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Custom Shapes: Guns Updated

The original file become corrupted or something, so i've added a few extra guns and also put an SVG of all the guns in there, so you don't have to have Photoshop to use them.

If you use one of these for something, comment here or note me or something, because i'd be interested to see :) They've been downloaded like.. six thousand times or something, and i've only ever seen a couple of things made with them :(


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very nice collection!

Hi thankyou for sharing, can i use it for commercial use? i wanna use it on my edit as commercial use. let me know if u allow. thankyou soooo much <33

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Thank you so much!
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Thank you for these! I used one of your gun shapes in a teeshirt design I made for fun (I'm a fan of Critical Role, and one of the characters is a gunslinger type).……

I also credited you on the tumblr post for the main logo:…
okay i'm nearly done:)
if you have any improvements just tell me:)
Thank you mate! I will create a logo for my e-sports team with your AK:)
I'll send you the link shen I'm done!
Great work!
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great work man.I was actually looking for good stg 44 vector or silhouette but whenever I use your work I ll link it to u with full credit
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thanks man cant wait to play with this.
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I'll do my best to remember to link you when I'm done with this design but you have just helped me SO much it's ridiculous
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hi man,very nice work but i wanna ask you:could i use them for commercial guns layer styles?
please answer as soon as possible
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Ah yes for airsoft!
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thanks for sharing!!! i'll probably use them for airsoft stuff.. i'll let you know :)
Using for a custom boardgame.
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