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I would like to apologise for being away for a while. Things with University are getting more intense, especially since I'm doing 4 subjects this term. With these last few days of break week, I've decided to bring you some news on future Death Battle requests, which just so happens to involve something at E3.

Like many, I was excited to see Kingdom Hearts 3's release date, along with Smash Bros. Ultimate. But we were also somewhat invested in 'Jump Force', the latest fighting game starring characters from Shonen Jump. In honour of this, I have decided that Death Battle Requests 191-200 will focus on characters from Jump. This proved to be a problem at first since I don't know many characters with similarities to one another, so I made a compromise: requests 191-195 will only have one Jump combatant fighting someone from another source, while 196-200 will have both combatants from Jump. After that, I will take a brief hiatus from making requests so I can get Uni done, along with working on other projects. So please be patient until Death Battle Request 191.
Keepers of the Keys (Fairy Tail)
Celeste Citedull is the daughter of one of the greatest wizards around. After said wizard was murdered, Celeste travels alongside her friends to avenge her death and search for her missing treasures. Their first move: join Fairy Tail, the greatest guild in Fiore.

This story will take place sometime after the series ended. Team Natsu will still be on their 100-year job, but will appear later in the story.

Mosaic (Zettai Karen Children)
BABEL has heard word of a vigilante esper on the streets of Akihabara, his face and voice distorted through his ESP, going by the name Mosaic. After finding this boy, Director Tsubomi has decided that he shall become BABEL’s latest government esper, under the supervision of Minamoto and the Children.

This story will take place before the first time skip, when the Children were nearing their teen years.

My Support Academia (My Hero Academia)
Despite being born Quirkless, Benjiro Maijima wished to help people like his uncle, the Excavation Hero Power Loader. To do this, he enrolls into the UA High Support Course, where he gets to make any sort of gadget he wants. But all that changes when he was chosen to accompany Class 1-A to the USJ.

This will take place alongside Midoriya’s story.
While I am still in the middle of making everything (not sure if this will even come to fruition), I've decided to write out a few summaries of all the stories I've made while categorising them into the forms of media they are based on. These entries will be updated should a make a title for an untitled story or make a new story all together.

X-Knight: Adventures in Avengers Academy (Marvel Comics)

After learning of their parents being part of the Purifiers extremist group, brothers Alexander & Andrew Johnson fled their home in Florida to New York to seek asylum with their world’s heroes. Andy learns how to use his mutant powers alongside the X-Men, while Alex trains under Giant-Man & the Wasp at Avengers Academy.
This universe will have an abundance of stories based on existing storylines from cartoons & video games, modified to include other characters.

The Blue Light of Hope (DC Comics)
With unlimited power literally at his fingertips, Sebastian Gallagher shall make his mark in the world of superheroes, all the while wondering where he came from. He will team up with the greatest of heroes, gain wisdom from beyond the stars and fight dastardly villains. His greatest weapon is hope for a peaceful world.
This universe will have an abundance of stories based on existing storylines from cartoons & video games, modified to include other characters.
For those not in the know (which is probably all of my visitors), I used to have an empty folder called 'Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.' This was intended to be a fanfic in similar to the book series 'Kingdom Keepers,' in which attractions from Disney Land would come to life and its up to some of the young employees to stop villains from running amok. However, this has been cancelled mostly because I lost interest in it. So, I decided to delete the folder, but keep the idea of a Disney crossover, which ultimately became a 'Kingdom Hearts' story. That being said, the main thing I need to figure out would be what kind of worlds my characters should explore during their battle against the darkness. Ultimately, I have come up with three options for choosing the worlds:

1. Do what most fan fiction writers do and use worlds that don't originate from Disney, such as Bikini Bottom (SpongeBob SquarePants) or Equestria (My Little Pony).
2. Wait for Kingdom Hearts III to come out and see which worlds they didn't add, and work my way up from there.
3. Use worlds based on my other fan stories, such as 'Accept the Call' or 'Fable Force.'

In the end, it will come down to these three choices and I won't make the list of worlds for this story until I make a decision.