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By LukasKokoska
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Hi everybody, today the time has finally come to release Janguru

to the public. We spent the last few months working on this thing

and had a lot of fun trying out stuff that hasn't been the content

your Deviant Art suite would usually include, like testing acrylic blur, modifying typeface and making desktop applets with some cool transitions.


So, what took us so long?

Most of us have been incredibly busy during January & February with work, life and education. We did our best to balance it out and find some free time and work on this, and luckily we didn't have to put the suite on hold, although we did have to sacrifice some features in the process, but more on that later, let's get to the good stuff!



Janguru Wallpapers by LukasKokoska Janguru Type features by LukasKokoska
Janguru-Icons by niivu Janguru Theme for Windows 10 by niivu
Janguru AIMP by burnsplayguitarJanguru Launcher by hal-ullr
Janguru Calendar and Weather by hal-ullr

No guarantees

As you might remember, there were previews of gtk and gnome shell themes by niivu as well. Since these are not in the shape to be publicly available though, we decided it would be better to postpone those and perhaps work on them in the near future as a separate thing, with bigger support for more desktop environments. We can't guarantee a linux release, but I do think that might be my rice priority after this.

Other than linux themes, we also had to cut weather and calendar widgets hal-ullr is still working on. These will be released very soon so stay tuned. They are finished and published as seen in the collection. burnsplayguitar will also be updating his AIMP skin to fix bugs and minor issues. To sum it up, release today is not a total collection of skins and themes we'd like the project to consist of, but we also didn't want you to wait any longer.

Roll the credits

This release certainly wouldn't be possible without the other authors so please thank them and follow their work if you haven't yet! They've brought their own thing into the original concept and put a spin on it to make it happen and often times better than what I had in mind it would originally have to be. Following the progress of their parts of the suite was very cool and fun and I hope we are going to this again in the future.

:iconlukaskokoska:    :iconniivu:    :iconhal-ullr:    :iconburnsplayguitar:



Marius Bauer, Jamie Green, Alan Godfrey,
Nathan Ziemanski, Chuttersnap & Impallari Type

Skin by Dan Leveille, Fixes by BloodyWing
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wait where do i download this

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How can I get this ? Help me !
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I'd love to know too, been looking everywhere!

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I think it needs to be downloaded separately, click the preview images.

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I just installed everything from this suit ! GREAT WORK ! love these themes and stuff so much, no bug, no issue... keep up the good work <3 LukasKokoska niivu burnsplayguitar :clap:

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im glad this is real
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Incredible work on this suite... really I'm impressed!
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Oh man, awesome job, I'd love to have more free time to participate on these kind of projects..

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Providing art, making it interactive for masses of people
It's a very noble deed; it is inspiring as well as one of the most selfless acts possible <3
Thank you LukasKokoska, niivu, burnsplayguitar and hal-ullr 
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This is amazing work on the design and all the skins and themes. Stunning work.
JustSychevsky's avatar
OMG, I have no words how cool it is
YoungEaE's avatar
Two words, Great work - team. Big thanks for all of this. Our words are less for your praise. Love Clap I am a dummy! 
traumartisticallyour's avatar
What a wonderful work you did you all! Amazing collaboration between Cuzto's Bosses can't give anything else that those pearls box!
Thank you so much for this huge job! Really appreciate Clap I am a dummy!  :happybounce: La la la la#1  
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You did a great job, guys... congrats! Eager to see the linux theme if it comes at some point :)
PoulNyrup's avatar
A magnificent piece of work. It's heartening to see how the spirit of community and common purpose is still part of dA's identity. :)
novoo's avatar
One of the best releases I've seen in the last ~10 years. Congrats, Lukas (and niivu too, of course)
LukasKokoska's avatar
Wow that's saying something, thanks a lot!
niivu's avatar
This was a pleasure and such fun to be a part of.  Thank you Lukas, I truly appreciate it!
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It is so amazing to see people work together to produce this masterpiece of a suite! Well done and super congrats guys!!!Love 
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