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PlastiQ Aero 1.1

By Lukeedee
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(update - Version 1.1)

PlastiQ Aero theme for Windows 7.

Download includes:
-Start Orb
-Icons (Two different styles, square and shaped)
-ExplorerFrame for 32 and 64bit versions (install only if you know what you are doing. I'm not responsible if you stuff it up)

Hope You like it :)

-32bit explorerframe thanx to [link]

(the photoshop icon in the preview is not part of my icon collection and can be found in AP-GRAPHIK's gallery [link])
© 2011 - 2020 Lukeedee
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I like this theme in the windows and it works well, I recommend 11/10
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How to install ?
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1. install 3rd party themes here link:…
2. and patch all files and restart pc
3. after resetting in the desktop, click the right mouse button and click Personalize and click PlastiQ Aero
4. Done!
if you want to replace explorerframe.dll or have icons and orb then look on the internet for programs on icons but here it is more
For Explorerframe.dll
1. on C:\Windows\System32\explorerframe.dll make copies and copy this file to some folder eg c: \
2. I do not know, but use it better…
3. select this theme and in explorerframe.dll select this file, if you have 32-bit, unpack 32-bit versions, as you have 64-bit, unpack 64-bit versions
4. here click install theme & system files
5. Done? because I did not do it but I think you should do it
For Orb
probably this but I do not know or look for another program
For icon
but for safety, do everything in this program:…
Thank you
I wanted to write something but Google is too stupid
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Very Nice !!! Thank ...Love:D (Big Grin) 
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Awsome Design! :) But please fix with the gray and white (See Picture ;D)

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1.Make one for xp :D
2.It's awesome!!!
3.How do you guys make themes? I want to make 1 too.
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Just to give you a heads up, I would like you to fix the basic theme taskbar. :)
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in my spare time I am putting together a replacement theme for this :) will fix the problems
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That is AWESOME! It's like Windows Aero, but in Platsic Mode! Good Work!
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Gorgeous theme. Absolute favorite implementation of the taskbar ever. Just one thing: the scrollbar is a pixel off.
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is 32 bit o 64 bit ?
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32 if i remember correctly :)
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genmaumauHobbyist General Artist
Curto muito temas nesse estilo, pois não deixa a área de trabalho "poluída"
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PexusDesignsProfessional Interface Designer
I really enjoyed using this theme thankyou.
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Nice theme indeed, but it seems like the link to the ExplorerFrame is bad.

Can you please add links to 32 and 64bit ExplorerFrames?
Kind regards
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i think there both included in the download. the link is just to a profile.
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Yeah, I was a bit fast there.. sry!:hmm:
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Seems fishy. Comments say it isn't installing and that its infected, to me this looks a lot like AP-GRAPHIK's Soft7 Theme.
The Explorer Buttons and taskbar look exactly the same. You just applied a purple background.
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this is safe
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similar but its not the same. still only an early attempt at making a windows 7 theme.
and the file is not "infected" or anything like that.
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Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding.
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