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iOS Scrollbars SL + iTunes
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Published: December 12, 2010
This is a port of 'Weet iOS Scrollbars' [link] to Snow Leopard, using the scrollbar gradients from 'Plastic Pulse' [link]

UPDATE 1: I've added Graphite support, please re-download...

UPDATE 2: double scroll arrow support added (many thanks to dyfolio for creating these ), please re-download...

UPDATE 3: iTunes 10.1 now supported! (created by brycimus, many thanks!)

Full Preview: [link]

Snow Leopard Theme:

Apply with ThemePark 4.1 - Only the scrollbars are included the rest is stock aqua.
The scrollbars can be applied to any theme by dragging the images from 'Scroll Arrows' and 'Scroll Bars' in the Extras.rsrc. (Advanced users only please)

iTunes 10.1:

Only the scrollbars are included the rest is stock iTunes.
Right-click iTunes, 'Show Package Contents' > Contents > Resources.
Backup 'iTunes.rsrc'
Drag the 'iTunes.rsrc' from this package and replace.

To use with other themes open the .rsrc with ThemePark 3 [very glitchy] and drag out resources 3606-3500 to the theme of your choosing. (Advanced users only please).


Prax-08 [link]
neodesktop [link]
dyfolio (double arrow mod)
brycimus (iTunes mod)
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So much prettier! Thank you! I'm staying with Snow Leopard until I'm absolutely forced off it, and this improves the look and feel of it a ton.
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Tintenfisch Filmographer
eek! was wondering if you could help point me in the right direction of getting the left panel of the finder window to be more like the grey in your shot and less like the bluish grey in mine :C
dahzeeh's avatar
this is absolutely beautiful! exactly what i was looking for actually.[link]
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FledMorphineHobbyist Interface Designer
How do you add these to SOG theme?
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aufa333Hobbyist General Artist
can u change the column sizer color ,as the gray shade makes it ugly with the anything but the default bars.
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aufa333Hobbyist General Artist
i fixed the column sizer thing beside some more minor fixes to the mod ,if u want i can send u the fixed one.
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there is a problem with the itunes.rsrc image 3507. The png is the original end of the scroll bar and totally makes this unusable for itunes without the proper png. Anyway you can change or just post the png to 3507. thanks
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Whats the name of your osx theme?
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It's a mix of many the traffic lights are Stiijo, there are also elements of nuala, SOG and plasticpulse...
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PLEASE find a way for this to be the default scrollbar in the whole OS...maybe try what this guy did, because his works:

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What this guy has done is essentially the same, ThemePark simply automates this progress, I could have released a manually applied version but i'd get too many people complaining about it being too difficult to apply.
Asparagi39's avatar
Nevermind, I'm just an idiot. Got it to work...thanks SO much!
Asparagi39's avatar
So you can't then? That's disappointing...amazing work anyways. Some serious eye you've got.
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blackzenitProfessional Filmographer
Plastic Pulse is installed with Terminal or manually, doesn`t have a ThemePark archive, so... how can I install this? (:
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[link] - the horizontal scrollbar isn't completely themes :/ I'm using Snow Leopard/10.6.5. What's up with that? I love the scrollbars otherwise.
Njke's avatar
Yeah, that's because of Scroll Arrows None Left image. Manually copy there the right image in ThemePark.
elletricity's avatar
Thank you so much! It looks perfect now :3
Njke's avatar
Thank you so much!
But is it only me, who has a problem of default with Scroll Arrows None Down/Right? Changed it manually and works perfectly!
Thank you very much again! Was hoping that someone will make it!
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Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou....
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UPDATE 3: iTunes 10.1 now supported! (created by brycimus, many thanks!)
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blackzenitProfessional Filmographer
This is very good stuff!
The minimize buttons and that is from Nuala Theme right?

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Hey Luke,
I really love these scroll bars, well done on your work and initiative!
If you ever get the chance, could you do a version with darker sliders please because, to me, there isn't that much contrast between the slider and the background.

Thank you very much!
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Maybe if I get time, it shouldn't be too hard just a matter of opening them in Photoshop and changing the opacity...
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