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41 Animal Vector Silhouettes



I made some new animal vectors for you.
This pack also includes the african animals plus 21 new.
In total, there are 41 vectors!

Most of them are mammals, but there is also a shark and a few birds. There is also a huge mammoth

I used images by the following artists as a source:
Emerging Birder: [link]
otolithe: [link]
jack_spellingbacon: [link]
meantux: [link]
pingnews: [link]
ppzcgg [link]
Francis Storr: [link]
Justin: [link]
Stig Nygaard: [link]
H2O Alchemist: [link]
captainmcdan: [link]
redsea2006: [link]
Jungle_Boy: [link]
Scladesma: [link]
Beige Alert: [link]
ConspiracyofHappines s: [link]

The giraffe and on bison are made with help of pictures at

I also photographed some "Schleich" animals and used their conture to make the vectors. The company Schleich has nothing to do with the vectors, they were just friendly enought to allow me to use the conture of their animals...
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