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King of the Iron Cyborg

By LukeDenby
Day 19 of 365 days of Cyborgs

Yoshimitsu is a one of the only characters to be in every single Tekken fighting game. I never got into Tekken to much. 2 and 3 got a fair amount of attention but I have always been a Street Fighter guy (four is out and a blast by the way, like trying on an old pair of pants and finding that they not only still fit but you found an unopened pack of fruit stripe gum in one of the pockets)

The fact that he is both a cyborg and a ninja pretty much guarantees he will kill you. The ninja part makes it pretty likely but the fact that his killing needs have been amplified by cold emotionless steel pretty much clinches that they will kill you (not to imply that ninja are not cold and/or emotionless)
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SO COOL!! It's really good work!
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Amazing ...
Is it just me or is he kind of perverted-looking?
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great work dude
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Awesome but that like that separates teeth from other face should be thinner...IMO
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I agree it looks kind of odd but I was trying to emphasize the fact it is kind of a shell around his normal self.
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Yea but imo he got that shell kinda like on his teeth too (if it is even any kind of shell/armor/stuff) 'cuz tey're same color and imo look like they're blend in with rest of the face... or smthing...
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Yes. I loved playing as Yoshimitsu in Tekken. I pwned with him and Eddy~
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thats what im talkin bout!
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