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365 days of Cyborgs

The Cyberdemon is often considered the toughest creature in the Doom games. In Doom II the instruction booklet referred to it as "A missile-launching skyscraper with goat legs. 'Nuff said" I don't think I've ever killed one of these things without god mode on. I really should go back and give the classic Doom's a shot, I never really played FPS back in the day.
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try to kill him with the boomstick
MKFan12's avatar
Hell no! When you get to the top of the Tower of Babel, pull out a Rocket Launcher and fight fire with fire :D
AspiePie's avatar
It explodes when it die!
ViviDull's avatar
Super love the way you drew the horns and cannon! O:

Awesome coloring style.
Neurovore's avatar
I never got very far in the Doom series myself. I always kept getting lost in the levels themselves to the point of getting frustrated and quitting after going around in circles after all of the enemies in the area were killed.
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Circlestrafing tactics are your friend. Rocket launcher is NOT (Cybies take no blast damage, so a rocket does as much damage... as a shotgun shell).
Commandox20's avatar
True, but the rocket launcher puts rockets out faster than the shotgun(either) actions.
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Niiice! Great job on the face and the color! A bit of advice: when facing the cyberdemon, stay the hell back and fire a mass of bullets and plasma at it. Usually works for me if I'm not already dead from his rockets :3
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Looks like the lovechild of Samus and Motaro. :/ That's a good thing.
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can't tell where the shoulder and the upper arm connect or differ.
dig those horns though.
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It looks sick, but I agree he's missing the shoulder muscle.
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He's a goat cyborg from hell, his anatomy is magic.
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