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Okay people! :w00t: You know I'm always happy to share my every experience with Mandelbulb3D or other programs! And here I go. This time going for gnarlies in MB3D easier, cooler and less time-consuming. All you will need is Mandelbulb3D, picture for diffusing color in final, and UF, or any other software that can make you 2D gnarls. So let's begin!
1a -
Gnar1 by LukasFractalizator
You can see I use UF for making gnarlies so for example I'll use this. Render done now, Let's proceed to MB3D part.

1b - Before you run MB3D, put the image in M3Maps folder and remember number you saved it as. You can also keep it opened. Here's example:
Gnar2 By Lukasfractalisator-d94sfyu by LukasFractalizator

2. - Alright. I think you already opened MB3D and in first slot put HeightmapIFS, and the number of gnarly map. For quickier render set max Iters to 1. (Oh and of course lower Raystep and Stepwidht !) Also change H Scale for scaling roughness, smoothness or adjusing details  of you map. Again showing example:
Adj by LukasFractalizator

All you have to do next is to play with it in Navi-window, and then just make the color map up your taste -> Ok12 by LukasFractalizator

Choose your resolution, render, and here you go. Your absolutely own MB3D 3D Gnarl without using gnarlIFS formula. Good thing is you can pimp up your 2D gnarl in other editors, and then it can work even cooler as heightmap. This is what I made using my own heightmap, color-map and some post proccesing:
3DGnarl by LukasFractalizator But I believe you can do way better!

Hope you find it useful! Now go, and show me your custom gnarls! ;) See you next time,
LukasFractalizator :iconlukasfractalizator:

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rmmcclay's avatar
Thank you for this great tutorial, Lukas!
dark-beam's avatar
there are gnarlifs gnarl2ifs

LukasFractalizator's avatar
I know, but I found out this kinda saved like half of render time for me soooo ;)
dark-beam's avatar
Ifs version have infinite resolution :D
I need to implement fast versions still
LukasFractalizator's avatar
You don't need.. You have to :lmao:
LightBulbMoon's avatar
Very interesting!
Sabine62's avatar
Simple to follow, and very cool tutorial! Thank you for sharing, Lukas! :hug:
LukasFractalizator's avatar
Thank you Sabine! :) I can give you some more tip ;) You can find on DA or make your custom 3D gnarl with bokeh, and that's way better experience.
Sabine62's avatar
:) Thanks again, Lukas!
LukasFractalizator's avatar
No problem. Have fun.
Sinspunkt's avatar
Really nice tutorial. Thanks for putting it together for us!
LukasFractalizator's avatar
Thank you very much! Hope you have fun :)
HairBrainedScenes's avatar
Excellent tutorial Lukas, thanks for sharing.
LukasFractalizator's avatar
Thank you very much. Hope you'll find it useful.
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