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Hello everyone. Welcome to my little tips how to prettify and make your bulbs original and special. I've took a look on the bulbs since I've see they gained a quite popularity again, so I started working on my another little "project" Of evolving variations and originality of bulbs forming formulas and shape forming formulas. It may look like i say "poop" words, but I hope you'll find this usefull. So let's start

1. Basical Bulbs

I don't think i need specify this! almost everyone knows how to make them, If you're the who not, checkout Q3D Bulb Tutorial by batjorge this Quad3D Bulbs Tut by batjorge
Let's see. I'm gonna make one, but e.g., with Integer Power. I set in the first folder "Amazing Box" with following set - Scale: 1, MinR: 0, Fold: 1, and 5 iterations - and Integer Power with - Power: 2, Z-Multiplier: -65, and with Julia Setting ON and: X: 0, Y: 0, and Z: 0. Let's see the result below (with changing PoV)
Justbulb by LukasFractalizator
Yay, a bulb! :dance:but not anything special. Now let's do something and let's see!
Reflect1 by LukasFractalizator
I think i can see improve in originality and forms! All I have done is that I diffused color, moved -Integer Power- to 3rd slot, and into 2nd added -MsltoeSym2- and ticked the "Repeat from here" box. This plays an incredible role there. You can use any formula variations, of course, but if you'd like to achieve something different, tick the box of "repeat from here" somewhere else to achieve absolutely different and unique shapes and pieces. I already shown you 2 example, let me continue in this "self-pong" to see the tweaking progress!
Reflect2~ by LukasFractalizator
Another tweak finally done! i tried for further tweaks. I changed  2nd formula from

-MsltoeSym2- to -_Rotate- and added -CantorIFS- to 4th slot. The box "repeat from here" was ticked on -CantorIFS-. And let me make last of all for final example!
Rust1~ by LukasFractalizator
The last i could dig out quickly and fairly :) For this simple beauty i needed just Amazing Box, Makin3D-2 (with ticked "repeat from here" box) and Integer Power.

Now let's make quick schledule of the tips:

1. Do not hesiate to play with more rich&valuable formula combos
2. For better experience, do not always leave the "repeat from here" box in the first Box (or another formula) slot
3. For interfacing structures, you can use Cuting ability to reach hidden and more beautiful particles!
4. Filling all 6 slots with random formulas will not help. Try have them more organised! (e.g. AboxPlatinum, Bulbox, FoldingIntPow, AboxSSE2, SierpHilbert, Quadrat3D)
5. Also, less is more even 3 or 2 formula combo can give you excellent results! (e.g. AboxFold1, FoldingIntPow) or (Abox, Makin3D-1, and Integer Power)
6. Try moving and play with box "repeat from here" Different position/slot, different result.
7. Let me show you some example bulbs as perfect use of formula combo and global expereince and composition:
Totally Tuber Tied by Swoopswatkill Happy Birthday, Lukas! :) by Sabine62 The Crackening! by Swoopswatkill All these 3 piece represents in very well.
Thank you very much for reading. Hoping you find this article useful, go and try make some bulbs right now! :) In next article I'll give you some tips&tricks for Fractal Structures. See you later,
LukasFractalizator :iconlukasfractalizator:

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fractalwillie's avatar
Hey, thanks for a great guide. Played around in it for a bit and this is what I came up with
  Factory by fractalwillie
LukasFractalizator's avatar
Very nicely done, hanks for the mention. :)
rmmcclay's avatar
A most excellent and very helpful tutorial, Lukas!! Thank you.
LukasFractalizator's avatar
I'm glad you find it useful! :)
Lior-Art's avatar
I really wonder how I missed this one?
PS: Would you accept to give me the links of all your MBD3D tutorials?
Thanks in advance :)
LukasFractalizator's avatar
I believe all of my MB3D tutorials can be found on my front page as widget "Tutorials". You better save them all beofre my core runs out and you lose them all :)
LynTaryn's avatar
So helpful. Here is my first outcome from using some of your params and exploring with a few minor tweaks: knokin.deviantart.com/art/Firs…
Almog53's avatar
Thanks for sharing!..:)
LukasFractalizator's avatar
No problem! Have fun!
GBLXVIII's avatar
IT IS useful. Thank you.:) (Smile) 
LukasFractalizator's avatar
You're welcome. And Thanks-
Undead-Academy's avatar
Super addition , i always wanted to to make these bulbs , will have to give a try , thanks for this dear friend ;0
LukasFractalizator's avatar
I'm glad you find this useful! Thank you! :hug: Have fun!
Undead-Academy's avatar
Thank you friend , will have to try it when I get the chance :)
batjorge's avatar
Great tips Lukas :thumbsup: Hope that it serves to give artists a more complete view :)
LukasFractalizator's avatar
Thanks much Jorge! My goal is to help to this community :hug:
LightBulbMoon's avatar
Excellent tutorial - get's the user instantly to bulbland!
Sabine62's avatar
This is just awesome, Lukas! Great tutorial, simple, easy to understand, perfect :)
I'm honoured that you put your birthday present up there... :hug: Also... I made a big mistake! I forgot to write that your birthday present is a tweak of one of your own works!!! Will go and edit right away! Sorry!
LukasFractalizator's avatar
Thank you very much and it is okay don't worry 😊
Swoopswatkill's avatar
Wonderful tutorial, Lukas! :D Great tips all around, and I am very flattered you chose to include my work as examples, though I'm not entirely sure how original they are! :D 
LukasFractalizator's avatar
Thank you very much Alex.! :)
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