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Zachary Foxx, head of the Series 5 Rangers from the cartoon show "Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers" I'm not sure why it wasn't called Adventures of the Series 5 Rangers, or they weren't called the Galaxy Rangers. Anyways, Foxx here was critically injured by a space pirate named Captain Kidd and half of his body was replaced with advanced bionics enabling super strength and lazer hand blasts
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no guts no glory~!
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i liked this series. except for when they had to perform at an alien rock concert as a disguise.
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I liked when the Tanner family got stranded on an island and some natives found them, but then they had to perform at a concert with the Beach Boys (they just showed up on the wrong side of the island)
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wow. my friend went to the park and got a picture of the exact shot of the house from the opening of that show.