR..erm wait... TF2 SNIPER AND PROUD :3
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Might be late, but Cafepress [link] could make you the shirts or whatever else you might like.
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When I first saw it I thought it would be 'I am not a sniper rifle, I am an anti material rifle.' Meh, well. Funny picture though.
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Can you make this kind of wallpaper, but instead of a barrett an AWP (L115A1) ? L96A1 is also fine if you can't find the awp :P
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I thought it was street art but then even though you've made it yourself it's still a great piece :+fav:
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Hehehehehehehehehehe!!!! D D D D
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I am a sniper. Any problem, you *targets*?
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Man, it would be fun to shoot a Barrett! Nice work.
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sure would 8-) Glad you like it
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this is so ace, did you make it one photoshop or something? Its now my background :D
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All made in Photoshop :nod: Glad you like it :D
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that's just what u want us to think....
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Hehehehe! If the implications couldn't be taken the wrong way, I'd say make this a bumpersticker. ^^; Just cuz it looks like one...and it's fun. ^^ :clap: I like it though!
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yeah it would make a good bumper sticker :nod: thanks for the feedback on it! I'm glad you liked it :D
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