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Custom Shapes: Aircraft

15 shapes made by me and 6 by my brother ~jackroberts. So thanks Jack for letting me use some vectors that he had already made in Flash. Go check out his work - he does a lot of plane related animations and vectors :)


How do I load Custom Shapes?
How can I make my own Custom Shapes?

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Great job! Thank you!

Thank you very much for sharing ! Awesome job ! Both of you are very talented !

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thank you pare

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Thanks heaps, great shape work.

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thank you so much xx
Thank you from Perillo (A Coruña) - Spain
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Such a creative art..Super like it honestly.
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This Website is cool,
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omg i love it too
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i used them here [link] thanks a lot
Our youngest son Trent's favorite aircraft is the SR 71 Blackbird.
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never mind found the designs! :D
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Hey How do I download these on my computer as .CSH files?
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Great stuff Luke - thanks - just what I needed.
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aaah, the a10 is my favourite aircraft!
anyway, thank you, this'll be useful
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