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Reptilian humanoid

another friendly alien!
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can I borrow the cosplay, it's so cool and beautiful

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I've been writing a new story and trying to find an image that fits this species.  THIS image does exactly that.  Thank you so much for creating it.
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Oh yes, this is perfect for an example pic of Saurians
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Wow, really nice!
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Some crazy cool subsurface scattering on this..nice rendering
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This is looks great, too.  Not to mention (s)he looks as friendly as the description says.  :)
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Excellent work :)
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Do you do commissions?
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Yes absolutely. If you have any requests or questions, send them to
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I like this. Very nice =)
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Impressive - looks a thinker!

Excellent work on the skin.
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Squidward! Your nose has shrunk! :noes:
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Best alien ever.
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Reminds me of a Silurian...
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I'm not gonna lie, my first thought was "Voldemort? O_o". *shot for being a nerd* XD

But this is awesome. :3
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maybe they could hang out some time. Thanks
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The lighting is really sublime.. almost life-like. Really amazing.

What program did you use to make this?

I wont ask how look it took you to make this as you will probably say somelike 'about 2 hours' which will only make me cry for an hour. :)

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Thank you for saying so. I like this guy too - I might do something else with him/her.

I always use photoshop and the basic round brushes for this piece, which i did a while back but I think I was painting it over two days - so don't cry!

Thanks again!
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