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Request #97 Gray vs Esdeath by LukeAlanBundesen Request #97 Gray vs Esdeath by LukeAlanBundesen
What killed off the dinosaurs? Maybe one of these two.

Gray Fullbuster, Fairy Tail's resident Ice Mage vs Esdeath, the Empire's most powerful general

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sadmansstut Featured By Owner Edited Apr 12, 2017
What a stupid fuck.
Gray has shown to fight on par with a demon as high as END. 
You are fucking high as hell to suggest she can keep up with someone who fought on par with a demon who destroyed a time age mage on the same ilk of Esdeath.
Esdeath gets dominated physically and destroyed. She can not keep up with Gray phsyically.
Not that I expect a delusional Gray hater/Natsu tard to understand that much.
Esdeath durability and endurance is shit, and she can't keep up with Gray.
Not to mention, Gray uses DeS Roar to take her down. 

Get Natsu's dick outta your ass, and come up with some logic instead of bias.

Gray isn't a weak pussy like Natsu.
There goes your credibility. "Gray doesn't kill". Let me remind you he's one of the few to actually kill someone in Tartaros. Fag.
Gray is faster? Are you fucking high? She's a natural born killer who has hunted and slain beasts stronger than her since she was young. Gray gets destroyed. Not that I expect a delusional Graytard like you to see reason. Her ferocity, ruthlessness and speed even put AKAME to shame until she used her demon mode to enhance herself. Gray gets destroyed. Ice Immunity doesn't amount to shit when he doesn't have immunity TO TIME STOPPING and getting a sword stabbed through his heart or head.

Plus his ice immunity doesn't cover the fact that Esdeath was about to encase the ENTIRE FUCKING EMPIRE INTO AN ICEAGE WHILE STILL FIGHTING. Get that ice cold cock out of your ass before you try to come up with a real argument.

Plus Gray's number one weakness. He doesn't KILL! Unless it's his useless plot tool of a zombie father who didn't know jack shit.  Whereas Esdeath kills as easy as she breathes.
LukeAlanBundesen Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017
You do realise that in Death Battle, any morals about no killing is taken away, or did you not see when Batman hung Captain America over a light post & then cut off his lower half with his own shield?
sadmansstut Featured By Owner Edited Apr 11, 2017
Esdeath doesn't do shit to a guy who is literally immune to ice. Gray is much faster, and far more swiftier.  so Gray stomps. She gets blitzed before using time stop.

Although Esdeath can rape and chop off slow ass characters like Natsu tho 
Esdeath rapes Gray. Mahapadma then rapier through the  heart or head. Or both given she has time stop to give her the time to do it
sadmansstut Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017
Gray low-mid diff
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April 10, 2017
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