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Flurry Stack

By Lukeedee
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(update) Modified flurry icon for stacks.

To install just copy and past to you're dock resource folder and relaunch you're dock.

All credit goes to IconFactory and David Lanham :)
© 2010 - 2021 Lukeedee
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Do you have a link for the sidebar icons you're showing in the stack window? I've been looking everywhere for those exact ones!
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Ope, never mind. they were on the Iconfactory page. Go figure...
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What is te sites folder for?
beauty. Thanks
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Were you on a Mac for this? I know the icons work in Windows, but I'm just curious about the dock and the stack. Looks way cooler than rocketdocks >_>
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Yes i was using a Mac :)
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Nooooooooooooooooo. Lol, thanks. Thats all I needed to know :) Thanks for the icon
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you're welcome :)
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only 128px,Upgrade to 512px?
Thanks so much!
Been looking for something like this =]
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You're welcome :)
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only for mac?
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No you can use it on windows to :) It's a .png file so it should work with just about any dock
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Great job man!
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Thanx :) tho most of the work was not done by me. so i cant take much credit. But glad you like it :D
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Amazing!!! Mega-respect to ya! :Ъ Fond of it!
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Thanks for this much needed icon!

FYI, to all...

This is where I found the file to replace the stock icon with Lukeedee's. Try it at your own risk!!!

Remember to BACK-UP!!!

Macintosh HD
right click&select
(Show package contents)
back-up and replace

for the left and right arrows I rotated the icon 90 degree
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Your very welcome :) glad you like it
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stuck sucks :( it always keep my ipod touch go on safe mode all the time :|
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what dock is in the preview? XWD? OBJdock? theme?
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Its the dock in Snow Leopard. tho you could use it for XWD or rocketdock if you know how to replace the files for it :)
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Very Nice man I like it :). Where can I get the flurry template PSD been looking for it with no success :(.
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