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In The End

I keep experimenting with the possibilities of linear and wave transforms, I must say I seriously enjoy this type of fractals! Expect more to come!

Rendered in Chaotica, no postwork.

As always, thank you very much everyone for all the support, I truly appreciate it! :hug: :heart:
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Great colour choices and evocative 'scenery'. Reminds me of a dream I once had, about flying towards bright horizons (and I haven't yet been able to render it as a fractal or paint it, so I think your work is my new touchstone for it! Thanks!)
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This is stunning!
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Thank you most kindly!
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 very beautiful
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You're very welcome. 
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Linear and wave, did you say? :o I've never managed to create anything similar using those. Would it be possible to achieve this effect in Apophysis too?

The fractal itself is great. I really like the colour scheme and the 'painterly' texture/shapes.
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I just inspected, and I don't think anything much close to this can be achieved, because to get clear "non-transparent" shapes requires gamma around 5000-10000 gamma values, and It doesn't seem possible :(
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Ah, that's too bad - thanks for trying, though. I might have to look into getting Chaotica myself, at some point.

Happy holidays, and keep up the great work! Christmas Tree 
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Thank you, to you as well! :hug:
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I literally want to drown in theese colours <3
LukasFractalizator's avatar
Thank you very much! :)
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This stuff you've been doing recently has been really awesome :D  It seems like you're picking up your own stride at working with these things, which is awesome to see!  I'm curious about how structured something like this is, because the gradient blends the structure very nicely, but it seems incredibly tiled in nature too!
LukasFractalizator's avatar
Thank you most kindly! I found myself a nice style that I think suits me well and shows how I learn to manipulate with colors and structure properly! It's also tricky with all those post and pre transforms, it also affects the whole structure. Another thing I discovered is that it's awesome to experiment with negative values. They give surprisingly appealing results both in coloring and structural ways, so I always try something new and that's how I try not be any pieces of mine to be same! :D
If you wish, I can send you the base I work with. It isn't any technical miracle, you'd be surprised how easy to make/render is this!
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wow I love the colors!
LukasFractalizator's avatar
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to by mohlo byt super v pohybu :)
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Great work  very beautiful
LukasFractalizator's avatar
Thank you very much!
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:santa: Welcome always  Snow man by Florhalie  
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I love it! every time I look at it feels like a new experience
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Thanks so much for the nice words! :)
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