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Custom Shapes: Maritime

27 maritime/nautical related shapes. CSH and SVG versions of the shapes in the ZIP file.

This started off last year with this submarine poster i made at uni. I converted the little submarines into Custom Shapes, but they're not particularly detailed, so i didn't want to submit them by themselves.

So i've gradually been adding more shapes and now i think there are enough for me to put up.

The twelve US submarines aren't very detailed, but i've tried to make up for that by putting more detail into the other shapes :)

How do I load Custom Shapes?
How can I make my own Custom Shapes?

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Thank you so much ☺

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just got this on another's page as their work... just letting you know

thank you so much

thanks to help me

i am feeling happy

i cannot download shapes... it takes me other irrelevant pages

Excelente aporte gracias..

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can we use these in our projects
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All the NAVY soldiers will surely amaze of this..I saw that you've work it happily :) .
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waaw you really enjoy it :D
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Awesome shapes
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thanks for sharing been looking for some ships and ribbons to work with it.
Where is download link?
Got it :P Didn't seen side :D
Works like charm I like them ;)
Very interesting - Thanks!

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Hello Luke, 
I have sent you an note regarding the use of your shapes. Here is an example of how I used it personally but I wish to also use it commerically for profit. Please let me know what you think. 


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