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Solitude of Prime Numbers

Workin' on it :D
  • VS - Dust & Glass
  • CAD - Dust & Glass
  • Miranda - Dust & Glass
  • Chrome bookmarklet - Behance, modified css
  • Video Player - HTML5 youtube player originally made by mangosango
  • Mactype from Impressio
  • Wallpaper - as most of the time, unsplash (I don't store walls so I always end up going with a stock photo)
Fonts: Oswald, Roboto

Hopefully I'll show alt versions in next shot Wink/Razz 
for those interested in current look of explorer

Thanks! :

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basically how unsplash works, is that people can volunteer to send their stock photos and they get uploaded on blog. Then they are sent to subscribers on monthly basis in a zip file throuh email :)
 the chrome is so sexy, very match with vs and the wall.. seriously i can't wait for this stuff..

btw i have a question, i'm using your impressio vs. do you know the css code to remove this border at the bottom of firefox?
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Glad you like it man! :highfive:
and that FF is hot as ever! Unfortunately I don't think I can help you out, never really worked with FF apart from hiding the whole tabs+toolbar on previous versions. You might want to ask cathycatchy I think she would know :D
thanks, i'm already ask her.. oh btw what do you use to make minimal chrome like this and what the mean of chrome bookmarklet?
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add these lines:

#browser-bottombox {
   border: none !important;
thanks! it works, though i'm use a late version
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Will write a journal about that one soon don't worry :D
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I want this soo hard :) when is release man?
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this brown and blue version is finished, but there alt versions I am working on so kind of soon :D
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thx a lot mate! :highfive:
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I need this suite now!
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soon-ish? :D still need to make alt color versions, but the brown+blue is done :D
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Editing css for a screenshot gives a special effect. Well done mate
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thank you so much! :D
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cool stuff man
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Looking hot Lukas!
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this is looking very good!!! like the explorer too - coming along nicely :)
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