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Request #88 Ladybug vs Blossom by LukeAlanBundesen Request #88 Ladybug vs Blossom by LukeAlanBundesen
Take it from someone who's had a yo-yo as a kid, those things hurt.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, the Miraculous Ladybug vs Hyper Blossom, leader of the Powerpuff Girls Z

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goldorakx69 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2017
sure ladybug will a good foe to fight hyper blossom but hyper blossom got super sthenth and super speed and durabillty and she can fond weakness ladybug! plus ladybug got time lime to use her power! and if use one power move her time limite is now only 5 minute were the powerpuff girls got no time limite to use her power! and this is a big down fall for ladybug! labybug use more her power on luck but luck can't win on blossom! the only chance to win is with cat noir he power can hurt blossom but can't destroy the uniform of blossom for one reason! the uniform is indestrotible! only the rode of her yo-yo but ervery time her yo-yo the rode be destroy the yo-yo transform to energy and go in her ring and she make her yo-yo all new! plus she got DYNAMO Z but i dont she need to best ladybug! Ladybug mose the time can't win wont Cat Noir! plus blossom can breck the hering she got if the miraculous is destroy she losse her power but right now the show never show the miraculous can be destroy! plus ladybug move around like spider-man but she not super sthenth of spider-man or power to face blossom! plus got a other weapon her rebon bomerenk! is not possible for ladybug to win for fact blossom are to powerfull and more fast! and she face demon and monster and robot! sure ladybug face some danger to but is only pepeule turn evil and can only win with the help cat noir! plus ladybug can use some purification with her yo-yo but work only on betterfly! blossom can use the z-ray blaster on ladybug and ladybug turn back to marinette! but blossom dont need this to win in a death battle! blossom she more powerfull with her team but alone she still more powerfull! this fight is like superman vs batman but on the is one the losser is not superman! so blossom win! not only her weapon is dangerous her fist and feet! sure ladybug can hurt her but her uniform protect her more what the uniform ladybug can! blossom got hit by a fall volcanick rock on her back if were on her normal form this will kill her! plus blossom can breath in space were ladybug can't not!
here one thing ladybug win and if for a boyfriend ! oh this hurt! plus if blossom grab her and thouw in the space ladybug die by losse her air! but if were foget is a death battle thos two can be a great teamed! but this battle to death! so in this fight! no teamed! no z-ray blaster! well all are not form all the girl can do all by her self! but is sad this fight i not fair to ladybug!
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April 8, 2017
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