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Davos Seaworth

Done with Photoshop, wacom intuos 4 and a video screen as reference.

Here you can have a look at some few steps [link]
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Great job, Thank you! ❤️

by, AI image lossless enlarge
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Fantastic job. He is a loyal man, honorable counselor, and loving father figure. Two thumbs up.
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Totally Amazing!!! And yay Davos, there's not enough Davos Art here (that or I'm looking in the wrong places) so Thank You!!! xoxo
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You were my true king, Stannis!
I loved you...
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DAVOS!! :)
Sailing the seven seas I know people find him boring, but I think even so he's a great man. Very loyal.
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He is a true father to both his son and even shireen. That scene in s6e10 was his best performance yet.
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He is adorable!!!
Hail the Onion Niggit.
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captured him great, love the wintery tones
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love the expression here :)
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This is extremely well done! :) I especially love the way you painted the beard...
Hello. Can I buy this please? I have a Reddit gift to give. GOT Exchange. The person I am gifting loves this particular actor in GOT. I haven't found nary a thing to purchase this cool with this actor. I think the deadline is July 17th or 19th. You can reach me here Thanks for your help!

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does anybody saw the deer ? ;)
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i love davos. i love his honor.
this is great!
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me too, I mean he's an honourable man! I hope he won't die.
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Cool character & amazing work !
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Thanks man!! ;)
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