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Windows-OSX Concept

been fiddling around with it and changed a few things around, so i figured i would upload a new preview image :) (still just a .psd file so far)
Trying to make it a nice mix between Windows Aero and Mac OS X. So this is what i have so far :)

Still very much a work in progress...

Comments and feedback are welcome :)

(Wallpaper is Aurora Burst by Kyle Gray)
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Interesting to know that Windows 10 removes the windows borders.

Very nice concept. :)
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download link pls when i klick download image nothing happens
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This is very nice Lukeedee.

I would leave Close Max/Minimize on the right for the most common apps running under vs, unless you can manage it to line up with back/forward button, it does not look properly when it's not at least for me. i use [link] pure morning as my default, older version though not latest version cuz it hurts my eyes with the new released. what i meant is it doesn't have to be exact like mac, you're making it better.
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I know what you mean :)
If I can get the time to make it I will probably leave it on the right side
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it is awesome...dude....
i like it very much... (':
plzz make it as soon as possible ..for windows 7 nd 8 .....

You should show this gui to microsoft ..may be..they would apply this gui in their next os....
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Are you gonna finish this one, this looks awesome...pls, do it :)
i-live-untitled's avatar
I like this a lot.
It looks incredible.
cupl-z's avatar
let me known if it's done...thx
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your concept is awesome,,,,
when will be done?
when will i be able to download this ?
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Are you almost done with it? I want!! :3
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Looks great though doesn't have that much of a OSX feel to it.
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I love this ! Amazing work :D Have you got the project to make a theme for windows 7 (or windows 8) ? :)
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did you ever make this? its pretty goddamn smooth. pink and purple is a matter of, uhm, preference but regardless its nice. if you still have the psd ill make it happen for you and host it on my site.. all due credit of course =D
Lukeedee's avatar
i had started it... but i dont use a windows computer very often anymore :(
Although if you would like to fiddle around with it i suppose i could send it to you.
Lukeedee's avatar
Where should i send it to ?
Aaron-A-Arts's avatar
can you note me a link? if not you can email it to me at =)
Hey, Just one comment, why does all these themes have the apple logo as the start button... I would much rather have the windows icon instead of the Apple Logo... Since it is a windows pc.... Also I'm willing to help this project along in anyway I can, just tell me what I can do and I'll go do it :D
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good point. will have to remember to include one :) if i get the time to finish the theme.
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