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Dark Elf Love :iconlukaskullard:LukaSkullard 62 30

Frequently Asked Questions

:aww: Thank you for visiting my gallery!

I create 3D fantasy artwork of original characters belonging to myself and my husband skullard. Most of my images are pinups or portraits. You'll notice a lot of elves and tieflings in here. I have a special fondness for those races. :heart:

My renders often feature yaoi (boy-love) couples. If you don't like that sort of thing, this isn't the gallery for you!

The program I'm using is called DAZ Studio. It's free to download, so you can try it yourself if you're interested in becoming a 3D artist!

Since I am often asked certain questions, I thought I'd go ahead and answer them here where the information can be readily available to anyone who is curious;

:bulletblack: I do not make explicit nudes, pornography or fan-art

:bulletblack: I am not open for commissions

:bulletblack: I do not take requests or create art on demand

:bulletblack: I only do trades with Friends that I know and trust

:bulletblack: My characters can not be purchased or adopted

:bulletblack: I do not give away my scene files or character dials

:bulletblack: You may not take credit for my images or characters or claim them as your own work

:bulletblack: You may not upload my artwork anywhere else

:bulletblack: You may not alter or edit my images

:bulletblack: You may not profit from my artwork or characters

:bulletblack: You may not use my artwork or characters for your own avatars, fiction, roleplays or any other purposes

:bulletblack: You may not use my images or stories for your own homework assignments or projects

:bulletblack: None of the characters in my gallery are available to roleplay with anyone else's characters

:bulletblack: Do not ask me for Core Memberships, Points, gift cards, money or other presents

Please don't leave messages or notes asking me to change my mind about any of these things. I will not make special exceptions for you even if you send your request in private. If you ask me for porn or try to engage me in sexual roleplay, I will block you immediately.

I'm still very new at 3D art, so my renders are far from perfect. I just do this for fun and I'm not a professional. I'm really grateful for the support and kindness of other artists. I'm having a wonderful time with DeviantArt, and it's so nice to be able to make new friends! :)

Thank you so much for looking around. I really appreciate any comments, favorites or watches. It makes me very happy when someone says they like my art. I hope to continue improving!





LukaSkullard's Profile Picture
Luka Skullard
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
:bulletblack: I do NOT take requests
:bulletblack: I am NOT open for commissions
:bulletblack: Trades are for trusted friends only
:bulletblack: I do NOT roleplay with anyone other than my husband skullard

Please DON'T leave comments or send notes asking me to change my mind about any of these things. I will NOT make special exceptions for you even if you send your request in private. If you ask me for pornography I will block you immediately.

Thank you for visiting my gallery! :) My artwork is for my own enjoyment, so I only create the kinds of things that I want to see. Although I am very grateful for all Watches, Favorites and comments, I will absolutely NOT change anything about my art style or characters to suit anyone else's tastes or personal preferences.

My artwork and characters can NOT be uploaded anywhere else. You may NOT use my characters as icons, avatars or IDs. You may absolutely NOT use my characters to represent yourself or your own characters for your own fiction or roleplays.

Please consult my FAQ further down the page if you have any other questions!
Credits :star:

:icontasukravonliathmore: :iconsnowtightfrostbite: :iconvampiresiberian: :iconskullard: :iconchienu: :iconxdaiax: :icongxiaohui: :iconportisheart: :iconxhirokhai: :iconhironounmei: :iconinspirelirium: :iconasahi-taichou: :iconlucy-luxluna: :iconnapalmarsenal:

I'm so happy to feature this wonderful collage of gifts I have received! :aww: There are many talented artists on this site. It is a pleasure to make new Deviant friends. :huggle: If you enjoy these images, please visit the artists' galleries and show them your support!

Here is some amazing artwork that friends have made of my OCs. I am always deeply flattered when someone enjoys one of my characters enough to make artwork of them. 
   Kai x Pierce - Cuddletime by TasukraVonLiathmore   Kai - Chibi by TasukraVonLiathmore  

Mature Content

Millisint by skullard
   Zakrafein~ by SnowTightFrostBite   K'Lyna by skullard 
  Happy Bday! by VampireSiberian   Echo by skullard   Sketches by VampireSiberian   Yoshi~! by SnowTightFrostBite     Fenn by VampireSiberian 

  Inktober 4 - Kai by TasukraVonLiathmore   Inktober 9 by VampireSiberian   Rin Okimoto by SnowTightFrostBite   Zakrafein by TasukraVonLiathmore   (G) Random by VampireSiberian 
Azazel by SnowTightFrostBite   Doctor Kai~ by TasukraVonLiathmore   Inktober 13 - Kai by TasukraVonLiathmore   Inktober 27/31 by VampireSiberian  Izabelle by XDaiaX

Zassrion by GXiaoHui  Happy Bday gift for LukaSkullard by XhiroKhai  Kai For Luka by chienu  Caspian (character from LukaSkullard) - update by HiroNoUnmei   Cassandra Ealoeth by TasukraVonLiathmore

Kai - Nice to meet you! by TasukraVonLiathmore   Inktober 21 by TasukraVonLiathmore  Inktober22 LukaSkullard by VampireSiberian   Happy Valentines! - Kai - Gift by TasukraVonLiathmore

(G) Happy Birthday Luka by VampireSiberian  Salem (Birthday Gift) by Lucy-LuxLuna   Kai - Late birthday present by TasukraVonLiathmore

There are cool cross-over images of my characters meeting with other original characters!

   Tasu and Leo meeting Kai and Pierce by TasukraVonLiathmore 

Mature Content

Leonardo and Zakrafein - Violet Passion by TasukraVonLiathmore
   Tasukra and Kai - Sing a song of peace by TasukraVonLiathmore   Crackship- Yoshi X Bjaurus by SnowTightFrostBite 

AU - Tasukra and Kai Kiss by TasukraVonLiathmore   Merry Christmas from Tasukra and Kai! by TasukraVonLiathmore

I have also commissioned talented artists to draw my characters for me. The results are very beautiful!

Zakrafein [Commission-028] by chienu   Kai [Commission-029] by chienu   (Comm) Kai by VampireSiberian  Commission~ LukaSkullard's OC Daevin by XhiroKhai

:happybounce: And here are some adorable characters that friends have created as gifts for me! Actually, a few of these ARE me. :giggle:

Thank you SO much to the wonderful Deviants who gave me these fantastic presents, I honestly treasure them. :blushes: I will continue to update this special journal entry when I receive new gifts!

If you would like to make some artwork of my characters, I'd absolutely LOVE that! 
Please note that I have a few conditions though;

:bulletblack: You must always tag me and credit me as the owner and designer of the characters

:bulletblack: You can not take control of my characters by making them "canon" with your own

:bulletblack: You can absolutely not profit from my characters in any way whatsoever




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Which fantasy race would you like to be? 

53 deviants said Elf
16 deviants said Tiefling
6 deviants said Dhampir
3 deviants said Dwarf
2 deviants said Halfling
2 deviants said Genasi
1 deviant said Gnome
1 deviant said Orc
No deviants said Aasimar
No deviants said Kobold


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If you have enjoyed the images in my gallery, please consider giving a donation! Thank you so much for supporting my artwork! ^_^

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