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Hello! I was just like bored browsing my Mandelbulb3D folder, and just found this after long time ->
Myself Fractlized by LukasFractalizator

It's easier than you can think! :D More fun is to combine yourself with many other variations!

All you need is Mandelbulb3D, picture of yourself (best is very good quallity photo, i use one from my FB account) and fractal skills :lmao: - my picture 10481443 585344171578650 831143467041209775 N by LukasFractalizator

Let's begin:

1. Open Mandelbulb3D and put in first slot HeightMapIFS
1a : When you save picture of yourself, give it number, remember it, and then move picture to M3Maps folder!
2. Input map (photo) number.
2a : With my example, it looks like this. Example1 by LukasFractalizator
Tip: Lower Max iteration, unless you want more colors, but takes longer render! (For example, 10 is fine)
3a-b : Now It's just up your taste. Keep on higher iters to make more colour-rich!
Let me experiment, and see what I made by adding more formulas!
Examples:  ex2 by LukasFractalizator  Uni by LukasFractalizator  3 by LukasFractalizator But these are just for insipration! Pimp the picture of yourself up more than using any online photo effects! :D Can'T wait to see your creations! ;) See you for now,
LukasFractalizator :iconlukasfractalizator:
Other Examples: a heightmap of myself by bezo97 by bezo97 :D

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enegurl's avatar
Tried out…
Thx, this is cool tut :)
LukasFractalizator's avatar
Wow that's a cool unusual one! :D
tiffrmc720's avatar
Terrance8d's avatar
I just might.;D
Undead-Academy's avatar
That is very cool :)
LukasFractalizator's avatar
Undead-Academy's avatar
I will do that when I have some extra time :)
Undead-Academy's avatar
Thanks for sharing :)
LukasFractalizator's avatar
fractal2cry's avatar
cool since b4 I had forget
bezo97's avatar
good tutorial :D idk if i showed you this yet, its from loong time ago :D pretty much the same technique
LukasFractalizator's avatar
I will edit this and show example of yours! :D I just explained to other what you did! :D Is it ok? :D
bezo97's avatar
Yeah sure! :D I'm too lazy to make tutorials hehe
LukasFractalizator's avatar
Totall opposite of me! :la: I want make many tuts! :la:
bezo97's avatar
Hop in to the shack if you got some time! :D
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