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Anagrama b7 Visual Style

Make sure you have Source Sans Pro before applying!
For instructions on how to install and use 3rd party Windows 7 themes read this. If you are looking to change x64 files and some more system resources use CustomizerGod. Disable Windows Blur too (to avoid blurred transparent shadow area)!

These are unfinished Visual Styles from the project neiio released wallpapers few days ago from, the one I originally intended to use for last SSC. They should be usable for the most part, I haven't really had any issues using it for few months. Those wallpapers are included here aswell, plus few of mine. There is a slideshow on theme file so if you don't want it then just choose one of them after applying the theme.
Also a PSD with few toolbar icons if you wish to replace them for the explorer list view. There are 2 visual styles (lite and dark taskbar versions) and both have the alt style for left and right taskbars. 

:iconneiio: :iconlukaskokoska: :iconcathycatchy: :iconburnsplayguitar: :iconallannyholm: :icondanlosant: :iconjuiceboxxxxxx:

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Ignocent's avatar
Hey Lukas any plans on take this to Windows 10?
pjdark's avatar
That is an amazing VS. I jumped from Vista straight to Windows 10, so i totally missed 7. Darn it!
Awesome stuff mate. :)
LukasKokoska's avatar
Oh man.. it's a shame you missed it mate! :) Been watching your setups on PF and DA forever! I might port it once either Windows slows down their cycle a bit, or remake it from scratch on some Linux DE :)
pjdark's avatar
Yeah, i miss the PF crew. Good times man. :) And yeah if you ever make that, i will be one of the first to click that download button!
 Good to hear from you brother. Have  great day!
hendratrp's avatar
i hope this can for Windows 10 1809.
GG543364's avatar
My new favorite VS
Thank You
frxnkxl's avatar
hey man, how i can change the icons of the taskbar? is like a text, dont have any icon
no start menu search ?
LukasKokoska's avatar
It's still there it's just hidden.
AttymemyselfandI's avatar
My new favorite VS!
Big tasklbar and small start menu...
Great, man!
Thank you!!!
LukasKokoska's avatar
Glad you like it!
NewYears78's avatar
For some reason this will not download. It gets to 100% then stalls..I can download any other theme.
LukasKokoska's avatar
The problem is still on your end - I just tried it. Try cleaning up cache if you haven't yet.
Teslarossa's avatar
i need help installing the theme
LukasKokoska's avatar
Hi mate, make sure you got Windows 7 (saying this just because many people seem to not read descriptions). For step by step tutorial, refer to neiio's journal here. Another great source is burnsplayguitar's skinning FAQ, where you can also find lots of little things. If you'll have any problems just send me a note.
HelgenX's avatar
Hi, how do you change the icons on the left of the explorer window?
LukasKokoska's avatar
Either use "Librarian" for libraries, or this for favourites. The rest can be changed in personalization window.
HelgenX's avatar
Thank you! I just downloaded IconPackager, it did the trick :)
LukasKokoska's avatar
hehe, I do prefer manual + iPack just so nothing more than OS is running in the background, but it's also an option ;p
ispano's avatar
Simply incredible. Very cohesive design!
LukasKokoska's avatar
Thanks a lot mate!
Saskaah's avatar
Hell yeah ! THANKS A LOT <3
ninryu's avatar
Finally! I've been waiting for this one.
ActiveColors's avatar
Stunning job mate.
Sorry I wasn't around quite a while. Though I can return back to the Slack only next year.
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