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Request #1 Hawk and Dove vs Cloak and Dagger by LukeAlanBundesen Request #1 Hawk and Dove vs Cloak and Dagger by LukeAlanBundesen
A lot of people have done this, so might as well give it a shot. This will be the first of many Requests for Death Battle that will be put onto both DeviantArt and Facebook. In what I like to call the battle of the yin-yang duos, it's Hawk and Dove from DC vs Cloak and Dagger from Marvel.

These duos were chosen because of how different their members are: one represents something negative (Hawk: war, Cloak: darkness), while the other represents something positive (Dove: peace, Dagger: Light). In addition, the negative being can become very dangerous should they get separated form the positive one. If Dove gets away from Hawk, he will go into an uncontrollable rage, unable to tell the difference between friend or foe. If Dagger gets to far from Cloak, the darkness that surrounds his body will consume everything around him.

Nowadays, Death Battle sometimes do these battles to commemorate something, so I recommend we do this sometime after the first season - or at least the premiere - of the upcoming Cloak and Dagger TV series.

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MysteriousTomJenkins Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018
This is an interesting match up I didn't think about but its pretty cool. I would say I think Cloak and Dagger would when after a hard fought victory because they have the means to insta kill Hawk and Dove where as H&D does not. H&D are physically superior to C&D since their transformations make them stronger, faster, tougher and increases their senses but that won't be anything new to C&D who were big threats to Spiderman and even in modern comics still give him trouble. If Dagger can get a good hit in with one of her daggers, she can drain them of their life force immediately and if Cloak absorbs them than they are trapped in his cloak and will die a slow death. The only thing I think they have in their favor, besides their strong senses which could keep them out of harms way is Dove's light powers she had in Blackest Night. That was capable of damaging Black Lanterns so I feel it could potentially hurt Cloak who mostly intangible besides his head, however Cloak's main thing is he eats Dagger's light to sustain himself and Dagger's light is life force, Dove's light is from the white light of creation, which seems similar to life force since it is all about life, with that in mind, Cloak could just feed off of that and not be effected by it.

My matchup for Cloak and Dagger was against two characters of one of my favorite video games, Law and Order since they seemed pretty similar but once I looked up what C&D could do, they can keep up with Spiderman, Dagger can drain a man of life force with just one dagger and its incredibly hard to break out from Cloak's cloak, he even momentarily held Thanos in it before Thanos broke out of it. Even restraining him for a few seconds is impressive considering his power so Cloak and Dagger are dangerous with their powers, Cloak even more so since there isn't much you can do to him physically. I think they would win but Hawk and Dove will be hard opponents, especially for Dagger who isn't intangible so she can actually be hurt.
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January 10, 2017
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