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:iconlukasdeaudi:LukasDeAudi posted a status
I've been lately introduced to 'turn off your phone' policy. Basically, what are they telling us to do, and you don't even have to read the whole paper for this discovery, you should have your phone turned off 24/7. Why the heck I need one, if it should be inactive, and dead in my pocket all the time? Seriously scientists, make up your mind... In which year are we living? 1920? In year in which I'll buy Ebook for penny, I'll invest to book that costs 30 bucks and even more. Read a paper book, you can't browse away from it... If the book gets my attention, I won't browse away. Turn off your phone, so your friends can't reach you and spend 10 hours on the phone. Yeah, maybe if you are a chicken that can't shut up for five minutes, I don't think this is a issue when it comes to me.

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