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Working on Dust & Glass, still a lot of work in regards to Miranda conversation window, 2 alt versions and such..
  • VS - Dust & Glass
  • Wallpaper - from
  • Miranda - Dust & Glass (thx 4 port Jamie!)
  • CAD - Dust & Glass
  • Colorpad - Dust & Glass
The settings window is made using bookmarklets in chrome to open web apps in seperate window without using chrome UX. It is settings page that I just modified through chrome dev tools.
Inspired by screenshots of:

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Lukas, what font is that taskbar bro?? Thank you in advance!
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I think we (with Jamie) made roboto caps out of regular one for personal use so it fits in, but Idk whether I have it anymore.
But overall there is Arial CAPS that is suitable substitute
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Sweet. I will check it out today! I'm kind of into the whole magazine typeface :S
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:iconfatlaplz: awesome work 
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MacType font rendering still doesnt affect on CAD :(
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it never will, sadly :(
at least other players work, not sure about AIMP but foobar, VLC do :D
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Amazing one ! Your VS please ?
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it is :D
CAD font rendering is giving me a hard time though -_- I might switch to either Xion or some other player skins in the future because of it
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it always did it. 

Xion looks very customizable. maybe i can try too. 
But my next try on skinning will be the AIMP. That sweet has a personal skin editor *-*
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well AIMP might have an editor, but Xion uses PSD of the skin so it is even simpler and more customizable I think. But to get into the routine of naming layers not what they represent as objects, but as Xion takes them in would take a lot of time :D
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humm, interesting. 
didn't know that. I'll take a look tonight. 

about the layer names, i always tried to be a little bit organized haha, maybe it can be easy

Good to discover this new things hehehe
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Looking good!
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Gorgeous! Looking forward to release :)
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