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The Alchemist

By lukechueh
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18" x 24"
Acrylic + Ink

This is one of the paintings featured in my solo show at gallery 1988
in case you don't get it, "Au" is the symbol for "Gold" on that chemical chart (whose actual name currently evades me.)
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© 2005 - 2021 lukechueh
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remember, remember ...
childgasm's avatar
This one is my favorite.
ElaryWakefield's avatar
I really love how powerful this is. Great work.
sChinetheoNe's avatar
love it! i envy you so much! ¬¬
sadiesyx's avatar
Nice :) I really like this guy, and actually, I love all of your work that I've seen. All of the different bears I'm like, "I've felt like that". Same with this piece...anyway, keep making the awesome art! And the best to you in 2010. :)
joemcfarland1's avatar
I love this picture. I've had it hanging on my wall for 2 years now. I got it when they printed it in Juxtapoz or some art magazine. Keep up the great work.
ccaliart's avatar
saw this in juxtapose last year, blew me away. it's stuck in my mind since then. glad i randomly stumbled across it. awesome stuff.
zehntes's avatar
awesome. saw this in juxtapoz.
Spooner-Jones's avatar
I saw this deviation in the August edition of the Juxtapoz mag in the Cannibal Flower article. Do you read juxtapoz? Well no matter this is a very awesome painting!
kirkfinger's avatar
full page even. nice one luke!
KorpiHunaja's avatar
vomitorium aureum. :) slick.
DeadGirl6's avatar
I just got here and I have been watching your are above alll my favorites :)
pavolsalgari's avatar
wow, nice pictures :eyepopping:
Timestius's avatar
excellent very amazing and orgininal !
mental-traffic's avatar
this is fantastically twisted! :clap: nice colors and nice work! =)
Bollenbach's avatar
haha.. this is really cute for some reason...
the more he drinks.. the MORE HE PUKES!
-marysia-'s avatar
periodic table of elements? :P

Congrats! Im so happy you finally got a DD, you have deserved it for so long. I was wondering when you'd get one.
papertigress's avatar
This one made my jaw drop... How the hell do you come up with this stuff?! Ne way, even if the illustration wasn't perfect (it is) this would have been a great deviation! The concept is just genious!

angony's avatar
had to look twice or three times....i like it :clap:
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