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iPod nano 5G - 9 free .PSDs

This is the new iPod nano 5G introduced yesterday by Apple.
I made this completly free .PSD-file today.

You can use in all of your projects (not racism, sexual etc.) without having to mention me.
You only have to favourite this, when using!
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Downloaded, thank you <3
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I have one of these. The purple one. Think I might put it on listia.
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Oye :D I can use this in my project :D

Thank you :D But I'll still mention you :)
cornysquirrel's avatar
niceee i have the blue one:)
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WOW This is are talented Lukasiniho, seriously...Well, May I have the priiviledge to use your designs, Cause I am an artist and I wanted to use several media gadgets to spice my future website or social networking sites like Myspace and etc...I call myself Ce2j...You can listen to some of my tracks on Wow thank you!!!!!
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Hey, you can use them of course! :)
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these are great! thanks
LoogieTheSpheal's avatar
Can I use this in a CDArtDisplay skin?
Lukasiniho's avatar
Of course you can.
However I'd like to see how your result looks.
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haha i hav an 8gb pink one :))
PlucknPlay's avatar
I just asked for a blue one yesterday and i got some dark blue piece of crap.
Ah well...
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Amazing stuff. I just got an 8GB 5th gen black one yesterday and I feel so happy, it was so worth it :D.
MiketATu's avatar
very very cool
Lukasiniho's avatar
Thank you for the comment and the fav!
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