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Codename: Anagrama mockup

This is what first suite of nu designs will look like.
The name of this suite goes by authors of identity for Yachtsetter, the cloth in the background is directly from it and wont be released as wallpaper. The rest is by me.

S   O   O   N   !
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how to download ? :)

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cant wait to test...

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Looking sharp :) 
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Yea... I'm going to be scooping this up as soon as it's available.
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La la la la  Awesome, awesome
Incredible, i love it especially for VS and colorpad concept
can i have a word? I think the color is too contrast. don't you think??
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Splendid design, mate. Hope to have version with smaller borders.
Absolutely fabulous.
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Awesome stuff:) (Smile) 
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OMG , I love it
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This is great one!
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Awesome stuff :) FTW
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Fantastic! I'm so hooked up by that color combo.. It's everywhere lately (on design sites), feels like the "colors of this year"!
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That looks great, I like the colors that you used. La la la la 
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bring my tools. i have a work to do. 

and let`s create some new miranda layout
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Love all the changes. It looks more consisntent and even more amazing.  Hey I just see thta this concept it´s inspired in ANAGRAMA design studio, I dig the work off that guys... and they are from México, so that´s cool :)
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Haha yeah, my fav agency at the moment together with Pentagram!
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Is it just me or do you guys really use the same modified IE View template for Miranda again and again? :D 
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You can join to the team and making some amazing theme like in your last shots. :)
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Your welcome to contribute one of your awesome past releases as reference, unless they are NFR of course.
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